Thursday, April 14, 2016

Love the Way You Lie, Part 2, 2019

Havar, fall, 2019
Bill is 35, Emma is 34, Jacob is 13 and Abigal is 12

optional soundtrack-Love the Way You Lie-Eminen ft Rihanna

Harris wasn't sure what Emma wanted, but he knew she wanted something. She had requested a private meeting with him at the office. It had been a while since he last saw her. It was a little bit after he fired her, well, laid her off. He couldn't afford to have an employee around anymore with the economy in the state that it was in. He had tried to stay away from her, but she was addictive and he couldn't help himself. They had met a few times since then, mostly for quickies and coffee.

When she entered he saw that she was pregnant.

"I see that congratulations are in order for you and your husband. When are you due?"

"Spring of 2020."

"What can I do for you?"

Emma smiled. "I want my job back, and a raise."

Harris laughed, "No can do, sugarplum. I still can't afford you."

"Well, I suggest you find a way to..."

"Really? Why is that?"

"I doubt your wife would want to know that you're having another baby. Especially when she's not the mother of said baby."

"Another baby?"

"I'm pregnant with your baby, Harris. Not Bill's."

"Wha-How can you be sure?"

"I'm positive. Bill was out of town for a conference that week, and the week after. I had already missed my period by the time he returned."

Harris narrowed his eye, "But-"

"I let him believe the child is his. You can always lie about the date of your last period." She said smiling. 

"Emma...I can't hire you again. I mean...can't you-you know, have it taken care of?"

"Not at all. I mean, I guess I could tell my husband the truth. But he would insist on you paying child support since he would not willing support some other bastard's kid. And if I take you to court for child support...well, I would have to tell the judge everything about our relationship. Which then your wife would probably find out everything about our relationship as well. And I mean everything. Not just about the woohoo...but the money as well. Or I could continue to allow Bill to believe that the child is his. Thankfully you both have similar features and anything else I could explain away due to ancestral genetics, or even his unknown biological origins."

Harris groaned. He could see that he was trapped, "Give me a week to figure somethings out."

"You have three days," Emma said walking out the office. She couldn't help but smile as she made a mental note to send Tyisha a fruit basket or some jewelry to thank her for the advice. She was right, pussy is priceless and she fully intended on cashing in on Harris' mistake. It wasn't the first time that she would be using a pregnancy to get what she wanted.

Harris did not want to make the call, but he knew that he needed someone to help him. Someone who wouldn't say a word, but had access to cash and fast.

Alphonso listened as his brother-in-law explained the situation. 

He listened as he explained that he was a family man and needed to keep his family together. 

Apparently he wasn't enough of a family man to keep his pants up, but that wasn't his problem. He was there on business, familia business. 

He agreed that his familia would finance Emma's new position and her raise. He even suggested that Harris give Emma a "sign-on bonus" as an additional measure to ensure her silence. In return, the Pentragnani family would be invested in Harris' private investigation business and would expect returns on their investment. 

Harris nodded, he knew what those returns might involve, but he didn't want to think about it. 

"Here," Alphonso said stuffing a bag of money in his hands. "This should be enough for her sign-on bonus. There's a little extra in there as well for you and your family. Treat your wife well. She doesn't deserve to have any heartache, capisci?"

"Yes...tha...thank you."

"That's what family is for."


Alphonso and his familia "invested" over §20,000 in initial costs for Harris. §13,000 would cover Emma's "sign-on bonus" and the remaining was a "gift" with many strings attached to Harris. They will also be financing Emma's new increased salary, which means Emma has her old job back. In fact, instead of a gumshoe, she is a private investigator as well. 

Quick recap: Alphonso is part of the Pengtragnani family, which is a mafia family with roots in my TS1 Pennelson/Pentragnani family. Most of the family is in Italia but there are branches in other parts of SimNation including Apple Valley. Alphonso holds the rank of Consigiliere, while his brothers Jared and Jamal, are the Boss and Underboss of the Apple Valley branch. He didn't start out as part of the family business, but eventually he began to do more than just art forgeries for his brothers. Tobi Sweeny, a detective with the AVPD, was one of the first sims to make the connection between Alphonso and his familia. However there have been hints throughout Krissy and Alphonso's marriage as well.


  1. Whoa! Things are going to get dicey. I can't wait for more on this story.

    1. Just a little dicey, lol :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Very crafty of Emma! But hey, if Harris is going to be paying her a salary again, that's a good substitute for child support. It's probably more than she'd get in child support, in fact.

    Harris looks a little unsure in that second-last pic, which seems appropriate, given the deal he's just made.

    1. Emma can thank Tyisha for the lessons. If she hadn't spoken with Tyisha, she probably would have terminated the pregnancy or simply passed the kid off as Bill's without any help from Harris. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Wow, he really made a giant mess for himself didn't he? I'm a big believer on telling the truth... and I think by the time he's done with all this, he might be singing the same tune!

    1. You're right about telling the truth. However, Emma has more dirt on him than just his infedilities and that might cost him not only his wife and family, but his business and depending on who she leaked the info to-his life. So he's very wise to bend to her will, but not so bright in knowing when to shut his mouth during pillow talk, or how much access he allowed her to have to files (and the files she snooped in without his knowledge). Thanks for reading and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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