Monday, October 30, 2017

Adjusting, 2021

Remar, summer, 2021
Naraj is 26, Veena is 24, Ramih and Vinesha are 3 simlonic months

Naraj and Veena were adjusting about as well as could be expected for new parents of newborn twins.

Which meant that they had no clue what they were doing

and consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Veena's mother would often say, in a joking manner, that once they gave her another grandchild, she would retire and become their nanny.

Veena wasn't sure that her mother was entirely joking when she said that.

She knew that grandchildren brought her parents so much joy,

especially because they didn't think that they would have any.

Naraj's family was a big help as well. He was thankful that his sister lived next door and was on hand to ask lots of questions about how to juggle twins.

Especially when he was swamped with patient charts and medical issues. Naraj had started his residency for surgery and he often had odd hours.

Veena's parents would often come over and take turns spending the night and helping her when he had long shifts at the hospital.

Besides adjusting to parenthood, Naraj and Veena were still trying to adjust to married life. It was still very new to them, especially the romance. Their marriage was arranged with the hope that love would blossom.

It had. The couple was now enjoying the fluttering of their hearts when the other stepped into the room. The whispered "I love you's" and the catching of breaths afterwards. The intense heat from blushes and always wanting to be in the same room.

Naraj often joked that if they kept this up then they would quickly be adding to their family if they were not careful.

Right now things were hectic with twins and the thought of another child brought fear into their hearts...but perhaps later. Much later. At least until Naraj was done with residency.


  1. What a sweet update! I hope Veena's parents don't put too much pressure on them to have another nooboo. The pictures of them interacting with the babies are adorable.

    1. Veena's parents are very vocal about their desire for more grandchildren, but they are overjoyed with twins at the moment. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. LOL, I was actually thinking the same as Naraj when I saw them on the bed together! Hopefully he and Veena won't have any more kids until they're ready. ;) I'm glad they've turned out to be so happy together and with their twins.

    1. ACR has been pretty hectic with these two. They're always hopping in bed now. I wouldn't be surprised if they had another baby soon. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. They are a sweet couple, but it's probably not a good idea to have another baby right now! I imagine an arranged marriage could turn out badly so it's good to see that they are so happy together.

    1. I'm happy their marriage is turning out well. I've had a few "arranged marriages" in my hood but most have been happy. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. Aww, these two are super adorable together, and I love how eager the families are to help them with the twins. I'm glad they aren't rushing for any more babies, get that residency done at least! That is a time-consuming career for a good spell of time.

    1. It has been consuming a lot of time. I've debating having Veena quit her career at the moment and rejoin later since she's not in love with her job. I actually think she might like another career better, but we shall see. Thanks for reading and commenting


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