Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Snapshots, Summer 2021

Remar, summer, 2021

Tomika and Sabien Cunningham spent the summer in anticipation of a very exciting birth!

Their cats were going to deliver their first litter since moving to Apple Valley!

They did silly things to pass the time until the fateful day.

Four new kittens were born

and within weeks they were either given away to family members

or sold to neighbors for a little bit of extra cash.

Tyisha and Jack were becoming a bit more serious.

They both knew that marriage was in their future, but they were moving slow due to their children.

Lainey couldn't think clearly as his kisses trailed down her neck. She tried not to giggle as she caught sight of Bear guarding the window from passerbys.

"Let's move to the bedroom,"

She knew that they couldn't hide their relationship forever, but she didn't want to let Esperanza know until she was 110% sure. Thankfully he understood. They both wanted their next marriage to be their last, so they were even investing in marriage counseling. 

The counseling was helping her reassess her first marriage and where they both shared the blame. She hoped her lessons would help her next marriage.


  1. I laughed when it came to the part about expecting kittens as I thought a grandchild must be on the way.

    Who is Lainey with now? And what is happening in the picture where he is hugging her from behind as someone with a lab coat looks on? Is that an exercise during counseling?

    1. No gradnchildren at the moment for Sabien and Tomika. That photo is during Lainey's first marriage, they suffered a stillbirth. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I also thought there was a grandchild coming! Kittens are so fun though.

    Lainey's new relationship is a bit mysterious! The way I read parts of it, I'm actually wondering if she's back with Verde again, though I could just as easily read it as her being with a new man.

    1. You'll meet this mysterious man soon enough. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Add me to the grandchild club! I haven't had a litter or puppies or kittens born in the game in so many years! It's cute that they had so much fun with it, and that all the kitties got homes. I hope things go well for Lainey this time.

    1. They adore those cats, so I thought that they would be anxious about a new litter as well. LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting


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