Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bringing Home Baby, Patar 2021

Patar, summer, 2021

Newlyweds Russel and Lyza Brown were surprised to find that they were pregnant so quickly. They were not trying for a baby, so when Lyza found herself gaining more weight, they just thought it was due to stress. The newest family member is due Winter 2021.

Abel and Myra Wilsonoff-Shazad are ready to meet their newest baby.

Their daughter, Lina, was born after a fairly easy home birth much like her older sisters.

Claire and James (McMillian) Foster are excited that their family will be expanding soon.

Baby Foster is due Spring 2022. Claire is hopeful that she will be able to eat more than just eggs by then.

Trevor and Si'Enya Warwick-Yates are another couple looking forward to a spring addition.

Finally Hiro and Yuki Oshima are also expecting a baby this spring.

Annie Grey is experiencing much of the fatigue that comes with carrying twins.

She and Erricson are overjoyed, much like Annie's parents are thrilled to be becoming grandparents again.

There are several new teens celebrating their 12th birthday:

Claudio Pentragnani

Jude Peterson

Brooklyn Peterson

Starling Wren

and Nicholas Keller-Frankson

Celebrating their 18th birthday are

Lilly Ana McMillian

half-sisters Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious and Emilene Wilsonoff

Udar Shazad

and Issac Schel

Turning 5 and looking forward to school are

Xiang Hua Wuu

Jackson Masters

and Kazuo Oshima

Joining the silver hair club at the ripe age of 60 is Johan Shazad-Schel

Celebrating their 1st birthday are

twins Mason

and Matus Davis

Harper Foster

twins Tody

and Santo Warwick-Cunningham

and Levi Carr


  1. OMG, so many new babies coming!

    You have so many sims now. It must take forever to play through an entire round.

    How many sims and households are in Apple Valley now?

    1. I did a census count and there are 200 playable sims (this includes pNPCs), probably across 30-45 households. Now I think that's way too many, so I might need to try and cull/turn them into townies. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. There really must be something in the Apple Valley water! How long has this baby boom been going? It seems like quite some time from my perspective...

    1. Yea...everyone keeps getting knocked up or trying for babies. I've actually been spacing them out, believe it or not-lol! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I am consistently stunned at the amount of babies you have due! I'm jealous, as I think I have only one right now!

    So many birthdays too! Levi is adorable and Jude and Brooklyn turned out so cute. Starling has such an unusual face but I love how easily you can see which parent she got each of her features from. Gorgeous!

    1. I feel like my pNPCs are determined to provide enough genetic diversity to my hood to last for ages. I don't mind since a lot of my playable sims are becoming a bit too interrelated. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. oh, wow... that is a lot of babies! Interesting to see how the others are growing up, too. You have some adorable toddlers.

    1. I need to be stricter on my sims, but between ACR and their baby wants, its hard-lol. Thanks for reading and commenting

  5. I cannot believe how many babies are coming, and how many birthdays were in this post! There is a lot of diversity here for future generations too.

    1. I'm hopeful about the diversity and new genes entering the hood. Hopefully my simmies will have some choices in spouses in the future. Thanks for reading and commenting


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