Monday, October 9, 2017

Hood Council Note, 2021

It's been over ten years since the hood council has publicly put forth an agenda:

S'Ahmisa Warwick, Hood Council President Agenda 2020-2024
  • Coordinate the Hood Council's work - currently well
  • Coordinate county council meetings - currently well
  • Official spokesim for the hood - currently well
  • Manage foreign alliances- currently well
  • Enforce laws and immigration/emigration - laws need to be revisited 
  • Oversee administrative business lots - currently well, Administrative Building is currently updated

Ginger Grey, Community Director Agenda 2020-2024

  • Secure family values, uphold rights for children and elders - currently well
  • Ensure a family friendly and healthy community for current & future generations - Community lots are being updated and landscaping is being added around the hood
  • Ensure adequate culture, local food produce, restaurants and bars, & social meeting places. Evaluating the number of suburban entertainment options due to resident complaints.
  • Ensure a quality education system for residents - the curriculum needs to be updated, the Education Director has been asked to put forth a new proposal for an updated curriculum addressing the needs of the community and possible post-secondary school options for students. This will ensure that students are adequately prepared for higher education, technical education or the workforce. 

Ming Wuu, Financial Director Agenda 2020-2024

  • Oversee hood finances - currently well, the hood economy is recovering
  • Implement taxes and welfare support - taxes are collected every other simyear with the last collection being 2020. New Social Services building constructed to establish a central location for residents to apply for welfare support. 
  • Coordinate local trades and import based on needs of the community - a new system for processing imports has decreased the time of loading. Imports will continue to be evaluated for possible divesting.
  • Oversee local businesses and associated laws - currently a decline in locally owned businesses. Propose a tax incentive and grant to increase the number of locally owned businesses, especially those with multiple employees to help with economic recovery.  
  • Collect taxes and fees from residents -taxes are collected every other simyear with the last collection being 2020. 
  • Manage the local real estates including construction of new homes, remodeling of homes and destruction of homes Current construction rate is adequate given the expected influx of new homebuyers as more sims graduate from secondary school and university. All subdivisions are focused on refining their landscaping and 


  1. I really admire how much thought you put into your hood council! Mine has lain dormant for many, many rounds now!

    1. Thanks. It helps me keep track of my future ideas for my hood. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    2. That is a good way to keep track of your plans. I might try something similar, when I finally get this remade hood 'finished'.


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