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Get in the Door, 2007

Lovar, spring, 2007

Emma Seavey is a senior, Ming Wuu and Benjamin Endeavor are juniors, Lainey Lorde, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are sophomores.

Lainey sometimes wondered if she had the word fool written on her forehead. Sometimes it was painfully obvious that Verde still had a thing for his ex-girlfriend.

He denied it of course and set out to prove to her that S'Ahmisa is just a friend and that she was the one he wanted. Well if he wanted her so much, why hadn't he brought a ring? True, they had narrowed down their list of apartments and were making plans to move in together, but there wasn't a ring.

S'Ahmisa knew that Lainey was jealous and to be honest, perhaps she should be. Verde had been a bit touchy lately and it was making her a bit uncomfortable, especially since she wasn't clear on how she and Rashid stood. They had agreed that he would return to Simmington Hills as a single man, nothing exclusive, which made sense considering the rapid pace that S'Ahmisa changed her mind about relationships. However, she was content with her relationship with Rashid. It was nice knowing that she was cared for, yet still having the space to work on all her other projects, such as the hood council and her upcoming study aboard to Kimikura this fall.

Hopefully while I am gone Lainey would get knocked up and Verde would be forced to focus on her. S'Ahmisa giggled at the thought. Ok, maybe not knocked up, but at least engaged.

Ming could care less about a ring from Benjamin. They were not dating, at least not exclusively. They did hang out whenever possible and sometimes woohoo'd, but there were no commitments and she liked it that way. She couldn't imagine being like Emma, graduating with a husband and kid.

In fact, it took simweeks of planning to get Emma to agree to a girls night. Nothing fancy of course.
Just some time spent chatting with the women about the usual things,


and woohoo.
Then a greasy dinner,

followed by silly karaoke and

pinball games.

Finally as a nightcap, a couple of beers at the local pub and

laughing over the woes of apartment hunting ending with
Emma demonstrating her juggling skills, after heavily flirting with the bartender, of course.

How were they supposed to know that the boys had a party planned that same night and it was in full force by the time they returned to the dorm.

"I can't believe we're getting beat by a cow," S'Ahmisa groaned.

After losing to the cow and being forced to make vodka shots for the winner, S'Ahmisa decided to call it a night.
"Can I help you?"
"I have an appointment with Agent Frankson, I'm assuming by the name plate that you are he."
"I am, you must be Emma. Can I get you anything to drink before we start?"

"I'm fine, but is there a place I can pump? My breasts are killing me and I really need to pump, otherwise it's not going to look that great in a few minutes."

Agent Frankson laughed, "I understand, my wife was just like that with our oldest son. Listen, we could either continue a long drawn out interview after you finish pumping where after chatting about your resume and explaining what you already know about the organization, I offer you the job as a gumshoe, or we can skip all of that and I offer you the job now and then you're free to go home and pump. However, for future reference, a good pumping location would be under the stairs."

"Really, I don't like to waste time. So do you accept the job or not?"

"Yes, of course. Thanks."
"And just like that you had the job?" Ming asked as Emma recounted the tale.
"Yep, just like that. Now the only thing I need is to get pregnant and life will be perfect."
Ming couldn't understand what had happened with her friend. According to her, she couldn't stand her husband, but now they were planning on having another child? That wasn't something two sims who couldn't stand each other did.

Emma, nor Bill, could explain it either. Ever since the wedding, their intense and passionate fighting had given way to intense and passionate woohoo and the arguments slowly dissolved. Now they were talking as any other couple madly in love would do. Planning out future home purchases with a yard for their children and dog, dreaming about the day when they would be out of their tiny apartment and free of debt (Bill's dream) and with closets full of A.Pentragnani shoes (Emma's dream) and cabinets full of cookies (Jacob's dream).

"Did Bill tell you about them trying for another baby?" Fiona whispered.
Jesse nodded. "I wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't said it. Can you imagine us being grandparents again?"
"Ugh, it makes me feel old."

"Now why would you be working as a test subject when you're majoring in accounting?"
"It's really what's available. I would love to intern with a company and help out with their books instead of taste testing jelly beans."
"Why don't you speak with my cousin, Sazo. He owns a coffee shop and a bookstore and I'm sure he could use the help."

"But he's my roommate's father, it wouldn't look right if I started working for him. Sims would accuse me of cheating my way into the industry."
"It doesn't matter how you get in the door, what matters is what you do once you're there. I'll give him a call and tell him to meet with you to discuss your options."
"Of course."
Pictures from Emma's graduation.

She graduated with a 3.1 GPA and a secure job offer as a gumshoe.


She and Bill are currently trying for a baby and hope to give Jacob a little sister by the end of the simyear.


  1. That girls night out seems really fun. I'm sure they all had a great time.

    Congrats to Emma on making gumshoe

  2. I love the girl's night out! So much fun that they had. Too bad they didn't know about the party at the dorms. LOL

    So Emma and Bill are finally settled into being married and trying for a new baby. I'm glad for them.

    And S'Amisha and Verd, oh, Lord. LOL Well, Verd I should say. Is he confused still or just missing S'Amisha as an idea? I hope things work out with him and Lainey.

  3. The girls' night out looked like great fun! I need to do another of those; haven't done one in a while.

    Yeesh, I am a little worried about Verde. I hope Lainey doesn't end up getting hurt because he really does seem like he's still hung up on S'Ahmisa.

  4. -HCove, it was a lot of fun. They're all so different, Lainey was definately the shy one of the bunch.

    -Riverdale, those two are a shock to the system. I thought Bill and Emma would always be at each other's throats, but since Jacob arrived they have calmed down a lot...maybe they're trying to show Jacob a united front...

    -Carla, you could say that. Verde has started rolling romantic wants for S'Ahmisa and Lainey and ACR is starting to kick in and cause him to randomly kiss her...whattheheck!


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