Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year & Cleaning Up

Just a quick note on the status of the download blog and some of my goals for 2011.

Poll Results: Thanks to the people who voted. I will continue to make apartment lots available as well as more community lots. Those looking for community lots are in luck, since my playing hood is going through a revival of sorts and is in desperate need of new community lots. I'll pass on the goodies to you of course.

Cleaned Up Lots: I figured out how to use clean installer to remove items from prior lots. As a result, I'm doing some cleaning up of the downloads and removing hacks and unnecessary files from my previously offered lots. Just check the downloads for a "cleaned" version of the lot. There will be some custom content that I thought was necessary for the lot and I'll try to make note of such items, so still use clean installer when downloading into your game. Clean Installer is the best device to pick and chose what you want in your game, from the empty shell of the building, to all the bits and pieces.

Coming Up Next: There is a new page in the sidebar, In Progress. If you're interested in what is coming soon, visit that page. It's constantly changing and my goal will be to update it once a month.

Maxis Only Lots: The goal for this year is to offer more lots with strictly maxis content, meaning no recolors allowed. You'll be able to see this firsthand with the Grayson Hill Brownstones.

Update Schedule: To provide some consistency, I will try to update the blog twice a month. I recommend becoming a follower so that way you are notified when a new download is available.

New Photos: I will be working on creating better photo shoots of clothing and objects. Don't be surprised if you get an email from me asking for advice on making better photos of the items.

Custom Lots: If you desire a custom lot for your hood, send me an email starrsim at yahoo dot com and I'll see if I can help you. Seeing my lots in your game is a joy and if there is a need in your hood that I could help with, let me know. On that note, for those that maintain a blog, do not be surprised if you find a lot inspired by one of your simmies or your neighborhood available for download.

Feedback: Feedback is always welcome on a lot. I want to know how the lot works for you and your game, if it's playable, any wackiness and photos are always appreciated.

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