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Holding Back, Part 2, 2007

Hapar, spring, 2007

Susie is 21; Anthony Wren is 26

Susie groaned as she heard a knock on the door. She really didn't want to move, moving made her throw up, so did eating, sleeping, not eating, reading, or seeing the color red.

She had been sick for a few days now and she wasn't sure where she could have picked up whatever virus she was carrying. Thankfully, Anthony hadn't gotten sick yet, which was a miracle considering the amount of times Susie has thrown up. It seemed to start a week ago after breakfast.

For some reason the pancakes caused her to run to the bathroom to throw up the mixture of wheat and syrup.

"Are you ok?"
"Ugh...I don't know."

"Maybe you should take the day off."

"Open the darn door, I know you're in there!"
Susie groaned and pushed herself to her feet, holding her stomach as another wave of nausea hit her.

"Eww, you look like the walking dead."
"Thanks, Faith. I'm sick."
"What do you have?"

"I guess the flu, I'm not sure. I've been eating soup, or trying to eat soup, but I can't keep anything down."
"Nothing at all?"

"Do you have a fever or chills or anything?"

"No, I'm just vomiting and really really tired."
"Here, play with your niece and I'll make some lunch. I bet you can eat what I'll feed you."
Susie smiled as she watched Faith wobble to the kitchen and squeeze her big belly into the narrow space.

"Hi, Olivia." She cooed, cuddling her niece. She was a beautiful child and so mild mannered and laid back.

Susie wondered how long that would last until Olivia began to pick up some of Faith's rebellious ways.
"Come on, we'll eat outside, the fresh air will help you."
"You sound like mom."
"Well, it's true. Let me lay Olivia down first."

Susie had to admit sitting outside was nice and she felt a welcome relief from her waves of nausea.
"Eat this," Faith instructed pushing a sandwich towards her.

Susie began to bring the sandwich to her mouth, but abruptly dropped it.

"Eww, gross. The smell,

I think I might-" she covered her mouth to hold back her vomit.
"Yep, just what I thought."

"You're pregnant."
"What the hell are you talking about, Faith! Just because your sandwich stinks?"
"Nope, it's the onions. The same thing happened to me with both of my pregnancies, I couldn't stand the smell of onions."
"I'm not pregnant, I just have the flu."
"Sure, you have the flu, but no fever? Only exhaustion and vomiting. Do your boobs hurt?"
"What boobs?" Susie said trying to laugh. "They're a bit tender, but my period is coming."
"Are you sure? You usually get your period around the end of the simlonic month?"

"Well, no...usually it's the middle of the simlonic month...oh my goodness, my period is late."
"Yep, you're pregnant. Just take the test and start to prepare yourself for cankles, constipation and gas...lots of gas."

"I'm not pregnant. I can't be pregnant."
"If you're not pregnant, then just take a test and find out for sure."
"Fine, I'll take a test."

"Good, let me know, ok."

"I will, see you later."

"Ok, ugh-" Susie said before rushing to the bathroom.

"What made you want to sit outside in our swimsuits?"
"I don't know. Well, ok I do know."
Susie glanced at Anthony and wondered how to reveal the news.
"You're pregnant."
"Ye-how did you know?"
"You've been throwing up for a few days now. I kind of figured that it wasn't the flu, plus your breasts are bigger."
"Really? How can you tell?"
"Yea, really and I know your breasts, Susie."
"What are we going to do?"
"Looks like we're having a baby and then we'll get married. I guess that night of woohoo in the elevator will be a bit more memorable, huh?"

Susie laughed. "You're probably right...I want to be married before the baby arrives."
"Ok, so when do you want to get married."
"This Remar, it will be nice and summery and I won't be too big with the baby yet."
"Remar? That's in two simlonic months."
"Yes it is," she nodded.
"Well, looks like we need to accelerate our plans then."
  • Baby Wren is due Givar 2007


  1. Nothing like a baby to help speed up the process. Susie is taking this much better than I expected. What's going to happen to her dancing career in the meantime?

  2. Susie is taking this quite well! I'm glad; she knows Anthony will be there to help her through it all. And wow, they're getting married pretty soon; big changes afoot for Susie and Anthony!

  3. I knew it soon as I read the opening to the post. I'm so happy for them! And Susie really has taken this better than I pictured. This is so awesome. Can't wait for little Wren to get here!

  4. -Choco, Susie's career is something that will be affected by the pregnancy. The dance industry doesn't have the greatest maternity leave program :P

    -Carla, the wedding is really soon. Susie is still primary family so she would want to be properly married before the baby's arrival.

    -Riverdale, I was hoping to delay the suspense a bit, but it was surprising to me as well. It makes sense that their BC would fail in the elevator :)

  5. They took this pregnancy in stride. I knew as soon as she was throwing up all the time that she was 'in the family way' Congrats to them.

  6. -HCove, thanks for reading. I'm surprised that it took them so long to get knocked up considering all the woohoo they have.


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