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Yummy, 2007

Hapar, spring, 2007

Jorge and Jolie are 40, Grace Elise is 12, Ashlee is 9, Esther is 5, Chase and Amyra are 4

The Dawson family welcomed the new year with lots of changes, some welcomed others not as much. Jorge and Jolie celebrated their fortieth birthday with little fanfare and the discovery of new wrinkles. Esther was starting school and was very excited about the prospect. She insisted on wearing her favorite dress the first day that Grace Elise walked her to the school.

After her first day, she couldn't help but chatter on and on to Amyra about the school and her teacher and her classmates. For the most part Amyra listened except when the wall seemed so much more interesting than her big sister.
Chase was spared from hearing the details about Esther's first day, but he wished that he too could go to school where there were wombats and snacks and coloring sheets.
He wanted to go to the magical place where you made lots of friends and they came home with you afterwards to play in the front yard. For now, he was stuck at the house with the dog and his twin sister.
Grace Elise seemed to grow overnight as the puberty fairy made its entrance to the family's oldest child. She seemed to accept the changes with grace and was slowly blossoming into a confident young woman. Her father had paid for a ballet barre to be installed in her bedroom. The original plan was to surprise her and put it up himself, but after hours consulting the instructions and building something that resembled a dog house more than a ballet barre, Jorge accepted that putting together ballet barres was not a talent of his and called in reinforcements. It took twelve year old Annie Grey eleven minutes to assemble the barre and cost Jorge $20 for her time. Thankfully, it was done before Jolie brought Grace Elise back from shopping.
Tonight, Jorge was taking advantage of the fact that his little girl wasn't ashamed to be seen in public with him and was taking her on her first daddy-daughter date.
"You look amazing," he said opening his arms to embrace his daughter. She did look amazing and Jorge didn't want to think about the day when she would be leaving on her first date. Thankfully that was still simyears away and he was sure that his little girl thought boys were icky...right?
"This is a really nice place, papi." Grace Elise whispered looking wide eyed around the rooftop restaurant.
"Nothing but the best for you," he said smiling. "Just remember that when you become interested in boys."
"Remember what?"
"That they need to be able to do more for you than your parents can."
"I will."
Jorge waited as the server placed their dinner on the table and left before asking his feared question.
"Are you interested in boys?"
"Huh?...Are you trying to find out if I'm gay?"
"No, I just wanted to know if boys are still icky..or if you're interested in boys...but if you are interested in girls...I mean, if you think you're gay, that's cool too, I mean...well..wait...are you?"
"Am I what? Interested in boys or girls?"
"I don't think so, but there aren't many sims my age. I mean Myra and Naraj are my cousins and Bryant and Annie are close enough to being my cousins that it doesn't really matter. This steak is yummy!"
Jorge sighed with relief and joined his daughter in finishing their meal.
After their meal, the duo arrived early to get their seats to see Pia Imple, a regional ballerina, perform in Scenes from the Sky.
Grace Elise watched in awe as the young woman gracefully moved her body to the music. Usually her thoughts would be loss in the quality of the movements, but tonight she couldn't help but wonder if she was gay. When Annie would pass her teen magazines during recess she couldn't help but notice the soft skin of the women in the advertisements. She did notice the hard bodies of the men that Annie would point out and she agreed that they looked "yummy" as the girls called them, but she also thought that some of the women looked "yummy", could she-
"I can't believe I paid money to see this," her father's voice interrupted her thoughts.
Before she could chastise him, the woman next to them shushed him.
"Daddy, you're not supposed to say things like that."
"Sorry, but maybe if the music was faster or she were dancing with fire," he whispered back. "Right now, all I want to do is sleep."


  1. I love how he's trying to have a serious convo with her and she's worried about the steak. Priceless!

  2. Well, it sounds like, if Grace Elise does realise that she's gay or bi, her dad will at least be supportive of that. It will make it just that little bit easier for her.

  3. That was a really cute father/daughter date. It's interesting that Grace Elise is wondering about her sexuality but happy that her family will likely support her no matter what.

  4. -Laurel Crossing, thanks for reading. Grace Elise is trying hard to change the conversation. I don't think she's quite sure of her own feelings yet much less in a position to chat with her father about them.

    -Carla, Jorge loves his baby girl. I don't think she could do anything wrong in his eyes-she could say that she was interested in marrying an alien and he would try to find her a ticket to the moon.

    -Heredon Cove, Grace Elise knows that she's different from the other kids at school in that they notice different things in the magazines, but she doesn't have a crush yet since when all the sims your age are related to you...well, crushing is kind of hard to do.

  5. lol on her thinking he was asking if she was gay! Ah, I liked the convo with these two, the Dad seemed very fatherly and trying to have a good time, while leaving little lessons.. and she's like... yum steak! funny.

    His little comment about paying for the ballet show is funny as well, and I like that the woman turned toward him to shush him.

  6. -Maisie, thanks for reading. Jorge is suffering for his ballet loving daughter. That scene is a play by play of when I took my father with me to see a broadway musical, not his cup of tea, but he did it for his baby girl.


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