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Apple Valley News Issue 23: 2007

Issue 23: 2007

Officer of the Year
Hood Council Elections
Lawyer Reaches the Top
Student Returns from Kimikura

Officer of The Year

Jadhira Shazad
Every simyear the AVPD selects an officer of the year. Local officers and workers donate simoleans towards the grand prize and the announcement is anticipated with great joy. This simyear, Detective Tobi Sweeny was selected as Officer of the Year and awarded §7000 regarding his quick investigation of the fires of simyear 2006.

"It feels amazing," Tobi Sweeny said of his win. "The money was of course very nice, but I am honored with the prestige that came along with the prize. I've been with the department for a long time and being a police officer has been my dream since I was a child. To be awarded such a honor is wonderful."

Congratulations Detective Tobi Sweeny
Hood Council Elections

Jadhira Shazad

The time is now if you want to put forth your name as a candidate for the 2008 hood council elections. Please be sure to carefully read over the requirements and submit your name to Fiona Kent at the administration building.

Lawyer Reaches the Top

Jadhira Shazad

Very rarely in a sim's life are they able to reach the pinnacle of their career, but our very own Fiona Kent did just that. She not only manages the hood council, but she is a formidable force at Stern & Clerks where she was just named partner at the firm.

"She is the law essentially!" File clerk, Nailah Harris said. "Criminals tremble in her presence and she has to dispense judgement with a firm but fair hand."


Student Returns from Kimikura

Jadhira Shazad

S'Ahmisa Warwick, a junior at Pierce University, has returned from her study aboard trip to Kimikura.

"Kimikura is my second home," S'Ahmisa said. "I lived there before and it was a joy returning to a familiar place."

Ms.Warwick was able to study due to the unique partnership with Pierce University and Kimikura University.

"We hope in the future to develop partnerships with other schools," Educational Director, Johan Shazad, stated. "We are working now with Pahala Shore University to form an alliance so students have more choices in their study aboard experiences."

Culinary Corner

Jolie Dawson

Welcome to Culinary Corner! This simday's topic is all about cheesecake. Cheesecake is a wonderful dessert with it's rich creamy center and gooey fruit topping. Did you know that cheesecake is rumored to induce twins? Strange, but many sims swear by it and avoid cheesecake during their pregnancy, or indulge in it depending on what they desire.
Happy Eating!



•Vivenne Humphrey, to Faith Humphrey and Walt Jones
•Robin Wren, to Anthony and Susie Wren
•Abigal Carr, to Bill and Emma Carr





•Jacob Carr, celebrated his 1st birthday
•Grace Elise Dawson, celebrated her 12th birthday
•Ashlee Dawson, celebrated her 5th birthday

•Bryant and Annie Grey, celebrated their12th birthday
•Breckin Grey, celebrated his 5th birthday
•Richmond Grey, celebrated his 1st birthday
•Olivia Humphrey, celebrated her 1st birthday
•Lesia McMillian, celebrated her 1st birthday

•Myra and Naraj Shazad, celebrated their12th birthday

•Rayne Wilsonoff, celebrated her 60th birthday


•Emma Carr graduated with a 3.1 in history. She is now working as a gumshoe with the SCIA

•Ricky Thorn and Harriet Mendenhall

•Susie MacAstral & Anthony Wren




•Ray Wilsonoff, baker with CupaJava
•Lydia Wilsonoff, volunteer firefighter with AVFD
•Jadhira Shazad, field researcher with Veronika Kent Memorial Hospital
•Fiona Kent, partner with Stern & Clerks


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  1. I love the Apple Valley News posts. They're always so comprehensive! In my own hood, I tend to forget some of these kinds of things once I stop playing with that family for the round!

  2. This is so well done. Thanks for the great update!

  3. -Carla, thanks. The newspapers used to be the only thing I "published" as a FSBS hood, it accomplishes the same thing as a round summary but still with the FSBS vibe.

    -Coolkat2, thanks for reading and commenting, glad that you enjoyed it.

  4. I like the way you do this too, it has a great vibe to it, and is always interesting to read/remember. Thats great new for Fiona, I'm sure S'Ahmisa is happy to be back.

  5. -Maisie, thanks. There's going to be a change of editors soon, so we'll see how the new editor does things.

  6. Oh I like how you did this, too. It's definitely a more interesting way to do a round summary than just stating the facts. You've given me some ideas... again! :)

  7. -Danielle, thanks. There are quite a few newspaper postings on this blog and even more on the main website in the sidebar.


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