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Never, Sweetie 2007

Givar, winter, 2007

Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 38, Alia Shae Wilsonoff is 3.

It was a simple request...or demand, however you would like to word it.

"I hate it here, we need to move."


"Yes, move. Did you know that there is an apartment available with a view of the pier? I made an appointment to check it out tomorrow."

Within a week they had moved to their new place and learned that they were expecting twins.

That was a few simlonic months ago and now they were much as the family could be settled considering that space would become severely limited soon.

Ray had to admit that he liked the new place a lot better than the old place. It was a lot closer to the bakery which meant his morning walk was shorter.

Lydia loved it as well. She knew that it would be a few simyears until they could afford a home of their own, until then the tiny apartment with the cheap rent would be enough for them. At least they could attempt to save a few simoleans here and there to build up a little savings for a down payment.

She couldn't help but dream about their future home. It would be solid brick, at least three bedrooms and a nice fenced in yard for the kids to play. Maybe even a dog to entertain the children as well. There would be room for a small garden, she always wanted a garden...and butterflies. Yes, plenty of butterflies fluttering from rose to rose.

"Wouldn't you like that, Alia Shae?"

"Read me a story." Alia Shae mumbled, sucking her thumb.

"What's the magic word?"

"Al brra kadda ba?"

"No, the other magic word."


Lydia took her textbook from the bookshelf and proceeded to read about the basics of fire safety to her daughter.

She had to postpone her application to the fire department, but was still studying to the written exam even though she wouldn't be able to complete the physical exam until later next simyear.

An extra paycheck would have been welcomed, but Dr.McMillian fore bade Lydia to work.

"You should be on bed rest, if I had my way I would strap you to a hospital bed. Now go home and stay off your feet. I mean it!"

Instead the family had to make due with Ray's salary from the bakery until Lydia could apply for the fire department.

To make the simolean stretch there was a lot of leftovers...

and grilled cheese.

Ray's parents helped out as much as possible, providing babysitting for Lydia could rest and sometimes bringing over a meal. However, the family still needed additional help and had taken to selling some of their belongings on the Internet.

In an effort to make Christmas special for Alia Shae, Lydia splurged and made holiday cookies for the family.

"Wake up, Alia Shae. It's Christmas time."

"Sandy Claws?"

"Yes, Sandy Claws brought you something."

"I love you daddy!"

"I love you too, Alia Shae."

"Don't leave, ok, daddy?"

"Never, sweetie."


  1. Alia Shae is too cute! I have a soft spot for struggling families. It seems to make them so much closer :). I can't wait to see the twins and I loved Lydia's description of her dream house

  2. Aw. That was a sweet update. :) They don't have a lot, but they have each other. They'll figure out a way to get through the hard times!

  3. LOL, you tell him, Lydia! I love that she demanded to move and then just like that, they did! I hope they can get their dream house one day.

    Alia Shae is just too sweet..."Sandy Claws". Awww.

  4. -Mizzgin03, I was surprised that they were pregnant with twins, but it's fitting since now Ray and his sister Rebecca will have a set of twins and a singleton.

    -Shana, I hope so, they are actually doing better than before since when Ray sold the bakery it paid for the remaining loan amount, but they had very little to start over with.

    -Carla, Lydia has a certain way of making her point known, she only has 3 nice points. Alia Shae is sweet with her mommy and daddy, she only has 1 nice point, so she's not the nicest little girl around :\ it should be interesting when she grows up.

  5. Lydia has Ray wrapped around her finger. And I have a feeling even if he hasn't did what he did in Simmington Hills, she still would have him in the manner. He's whipped. But in a good way. And ROFL at Sandy Claws.

    That remninds me, we had Terminix come to the house and my youngest, she's 6 now, but she was 4 then. I told her the exterminator was coming. Well, she got it into her head that he was the Terminator. When he arrived she told him that he looked nothing like the Terminator. We all started laughing. LOL

  6. -Riverdale, your daughter is very funny! You should use that in one of your updates for the blog :)

  7. I always forget how much older these two are, they started so late. I hope they are able to save up for her dream house, sounds like the perfect place to raise a family. And yes, being a firewoman isn't really the best place for an expectant mother. Though the maternity leave paycheck would be awfully nice!

  8. -Maisie, I had to do a bit of age trickery when Ray and Lydia moved from Simmington Hills back to Apple Valley. They were much younger in her game, but Ray is older than Rebecca in my game, so yes, they did start rather late.


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