Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Peacer 2007

Peacer, winter, 2007

"Jacob, what are you-oh!"

"Are you ok?"

"Oh...I think...I think it's time for the baby to come."

Bill quickly jumped into action and called his grandmother, Ayanna, over to keep an eye on Jacob while he accompanied his wife to the clinic.

"Daddy and mommy are going to get your little sister, be a good boy, ok."

Thankfully the birth was easy, though not painless, and the new family was allowed home a few days after.

"This is your home, Abigal."


Welcome Abigal Carr


  1. Aw, they make such a cute family. Welcome little Abigal!

  2. Awwwww welcome little Abigal! They really make a nice family :)

  3. Welcome home, little Abigail.

  4. How sweet that they have one of each now. Looking forward to seeing who she takes after once she has her birthday.

  5. Welcome little Abigail! I wonder who she will look like the most :)

  6. They are wonderful, really interesting post.. They make such a nice family.. Pictures are really funny good looking. Thanks for sharing it with us..

  7. -Shana, thanks. I think that they might be done with children, though Bill's Ideal Family Size is 3 children.

    -Mizzgin03, awww, thank you

    -Riverdale, thanks

    -HCove, thank you for reading and commenting

    -Maisie, you'll be surprised when you see her grow up.

  8. Aw, welcome little Abigal! A boy and a girl. Now you have me curious to see what she looks like when she grows up.

  9. -Carla, she looks very similar to her big sister (the little girl Bill adopted out) so Bill's genes are pretty strong.


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