Monday, April 25, 2011

Bedding a Random, 2008

Hapar, spring, 2008

Faith is 24, Olivia is 2, Vivienne is 1. Walt Jones is 25

The Christmas decorations were still up, but to be honest, the cheap paper cut-outs were one of the few decor items in the cramped apartment.

The girls didn't mind as

they were entertained for the most part with the strange sticky things in their noses.

Faith was mostly tired, she was pulling a double shift at the record store due to the holidays and she really wanted to take a nap. The nap would have to wait since her family was coming over to celebrate New Year's Eve.

"Faith? How are you?"

"Hi, Mark. I'm great. How are you?"

"Very well," Mark said eyeing the young woman. "You still work with SiMusic Records and More?"

"Yea, I do. I've been pulling a double for the last three simweeks."

"You have a new manager right?"


"I know the manager, I'll give her a call and tell her that you deserve a raise."

"Aww, that's sweet."

"I'm serious, little lady. Your manager owes me a few favors and if you don't get a raise, be sure to let me know ok?"


Faith couldn't help but think of what she would do with a raise.

Perhaps go on a proper date with Walt to the yummy Asian bistro downstairs,

then make out in the stairwell. It had been simlonic months

since she went out and it wasn't her style.

Faith's bright mood was stalled when she opened the apartment door and the awful smell of dirty diapers and spoiled llama milk hit her nose.

"Mama!" Olivia wailed.

"Walt, the girls stink, the apartment stinks. What have you been doing all day?"

"I've been busy," Walt said handing a screaming Vivienne a new bottle. "They both found an old bottle and have been throwing up the remains of that all morning."

"We have to get this place cleaned before my family comes over."


"Sheait! They're here!"

"Hi mom, hi dad."

"Wow, what is that smell?"

"Well, it-"

"Don't worry. You look like you just got off work. Lyndon, get the girls. I'll get the kitchen. Faith, call your sister and tell her to bring over that roast she picked up."

Faith marveled at how quickly her parents moved about the tiny apartment. Soon the girls were dressed and clean...slightly, they did have brand new stinky diapers waiting for the first victim, eh volunteer,

and all the dishes were cleaned and the putrid smell was gone

by the time Susie, Anthony and little Robin arrived with a savory smelling roast.

Faith couldn't help but giggle at how things had changed in three years. Her parties used to include lots of alcohol and ended with a traditional streak around the block and perhaps waking up next to some strange man.

Now her party had grown men discussing baby poop instead of the latest music,

the excess of beer was replaced with soda

and instead of bedding a random man, she ended the night in the arms of Walt.

"Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year."


  1. Oh goodness! How Faith's life has changed! Amazing what kids can do, hey?
    They're house looks so rundown.... I love it! I've always had a softspot for poor, hardworking sims.
    Great update!:)

  2. I always wondered what would have happened had she not lost the baby when she was a teen, but now it seems she's really growing up. Finally coming into her own! Go Faith!

  3. This was a nice little get together. I'm glad that her parents don't mind helping out, changing diapers, and that's great that she got a raise! The girls are adorable, Olivia is cute calling out to her Mama.

  4. Faith's life has changed a lot! It's good that her parents were able to step in and help get things back under control before she became overwhelmed with everything that waited for her. :)

  5. I've just started reading your story and I love it - Olivia's so adorable! And the "Apple Valley" newsletter - such a great idea!
    Following ;) Follow back? :)

  6. I was thinking the same thing while I was reading. I remember Faith used to have the mohawk pigtails, right? And her life then was definitely nothing like it is now. Who would have thought?

    I'm really glad she's getting a raise as well. I hope it helps her and Walt out a bit. They deserve a break. ;)

  7. Faith certainly has grown up, as we all have to do at one point. She just took a little longer! It's a lot better being broke and struggling when you have family there to support you. It helps keep them all close knit :). I'm glad she's getting the raise, that should help out a lot!

  8. -coolkat2, thanks. Faith's apartment is one of the units in my 18th Street Apartments available in my downloads blog. It's has enough grunge, but not too much.

    -Riverdale, Faith is growing up a little bit. I miss the wild and crazy streakfilled parties and drunken men and such. I think Ming is trying to take over a bit for where Faith has had to let go.

    -Maisie, Olivia is a cutie. I think her parents didn't have much of a choice, the entire apartment smelled like dirty diapers, moldy food and spoiled milk. Green fumes were everywhere!

    -Shana, Faith's life has changed a lot with the introduction of her daughters. She's loosely based off a friend of mine. She has bright pink hair, numerous tattoos and piercings, but two little children that she cooks all organic for and bakes bread for them. Very much a paradox...though Faith won't be baking bread anytime soon. I think she's still working on mac & cheese.

    -Diana P, thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad that you're enjoying Apple Valley so far. Feel free to visit the "Vistor's Center" in the sidebar for more information.

    -Carla, you're right, she used to have Nouk's mohawk and pigtails. I thought it was cute that her family ended up with the first post of the year, compared to how she would always throw a lavish new year's party. I don't think anyone could have foreseen the changes in Faith's life. She still has a bit of spunk in her-hence the pink hair dye, but she is all about her kids. Besides, it's kind of hard to streak while carrying two toddlers :P

    -Mizzgin03, it's hard to keep them broke. Walt is a level 1 in entertainment, but that's his dream, but darn maxis keeps trying to promote him :P The raise is small, but it helps with the bills and rent.

  9. I hope Faith gets that raise, she does work terribly hard. It's a hard life for the poor Sims.

    It's fun to see her so grown up, we all have to do it at some point in time.

  10. The title had me a little worried, but I'm glad it wasn't as it sounded. ;) It seems like Walt and Faith are getting on well, all things considered. It's good to have grandparents who can jump in and give a hand or two when things are getting overwhelming.

  11. -HCove, thanks for reading and commenting. Poor sims do have it hard, but they get to live in such cool grungy places :P

    -Em, grandparents are great, especially those that dote on children since they were unable to biologically have thier own.


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