Thursday, April 21, 2011

With Benefits, 2007

Peacar, winter, 2007

Tobi is 35; Aaron and Simora are 8; Matt is 4

Once Cameron moved out, Tobi found it hard to maintain the townhouse on his salary so the family was forced to move. The good news is that shortly before the move, Tobi won the Officer of the Year Award at the department and a $7000 prize to go with it.

The money and the additional cash earned from selling some items gave him enough to pay the deposit on the new apartment and even treat the kids to a puppy that they had been wanting and that he also wanted as well.

The apartment was small with three bedrooms and a tiny office that he converted into Matt's bedroom. Matt and Aaron needed the separation. Aaron was on his way to becoming a teen and Matt would be starting school soon.

The space was limited, but Tobi felt that eventually things would change

and they could get better accommodations.

Until then, the family and the dog were cramped into the tiny place and truthfully there wasn't room for a puppy, but Tobi couldn't resist.

The new apartment was also near Li so the children could see their mother more often. Which was great since Tobi didn't want or desire to take Simora shopping for a training bra. Wasn't eight a bit too young for a training bra? Perhaps he should consider going organic, it must be the hormones in their food causing his little girl to grow up before his eyes.

"No, it's not the hormones." Li reassured him.

"Then why does she need a training bra."

"For one, she's growing older and her body is developing. Two...she's a bit overweight and most overweight sims have...boobs...or moobs."

"Should I put her on a diet?"

"No, just keep feeding her healthy. She doesn't need to be concerned with diets, she'll worry about diets later."

"You're right."

"I know. Are you finished? We still have an hour before the babysitter is due to leave."

Tobi nodded and followed Li to her apartment. They fell back into the easy relationship fairly quickly after Cameron left.

They were not serious about each other, save for a few random thoughts of reconciling.

Instead, they were the very definition of friends with benefits. They loved the same jokes and could carry an easy conversation

in addition to having a good time in bed. They didn't allow the children to see them together often, they didn't want them to become delusional with thoughts that their parents would get back together.

They finally discovered that they were best as secret friends with benefits.

ROS: Win prize of $7000

These two are truly friends with benefits. Their wants are all about telling each other jokes and talking with each other, then ACR kicks in and they're in bed. I checked to make sure that they're not in each other's friends zone, they're not. Instead they're happy chatting and woohooing without any type of relationship or committment.


  1. Oddly enough, relationships like this work for some people.....I don't get how, but they do. In the end, as long as it doesn't negatively impact the kids, its fine. Hopefully neither of them gets too serious about it though, that could lead to all kinds of problems lol

  2. So, I have just caught up with your blog, after lots and lots of reading, and I must say I have enjoyed it!
    I also recently started my own blog, and I would love it if you could check it out!
    Anywho, lets hope that the kids don't catch their parents in the act, it could lead to some real problems.
    Great update! :)

  3. Not letting the kids know about their new arrangement is a good idea. They're so young and I don't think they'd quite understand "friends with benefits"!

    But if it's working for Li and Tobi and they're happy, then I guess it's okay. I do wonder if they'll both stay happy with it though. Didn't Tobi want to get remarried to Li quite recently?

  4. -Mizzgin03, it was so hard writing this post since I had to make it believable that they both were ok with the whole FWB thing. In the game they are a-ok...I haven't tested to see if they get jealous of each other, but then again, neither is seeing another sim in game.

    -Coolkat2, thanks for reading and commenting. I admire you for reading all the posts-there are a ton of them, many very poorly written. Thanks for sticking it out. It could lead to some issues if the children catch them, especially Simora who is now aware of such things.

    -Carla, I hope they wouldn't understand it either, but in RL you'd be surprised...horribly surprised :( You're thinking of the "Today I'm photo" which was Li wanting to get engaged. Tobi was still with Cameron then and since then they haven't rolled any wants. I want them to roll a want, I want them to get back together, but they're content just joking and talking and letting ACR fulfill their needs. I'm tempted to push them into a date or vacation to see what happens. It's a bit annoying since their want panels are filled with neverending "tickle, joke, chat" wants and the occasional "play with one of thier children". I rather something else roll up now, a party even.

  5. It's an unconventional relationship, but if they're both happy and fine with it, then it should be okay. As long as they aren't hurting the kids or any potential relationships with other people that they might fall into. My biggest concern would be that one of them might start to think the arrangement is more serious than the other one wants it to be. But maybe they can make this work out for everyone in a way that they and the kids are all happy.

  6. -Shana, you're right, it can quickly go sour if any sim views it differently. We'll see how long ACR will keep them in this relationship and how long I'll tolerate it or how long it'll be before the children discover it.

  7. I'm kind of not surprised that they started sleeping together again. I'm just more surprised that it's a FWB agreement. Here's hoping things workout. These things can get awful tricky.

  8. Let me guess, Tobi's favorite color is green?

    Isn't that frustrating when sims roll up the same boring wants over and over? It's interesting that you interpret it as them not wanting to get serious with each other again. It almost sounds like maybe they could be just comfortable with each other. I haven't had many sims get divorced and probably none that got back together again later. I wonder how the game interprets that, as far as wants go. Do sims ever want to get married to sims they were married before? If the arrangement works for them then why not?

  9. -Choco, those two always tend to find themselves entangled in each others arms.

    -Em, actually Li rolled up a want to get engaged with Tobi. So sims can have the want to remarry thier lovers. Yep-Tobi's favorite color is green :P


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