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Hallowed Halls, 2013

Lovar, spring, 2013
Tyisha Masters is a senior, Si'Enya Warwick is a junior (Elphy Mendenhall is a sophmore, Ericcson Frankson is a senior)

Tyisha couldn't believe that in a matter of simdays she would be graduating. She wouldn't have to share a room with her horrible roommate,

she wouldn't have to worry about making her way around fights in the rec room in order to take a shower. She would be on her own, well...almost. She had found a nice apartment, it was older with origins in the disco era, but that's what she liked about it. The disco era reminded her of home, listening to her father's records and dancing in the living room with her brother. She would be joined with two roommates, Angel, her roommate from freshman year and Regina. Still it was better than the dorms.

Si'Enya still had another year of university before she would be graduating and she already knew that she wanted to get her doctorate in entomology. It meant even more simyears of schooling, but she loved it. She was working on making her application much stronger, but she still had a few more simlonic months to apply.

Trevor still made a special effort to come into town during tour stops. Aerial Bionic was traveling a lot promoting their second album and the fact that a few of their songs appeared in a blockbuster movie. Trevor was gone a lot more as well because of his reluctant appearance in another movie. There were press junkets, photo shoots and interviews and more. Not only was Trevor signed up to appear in the sequel, but apparently the band was working with their agents to create a joint tour with Mellow Metal.

Si'Enya enjoyed listening to Trevor talk about Mellow Metal and how their sound had evolved, though she honestly couldn't tell the difference. She knew that Trevor was looking forward to his character's eventual death in the sequel since it meant that he wouldn't have to appear in any more movies for the time being.

Thankfully he remembered to stop talking about work enough to spend some quality time with his girlfriend.

Si'Enya wondered about her roommate Elphy sometimes as well. Elphy's boyfriend, Erricson, was going to graduate this simyear and there wasn't an engagement ring in sight.

Elphy said she didn't mind. She needed to focus on her studies in nursing. She was going to start her practicums soon.

Even though Erricson was graduating soon, he still hadn't nailed down a job. He had an offer to work birthday parties as a clown for an event planning company and even though it wasn't a professional knight of the round table, it would allow him to entertain. Then there was his job offer as a full-time cook for the school, it would offer him plenty of opportunities to improve his cooking technique. Either way he needed to make a decision in a few simdays as the job offers were not going to last forever.


Tyisha Masters graduated with a degree in fashion design. She accepted a position with the fashion house, A. Pentragnani and has happily moved into her apartment.

Erricson Frankson graduated with a degree drama. He accepted a position as a full-time cook for Apple Valley Academy and has moved back home with his parents.


  1. I can't wait to see Tyisha out in the big wide world! I'm still wondering if she'll try to hook up with Rashid again, especially now that S'Ahmisa is in Kimikura.

    Trevor and Si'Enya are still such a great couple. I hope they can make it in the long run.

    1. I hope they can make it as well, Si'Enya is so insecure sometimes though, but hey, her track record is still better than her sister's :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Excitibg that tyisha has graduated! I wonder how she will be as fully accountable adult. And I love that Mellow Metal is doing so great! And more importantly that Si'Enya and Trevor are still going strong.

  3. Aerial Bionic is doing very well, and Trevor is able to reap the rewar from that. Sometimes I forget about them, but by this time and from the tours they've been doing they would be some pretty big names. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I, too, can't wait to see how Tyisha is going to fare in the life of grown-ups. :)

    1. Tyisha has a lot to look forward to, but then again she had to work her way through school so it's not like bills are uncommon to her. Thanks for reading and commenting


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