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Take a Chance, 2013

Patar, summer, 2013
Optional Soundtrack: Take a Chance on Me-JLS

"I think I have everything," she annouced as she looked at the bags by the door. The taxi was enroute and should be there shortly to take her to the airport.

"Not quite," Hiro said.

S'Ahmisa turned around and saw Hiro bend on his knees.

"Will you marry me?"

It seemed like time stood still as he watched her eyes widen and her hand reached up to cover her mouth. He tried to remain hopeful as she looked down at him. He knew that she hadn't had the best track record when it came to relationships. But he knew that she was ready to try again, to take a chance on him, she just needed a little push in the right direction.

S'Ahmisa stared in shock, "Hiro, I...Hiro..."

"What is it?"

"We haven't talked about this at all, this is such a surprise."

"Isn't that what women want, to be surprised?" He asked getting up from his knees.

He knew that she was scared, he could see her hands playing with her nails nervously. He knew that she had feelings for him, though. He knew that there was something, well, more than something bewteen them. They had spent the last two simyears falling joyfully in love. He had been there for her more than 100% of the time, he knew that she would be a bit confused, but he was confident that they would be more than amazing.

"Yes, but no, well..."


"There is so much to talk about. I only have a few simweeks left here. Then what? Where would we live? Would you leave Kimikura? Am I expected to live here forever? I mean, there's so much-"

"S'Ahmisa, we can get through those things together. We love each other. It doesn't matter where we live, as long as we're together."

It's not that easy, S'Ahmisa thought as he grabbed her hands. Or was it?

"Just say yes, my sweet blossom." He kissed her lightly. "Don't be scared."

S'Ahmisa squeezed her eyes shut. She was scared. She didn't know if she could do this, if she could be trusted with his heart. What if she screwed it up again, what if he regretted taking a chance on her, her with her empty heart, her crazy career, her closed mind. She knew that she was hiding behind so many walls, but in the last two simyears, Hiro had slowly chipped away at those walls. They were still standing, but her heart was starting to be illuminated with the light that came through the cracks. Hiro was a great guy, a dependable and loyal man. He loved her and she never had to doubt his love for her. He supported her wholeheartedly. His love for her wasn't something that she doubted or wondered about.

"I...I don't think I love you as much as you love me."

"I know that, but give us some time. You will grow to love me even more. I can make you happy, I promise you."

She smiled, she doubted that she was capable of loving him even more. It was as if the space allocated in her heart for Hiro was full, yet the space was so tiny. She knew that he would make her happy. Honestly, marrying Hiro was the most rational, logical choice she would ever make. He was everything she had wanted and dreamed of in a man since she was a child whispering with Si'Enya under the covers about their dream princes. Ambitious, handsome, smart, nice and so in love with her. They would be a power couple, like the Kents. They could do so much together and make such a difference in the lives of so many. She had the political clout and simoleans to make things happen and he had the dedication to see it through. Together they would make SimNation greater. They would be limitedless. It made so much sense, how could it be wrong.

"Say yes..."

S'Ahmisa nodded, "yes."

She glanced around the crowded screen, hoping to see her flight number. She knew that she had a three hour delay, but she just wanted to check to make sure the flight status hadn't changed.

Satisfied with the information, she turned to make her way to find something to eat

and stopped in the sea full of moving bodies.



  1. Damn, S'Ahmisa always keeps me guessing! I never dreamed she'd say yes to Hiro, though I can see the thought process she's gone through to get there. With Rashid turning up though, her resolve might waver. Can't wait to see what happens!

    Question though, in the last scene, S'Ahmisa is still in Kimikura, right? And Rashid has shown up? Intriguing!

    1. I quit trying to keep up with her, she leads her own life and definitely makes her own decisions. The last scene is a random airport, not Kimikura, but during one of her connecting flights. You'll see soon what Rashid is doing there. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh, I didn't see that coming but I like that she did say yes. :) Drama!

    1. Yea, it was out of the blue that he proposed so everyone is surprised. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I was thinking "what about Rashid?" as she was reading this. It will be interesting to see who she ends up choosing. If she will continue with her engagement to Hiro (who she didn't seem that into, but is logically the perfect choice) or if she'll give Rashid another chance. Ooh, the suspense! :D

    1. Lol, yea Rashid hasn't been in the forefront of her life lately so seeing him would be a jolt for her. It depends on if Rashid will give her another chance, she ran away from him so it would be interesting to see what he has been up to, which you won't have to wait too long to find out. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Oh boy! I hope S'Ahmisa knows what she's getting herself into. It looks like someone might be about to get hurt!

    1. Now of course S'Ahmisa has no clue what she's getting herself into, :p thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I'm too excited to know who is Rashid?But I just read your comment for Em, so he's an ex-boyfriend.That comment just filled in the blank for me.I just dived right into reading and I love it already.I was really hoping she'd say yes to the proposal.I kept thinking 'say yes already!'I can't wait for the next part.

    1. You're right, Rashid is S'Ahmisa's exboyfriend and first love. To find out more about Rashid and S'Ahmisa you can read the Warwick posts:

      especially these posts:

      and the posts from Simmington Hills, where Rashid is from,

  6. Wow. I get kept off Sims for a couple of weeks and this happens?

    Hiro proposing and S'Ahmisa accepting sort of surprised me, but sort of didn't... if you know what I mean. Either way, I can't wait to see what happens next either!

    1. I know what you mean, she's at war with her rational and emotional side and each side would have had her make a different decision. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. Oh man!! Rashid! Ah, I don't know what she will choose now. I wonder what Rashid thinks of seeing her at an airport, so out of the blue. And I did not expect her to say yes at all to Hiro! I feel like she would have wanted to have some basic answers first before he pulled that out on her. Curious what will happen next.


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