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On Our Way, 2013

Patar, summer, 2013
Grex and Ginger are 41, Bryant and Annie are 18, Breckin is 11, Lara is 10, Indira is 8, and Richmond is 7

She smiled as she listened to the early morning conversation.

Just a few moments ago, Annie was sitting on the bed and reading the well worn letter once more.

Mount Branyon University
Office of Admissions
1000 Independence Avenue
Simberry Fields, SimNation

Dear Ms Annie Grey,

  We are writing to inform you that you have been accepted for admission to Mount Branyon University in the City of Simberry Fields. You have excelled in your secondary schooling and we feel that you will go far with our University, and look forward to watching you grow and achieve your goals while a student here.

  Despite our illustrious history as a University, we have every confidence that our next year will be our best, and we look forward to having you join us for it! 

  We can accommodate you during your time at our University either in our new, state-of-the-art dorm on campus, within walking distance to all major University buildings, or you have the option to rent one of the apartments on campus. Please send a return email with your preference so we are able to reserve your space!

  Also, please apply for any grants you may be eligible for -- a list of applicable grants can be found on the University's website. 

  You will be enrolled as having an undeclared major, and are able to continue on this path if you are unable to choose until your Junior year. You are able to declare a major at any time by emailing us. Classes begin April 20th, and students are expected to be on campus for orientation by April 18th. 

  The Mount Branyon faculty, students and administration look forward to welcoming you into our community! 


Professor Remus Outridge
Department of Admissions &
Student Services 

She still couldn't believe that today was her last day in Apple Valley and that she would be traveling to Simberry Fields for university. She wondered what the dorm was like

"Annie, make sure that you call Ms. Neeve when you arrive. Don't forget to offer to help in the bakery, maybe she can give you a job."

Annie nodded as she sat with her family for their final breakfast. 

Ginger couldn't believe that her babies were going to university. At least Annie was headed to Simberry Fields which wasn't too far, nor was it too big and besides, Ginger had her friend Neeve there who could keep an eye out for Annie...but Bryant...he was going so far away. Riverdale was a large hood and so many sims. She just hoped that he focused enough during the two years to get a decent education and not waste their tuition money, or his future tuition money since he was getting several loans to pay for school.

She still didn't know how they would make it all work, the twins tuition and then the new loan for the market. Thankfully they received a few scholarships including the Interhood Connection Scholarship which would pay for two simyears of tuition for Annie,

 but she and Grex had to work extra hard at the market to earn enough to make ends meet at home, much less pay tuition fees.

The younger children were helping out more and more, especially Breckin. Grex thought that it would be Breckin who would take over the market eventually. He loved helping out and would stop by without them asking for help.

Ginger tried not to cry as they milled around the train station. The twins train should be arriving in less than 15 minutes. 

They would take the train together to the nearest airport then they would go their separate ways.

"Be good, make sure to eat your vegetables."

Annie groaned, "Yes, mama."

"You make sure to keep it under wraps, no babies," Grex  murmured to his son as they awkwardly stood waiting for the train.

"It's here," Ginger said quietly.

The family walked to the platform and stood near the back of the crowd. Soon it was their turn to board the train.

Annie couldn't help but take one last look back before she hopped on board. This would be the last time she would see Apple Valley for a while, maybe longer if she decided to stay in Simberry Fields or move to another hood after graduation.

"This is it," Bryant said as they sat down. "Soon it will be dorm rooms, no parents and plenty of sexy sims to occupy our nights."

Annie still couldn't believe her brother managed to get into university, especially with his attitude. 

She didn't answer, she just thought about the history classes that awaited her and how they would prepare her to be an archaeologist...or something else. 

She thought about Naraj and how they broke up, she didn't want to maintain a long distance relationship, especially not her freshman year.

"Yea, we are on our way."
Annie is headed to Mount Braynon University in Simberry Fields and Bryant is headed to the University of Riverdale in Riverdale.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's already time for Annie and Bryant to leave! The house is going to feel so empty now.

    Love Grex's comment to Bryant to "keep it under wraps"! He must have heard about the high fertility rates in Riverdale!

    1. Carla, your Riverdale comment made me laugh so hard!

    2. It does feel empty, already they are rolling wants for more children, I'm not sure I should indulge them :) thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Aww I can't believe that Annie and Bryant are gone and on their way into their adult years! Not surprised by the baby wants, I'm sure the house feels so empty without them!

    1. It does, they live in a 2x2 lot which is huge! They have a big unfinished basement and now a spare bedroom, so babies a on their minds a lot. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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