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Holla, 2013

Patar, summer, 2013
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Rashid was lost in his thoughts as he made his way through the slow security line. The airport was packed and he was stuck behind a tour group of giddy teenagers. A few of them kept glancing back at him and giggling. He smiled which made the young girls blush. One of them reminded him of Tyisha's roommate, Angel. He had finally accepted a date with the young woman. She was nice, a bit flighty, and Rashid knew that nothing serious would ever develop from it. She wanted to be an actress for goodness sakes, what kind of career plan was that? His thoughts went back to his telephone conversation with his family a few weeks ago.

Rashid laughed as Scot told him about the school's talent show. "Sounds great, little man."

"Hey, mom and dad want to talk to ya."

"Hey, baby."

"Hey, mama, hey dad."

"You and S'Ahmisa got back together yet?"

"Tomika-" Sabien warned.

"Don't Tomika me. Those two need to stop playing around and get back together and give me a granddaughter."



"Why are you acting so shocked. You say the same thing, you say that those two need to get together, then when you speak to the boy, you say nothing. Trying make me look like the bad guy."


"Hold that thought, baby, Scot! Come here, where do you think you're going!"

Rashid laughed as his mom left the phone. "Dad?"

"Yea, son?"

"Do you really think that?"

Sabien sighed. "All I know is that when you were with S'Ahmisa, you were different."

"You mean the whole going to school and getting a masters?"

"No, it was much more than that. You seemed to have a purpose and you knew what direction you were headed in. It was as if you were a stronger man, still the same Rashid, but a better, more confident Rashid."

Rashid said nothing. Even though it had been simyears ago, it still seemed like days ago.

"Listen, son. Women that do that to, well, for a man. They don't come around but once. You can be happy with another woman, but that special woman...she will make you a better man."

"She's the one that ran away, not me."

Sabien laughed, "Rashid, son, listen. Committment is a two way street. A woman has to feel that you are her safe place, that you will never leave her, that you are devoted to her and that she is your world."

"I didn't cheat on her! I treated her right, I supported her, I was there for her!"

"It's a lot more to it than that. Women know when you're not putting into the relationship like they are. They also want a man to feel as if she is his safe place, that he loves her enough to put himself in her hands. It's easy for us to take responsibility and to provide and protect our families, the hard part is letting our women know that we need them, that we feel safe with them and that we believe that when the going gets tough that they will be there for us, just like we are there for them."

Rashid wanted to stop breathing, he had supported S'Ahmisa, but he hadn't truly let himself fully into her arms and into her love. That just sounded scary.

"Sounds scary huh?"

"Yea..." Rashid whispered.

"That's what we ask our women to do for us. How can we ask them to do that for us, when we're not willing to do the same for them?"

Rashid shook the thoughts out of his head as he made his way to the monitors, he needed to check his flight and...

his thoughts stopped as did his legs when he saw her there. She was staring at the monitors, her curly hair a frizzy mess, and she was wearing that strange pink silk dress-just the way she was when he first laid eyes on her. She turned and her eyes widened. His smile matched her smile as she made her way towards him.

"Where are you headed, cutie?"

"Rashid, what are you doing here?"

"I have a client meeting in Shu Lang, what about you?"

"I'm headed back to Apple Valley to be there for Krissy's new baby."

"When's your flight?"

"It's delayed three hours, so I was-"

"Come on, let's get something to eat or drink."

"Just what I was thinking."


Rashid couldn't help but look her over as she excitedly rambled on about her time in Kimikura. It had been so long since he saw her face to face. Perhaps it was seeing her that made him realize that he didn't want to be without her and that he hadn't let her go. They had their share of ups and downs, yes, but she was still in his heart and if the way her eyes seductively caressed him was any indication, then he was still in her heart as well and not a thing had changed.

"I can't believe how fast the time has gone," she said sliding from her chair. "We have just enough time to make it to our gates before they start boarding."

Rashid threw some bills on the bar to cover their tab before S'Ahmisa could grab her wallet.

"You sure?"

Rashid grinned, "I think I can handle lunch."

He allowed her to walk in front of him as they made their way out of the overpriced airport bar.

"Listen," he said pulling her arm and guiding her to a secluded corner. She licked her lips and Rashid had to contain himself to stop from kissing her right then.

"You know you will always be my boo," he whispered against her ear, the scent of her conditioner tickling his nose. " If you need me, you just gotta make a call. I'll be whatever you need me to be."

S'Ahmisa struggled to breathe and bit her lip. She had struggled during their meal to focus on Rashid's words and not wondering if he had another waiting for him, or worse, if they had time to have a quickie in an empty bathroom. Now he was leaning into her neck and the warmth of his breath was doing something wicked to her.

"Remember that, boo," he said rubbing his thumb over her lips.


  1. Sabien is a wise, wise man! I would love to see these two back together again and if Rashid takes his dad's advice to heart, which it sounds like he wants to, it might just work out this time.

    1. I want them together too, but their timing sucks :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Wise words indeed - Sabien knows what he's talking about. I'll admit I'm also yelling "listen to him, both of you!" at Rashid & S'Ahmisa in my head right now. They really were good together and I would also love to see things work out for them. Again, can't wait for the next development!

    1. Lol! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who yells at these two. Thanks for commenting and reading.

  3. Thanks for the back posts which really helped to understand their relationship.I agree that Sabien is very wise.I guess that's why he has a successful marriage.I 'm curious to know if they will indeed get back together, but I don't know if anything has changed.Is she still running for mayor and will her career aspirations get in the way of their relationship again?I'm totally ready for the next update :) I really want to know if she accepted the proposal and if she did then wouldn't she be engaged now?Too bad I can't see her hands.

    1. She accepted the proposal and is engaged at the moment. She isn't running for mayor anymore, in fact she kind of skipped over that step with her latest job assignment as congresswoman. Glad the back links helped, their history is very long and spans two different hoods. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Ooh! I love this couple and I think it would be great for them to give it another shot. But all I can think about is...what about Hiro? How is S'Ahmisa going to get out of this one? I can't wait for the next part of their story.

    1. We will have to see if S'Ahmisa even wants to get away from Hiro. She can be pretty stubborn sometimes. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Yes! This is what I want!! I want these two together, no Hiro (no offense, he's a nice enough guy) but these two are like perfect together! And ah, I loved the words his father gave him, such true, wise words.

    1. Hiro is a great guy, which S'Ahmisa understands, but Rashid brings something else to the table that's hard for her to resist. Thanks for commenting and reading.

  6. Ah, I want these two together as well and can't wait to see what happens.

    1. So do I but I won't force them, thanks for reading and commenting.


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