Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boring! Part 2, 2016

Remar, summer, 2016
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 47, Alia Shae is 12, Ari and Ava are 8

narrated by Alia Shae

I wouldn't have imagined that our trip to Kimikura would be so eventful. As soon as we arrived, I met a strange man, he looked like one of those ninjas from TV. 

He asked me some dumb question and when I answered he said "you're wrong" and disappeared. I didn't realize that there would be pop quizzes on this trip.

I found my siblings and started fishing with them for koi, although now that I think about it, maybe we were fishing for bass.

Dad decided to work on raking a big pile of sand around. It looked like a giant kitty litter box. I wonder if we had a cat would he rake the little box like that and call it meditation.

Mom signed us up for a helicopter tour around the city, when we were boarding I saw a strange woman.

She looked vaguely familiar, almost like she was from Apple Valley.

After the tour, we relaxed in a local hot springs

and had some yummy noddles for dinner. I might have had two helpings, well, three helpings if you count the bowl I ate when mom wasn't looking. I really love noddles, and bread, and pasta. Anything that has carbs. 

The next day we visited a small temple. 

I decided to make a wish at the local shrine. I wished for wealth, I want to be rich. Rich sims don't have any problems at all.

I did not expect to get banged up by falling coins. 

Who knew that good fortune 

would be so painful.

With a sore back and full pockets, I joined my mother and sister for tea.

Mom wanted to show us the correct way of pouring a cup of tea in Kimikura.

 Isn't it the same as pouring a cup of tea in Apple Valley?

Apparently, before I arrived, mom was in the middle of retelling how dad proposed to her on their last trip to Kimikura with Uncle Julio and Aunt Rebecca.

That night, I volunteered to eat dinner with the little ones while mom and dad had dinner alone.

Ok, by volunteer I mean it was politely suggested to me as they passed me a wad of simoleans. What can I say, I drive a hard bargain. I can smell desperation a mile away.

I think they appreciated being alone and talking about...whatever they talk about.

After dinner, we went to a show. At least, mom and dad called it a show. I call it listening to some old dude talk about some old stuff. I could have done that at!

Quick pic of the family 


  1. What a nice little trip. Alia Shae is one funny girl. So typical teen.
    OMG! Ashlee! Are you going to catch us up on her, or do you even know? I have so many questions now.

    1. Ashlee has been very elusive, but I hope to update you on her soon, Fini. Also ask away! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Great family pic at the end, love Alia Shae, so funny! Kitty litter, pop quizzes, totally made me laugh. I can imagine that family vacations are sort of fun, sort of obligation at this point for her. I hope we get to know more about Ashlee soon!!! So fun to see her there, I bet she has tons of stories to tell!

    1. Alia Shae doesn't mind the trip, but I think you're right, Maisie, that she rather not hang out with family, that's not very cool when you're twelve. Alia Shae doesn't hold her tongue very well, but then again neither does her mother, they're both only slightly nice...actually, they each have one nice point. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Ashlee! Definitely looks like she's someone trying to hide her identity, running off to another country and changing her appearance. I wonder if her family will ever know what happened to her.

    Alia Shae has such a typical teen attitude to family holidays! She cracked me up a couple of times.

    1. Seeing Ashlee was very random, Carla. I think I have her as either a tourist or a native for one of the vacation hoods. You have to remember that her father has vast military experience and contacts and his new "job that shall not be named" gives him lots of access to things regular sims could only dream about. So I think Jorge at least knows much more about her and is at least a bit aware, or suspicious, of her locations and new identity. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I can't wait to read more about Alia Shae as she gets older. She's quite witty. I can also appreciate her ability to make a quick buck off of her parents. Possible potential in the future of business, perhaps?

    Seeing Ashlee makes me wonder what she's been up to. I hope she's ok, at the very least.

    1. Alia Shae has quite the business sense, she gives out frequent customer cards to her babysitting clients, buy ten hours and the eleventh is free. I can see her owning quite a few businesses. Thanks, Choco, for reading and commenting


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