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Boring!, Part 1 2016

Remar, summer, 2016
Ray and Lydia Wilsonoff are 47, Alia Shae is 12, Ari and Ava are 8

narrated by Alia Shae

Now that I'm a teen, mom and dad have been on my back about college. I mean, I'm just a teen! Barely into secondary school and I have plenty of time until university.

Mom tries to get me interested by saving newspaper articles about different universities, but right now college is the furthest thing from my mind. I do like looking at the stock market reports though. Sometimes when she's not trying so hard, we sit and read together. I love to read. I'm currently in the middle of "Eat, Plumbbob, Woohoo; a narrative history of stuff"

Mom has been trying to save her flowers. She wants to have a garden, but she's not very good at it. Mostly because she works crazy hours at the fire station. Her hours are going to get a little bit better since she was just promoted to Captain.

She and dad have the crazy idea that growing our own vegetables would help us with our weight. I know that when they say 'us' they really mean me.

I know that I'm a bit on the heavier side, but kids are not intimidated by the little skinny girls in school. I heard that secondary school is ruthless, so I need every bit of assets I have and if my big behind, or big bones as mom says, is enough to make the older idiots leave me alone, then so be it. 

I get tired of everyone teasing me that my father is a pedophile and that I'm not the oldest anyway.

I know that dad has another child, Erline, who is a few months older than me. I don't know if they twins really know what that means. It means dad was woohooing with someone else when he was with mom. He told us and we see her sometimes for visits and when she video calls dad. One day we'll see her in person...I think. Mom doesn't want us to go back to Simmington Hills, I think she's ashamed. 

They don't know that I read the newspaper articles and gossip magazines. That girl...she was only a few years older than me when dad got her pregnant. It's pretty gross when you think about it. I'm surprised dad didn't go to jail because of it. A lot of people do...statutory rape or something they say. 

I was surprised to see that Mrs. Warwick's husband, Rashid, was also rumored to be the father. Wow, I bet that was some crazy times then. If something like that happened now, I'd get a bowl of popcorn and get comfortable for the show.

Dad decided that he wanted to host a BBQ this summer with a few friends of his. I didn't know that he had friends.

I think I was right. I mean, who invites their boss, even if you are related. Boring!

Mom and dad surprised us and said that we were going to take a family trip to Kimikura. I don't know where they got the money for the trip, it's almost as if simoleans are falling from the sky. It doesn't matter, I can't wait to see it.

ROS***Ray have a sports party, invite 3 guests


  1. I'd forgotten about Ray's affair! Yeah, I can see that being something that kids at school would have a lot of fun with, at Alia Shae's expense. She sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders about it though. That'll serve her well in secondary school!

    1. It's easy to forget about his affair, Carla. The family doesn't like to speak about it, especially since she was a minor and honestly the consequences could have been a lot worse due to their age differences. I can see kids teasing Alia Shae about that and there being a lot of shame about the situation, especially since its not so easy to forget about since there is a child involved. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I didn't think that news about Ray would have spread between neighborhoods like that. I figured everyone involved would have kept it quiet. I feel for Alia Shae. And I had no idea that she wasn't skinny! Maxis's idea of heavy is laughable. Is that redhead from SimBachelorette?

    1. When Ray immigrated to Simmington Hills, the Wilsonoff family was a pretty big deal. In fact, Simmington Hills named the technical university after them, WilTech. So Ray's affair brought shame to the family, and by default the Kent family as they are related and the Kent's pretty munched controlled the politics in AV and SimNation for a while. Also the age of his partner was very scandalous and the fact that the other suspected father was the son of Simmington Hills' mayor. It was very hard to keep that juicy scandal secret. The old newspaper clippings and story on the blog are still up for you to read as well, Fini. Also great eyes, yes, he's from SimBacherlorette. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Oh Ray's affair, I totally forgot about that, and had no recollection that she was SO young! Wow, that would be hard to live with that as a teen. Poor girl, a little hefty and parents start forcing healthy veggies. I could barely tell she was heavy until the photo with the suitcase. Alia Shae has a great voice, she's confident and spunky, I liked reading her POV>

    1. It is hard to tell that she's overweight by Maxis standards. Alia Shae doesn't mind vegetables and fruits, but her father tends to cook in a traditional French style with lots of sauces and he's a famed baker, so there are lots of sweets which makes it hard to keep the pounds off. Thanks for reading, Maisie, and commenting.


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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