Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bringing Home Baby, Remar 2016

Remar, summer, 2016
slightly NSFW

It was still early enough for pancakes in the cafeteria, but as soon as her pager went off, Suzanna knew that things would change.

She rushed to the exam room to find Krissy nervously sitting there, tears in her eyes. She was bleeding and cramping, never good signs during early pregnancy.

"Let's see what we have," Suzanna said maneuvering the instruments.

After several tense silent minutes, she smiled. "Here's the heartbeat, can you see it?"

Krissy smiled in relief to see the little rice baby.

"Take it easy from now on, ok. No more marathons for a while."

Krissy nodded, glad to have the tiny print out of her rice baby.

Ming was bored.

She read the same magazine twelve times

and she puttered around the nursery a bit. She couldn't help but caress the changing pad and think of all the stinky diapers that would soon be changed there.

It was Bill and Emma's 10th anniversary,

but they were not spending it together it seemed.

A few birthday celebrations.

Laci McMillian turns 18

as well as her cousin, Veronika Kent.

Lilly Ana McMillian turns 12 and wants to be the most popular girl in school,

along with Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious who has goals of financial domination in the business world

and Udar Shazad, who seems quite disturbed by the notion of teenagehood, though surprisingly not so disturbed about the notion of aliens and wouldn't mind meeting one in the future.

Also, Sabazo Cunningham-Warwick turns 1 and looks like a splitting image of his father.


  1. You scared me with your update on Krissy! I'm so glad the baby is okay.

    Bill and Emma! Oh dear. Is that Carmela with Bill? Do we know Emma's guy? I didn't recognise him.

    Oh gosh, Sabazo really is his dad all over, isn't he?

    1. You're right, Bill is with Carmela, who still has needs even as a widow, while Emma is with her boss, Harris Frankson, the husband of Jasmine Frankson (Krissy's sister). I doubt they're doing the undercover surveillance they're supposed to be working on. I knew those two were too quiet and nice to each other and it seems to be because they both have side lovers. Thanks, Carla, for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh man, happy anniversary for Bill and Emma! I guess if it works for them... I don't know! I'm so relieved that Krissy's baby is okay, I was really concerned that she had lost it, and I'm not surprised that Ming is bored, sitting around like a hen isn't exactly her cup of tea.

    1. LOL, I don't think they know about each other's affairs right now. Emma has quite the temper, she would quickly call in a favor for her five brothers and father to handle Bill for her :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I think Ming's gonna be an interesting mom. I do think she'll miss the downtime since I imagine a baby of hers will keep her on her feet.

    Bill and Emma caught me by surprise. I am interested to see what continues to happen with their arrangements. I would have never thought this of Emma. Interesting!

    Thank goodness Krissy is alright. I hope she continues to take it easy.

    1. I think Ming will be pretty interesting as a mom as well. I think she knows exactly what it takes to raise a kid considering she has nieces and nephews, but she wasn't ready to devote the time and effort needed to raise one, hence not having one. I think having it put upon her should be very interesting and we will have to see if she rises to the occasion. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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