Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Much Spoiled, 2016

Havar, fall, 2016
Rashid is 30; S'Ahmisa is 29; Sabazo is 1

S'Ahmisa spent the beginning of fall sick, so sick that she had to stay home from work, which she never does. Krissy even teased that she might be pregnant, "after all, I thought I had the flu."

When she wasn't resting in bed, she was watching infomercials  since nothing else of interest was on in the middle of the day except for trashy talk shows. She ended up doing a lot of shopping and in addition to the boxes of art and sculptures that arrived on thier doorsteps, Rashid and S'Ahmisa were also the proud new owners of a vacation home in Kimikura.

When she returned to work, it was just in time for the election results. She had won the post of senator which meant more responsibilities, but also more prestige and change. 

She made sure the relax each simday with yoga as she didn't want the stress of the new job to affect her homelife.

Plans on their new house were going along well. She had a few meetings with the architect and interior designer concerning the foyer. After everything was approved, construction would be starting the next simweek.

Rashid was working on a new game

and Sabazo was growing so quickly. He was a handful at times

but very much spoiled by his parents.

"We need to talk," S'Ahmisa said to Rashid sitting him down at the dining table.

She explained how Claire had approached her with an opportunity. 

The party wanted to nominate her for the vice-president position after her term in the Senate was complete.

It was five simyears from now, but preparations would need to start early.

She was afraid. 

Afraid that history would repeat itself and that her family would be damaged.

Rashid assured her that everything would be alright, 

"you should really consider running for Leader of the Free World after your term as VP."

"If I plan on getting into politics heavy again, we would really need to consider having that second child sooner rather than later."

Rashid grinned, "when do you want to start?"

----- ROS: Sick for 2 day, S'Ahmisa


  1. Get sick, come out of it with a vacation home! I like S'Ahmisa's thinking. :)

    I can see S'Ahmisa doing amazing things in the world, so I think she'd be an awesome VP. The fact that it means we might see another kid from her and Rashid soon is a definite bonus. :)

    1. Carla, I wish my sick days ended with new vacation homes as well. Those two are trying to expand the family, but no news yet. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I love seeing these two again. Makes me very happy. :) I'm sure she's learned her lesson to always put her family first. That's not bad for a sick day; I'd probably watch the trashy talk shows though, LOL.

    1. Fini, she doesn't want to repeat her past mistakes, but she's learning how to juggle it all. I think she got a bit of a guilty pleasure from watching the trashy shows. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. S'Ahmisa seems like she could do it, though I can understand the hesitation. She's always been a smart cookie. Also, I'm interested in seeing their next kid. Do you think that they'll stop at 2?

    1. Choco, I think S'Ahmisa would like to stop at 2, she's used to having a close relationship with her sister, on the other hand Rashid grew up as one of four so he wouldn't mind more, but since he's not having them he wouldn't ask for more. To be honest, he has his son, his daddy's boy, his little man, so he's happy. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. Ohh I like them having another one, love the bathroom shot, so realistic with a little one. I think she fits politics so well, and I'm excited that she's planning to go big on this. I can understand her fears, and I hope that it is all smooth sailing for her and her family. Hopefully they don't have to wait long to have their second!

    1. I felt bad for her, all she wanted is a moment of peace but he followed her and wailed on the floor until she was finished. She was a lot more patient than I would have been, lol. So far no luck with the second one, but hopefully soon. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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