Monday, February 3, 2014

Hallowed Halls, Fall 2016

Pierce University
Naraj Shazad is a senior, Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are freshmen (Patrick Benson is a sophmore)

none currently enrolled

narrated by Laci McMillian

When we visited the campus last year, I tried not to get too excited. I didn't think that I would be on campus

or even have the same opportunities as other students.

Now that I'm here, I'm ecstatic. 

During orientation, I tried to remain calm.

On the inside, I wanted to run around the quad,

shouting to the top of my lungs, 


Instead, I grinned at my cousin, Veronika, and tried to be cool. She's so lucky. She has awesome grades and a full scholarship. She already knows that she wants to study art theory. She has natural talent already, so I don't know why she needs to study anymore. On the other hand, Veronika says that I'm lucky. That my family's big lottery win means that I don't have to worry about funding for my many years of school, but I still have to pass the classes and veterinary courses are not easy. Well, today wasn't the day to think about it. It was orientation day and our parents were attending the events with us.

The first thing we did that morning was move our stuff into the dorm. This summer we found out our dorm assignments and we were so lucky! We're roommates this year and we're assigned to the newly built dorm! After unloading, we visited the quad where there were student representatives from each major.

I calmed down a bit after learning about the requirements for freshmen. Apparently we all take general courses before taking our major classes. It's to help us transition.

Afterwards, while our parents attended their own orientation, we were directed to the student union, where there were raffles and booths about various student activities.

Veronika quickly found a group of art students, while I looked around a brought a few textbooks that I would need for class.

I also splurged and brought a magazine. Even though my family won the lottery, you wouldn't know it. I will still have a strict allowance while in university. It's a bit more generous and the better my grades, the better the cash.

Living in the dorm is ok, there's always the temptation of something chocolate.

Veronika has been working hard in her art history classes, she's always studying.

I study too, but I prefer working in a group with other students. One of our RAs is Naraj.

He's a senior and headed to med school with his girlfriend, Cassidy, next year.

I've seen Patrick around a bit, I haven't spoken to him much.

I still think that he did a dirty thing by dumping me, but I won't let him see me upset...that dirty bastard!


  1. Good on you, Laci! She's a strong girl, she doesn't need Patrick!

    I love the orientation - really reminds me of my own uni orientation (far too many years ago)!

    1. I had a lot of fun doing the orientation, all those conversions make everything easier. I need to do some more recolors though so it matches my university a bit better. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. Laci, you're doing exactly the right thing. Don't let that idiot win - you're way too good for him!

    I like the orientation pics too - are those TS3 University conversions you're using? I think I have them somewhere, I might have to start a new hood where I can use them. I never really played Uni students when KS was active (never made sense for them) but your updates always made me want to. *is rambling, sorry*

    1. Yes, they're conversions by veranka. I could see you KS kids going to a technical school to learn the arts and trades of the village things like natural healing arts, superior hunting, building skills, etc. thanks for reading and commenting

  3. I'm glad that Laci isn't going to get down in the dumps. The university pictures were great, those conversions really make the orientation come alive! Loved the photos of Laci running around the quad, lol, that would have been funny if she did that instead of keeping her emotions in.

    1. Laci is just beyond excited to be accepted into university especially since she thought it wouldn't happen for her. I hope she can keep her grades up enough :) thanks for reading and commenting

  4. That's right Laci, hold your head high. You made it! And you're too good for Patrick anyway.

    1. Lol, I think Patrick is beginning to regret the break up more than Laci. Patrick is cute though, so I might still use him for breeding purposes, opps, I mean maybe another playable would. E interested in him later on :) thanks for reading and commenting


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