Monday, February 10, 2014

Mija, 2016

Giver, winter, 2016
Jorge and Jolie are 49, Ashlee is 18, Esther is 14, Chase and Amyra are 13


It's been five simyears since you've been gone. I've been sober for a while, but I don't take it for granted how easy temptation is....especially around the holidays. Every Christmas is hard, but this one is especially so. We miss seeing you at the table. Your old seat still sits empty, reminding us that you're not here with us for another simyear.

Your sister, Amyra, had her lucky break. She was scouted to do some modeling for a fashion designer. She modeled some swimsuits in a fashion show called "The Big Trade Off".

Eversince the photo shoot, she's been primping in the mirror. I pretend not to notice of course.

Then she surprises me by playing in the snow like she was a kid again.

The holiday season started with a nice tree fire in the living room.

Thankfully there wasn't any damage, aside from a few charred needles and tinsel. We brought a new tree and redecorated everything.

Some days it's hard seeing the stockings. Four when there should be five and wondering if Ashlee will be home for Christmas to see her stocking.

It's been two simyears since she left and your mother and I still miss her dearly.

I have my contacts thanks to my new job as a spy. She's been spotted in Kimikura and I get updates on her. I'm waiting for the right time to bring her home. If we act too quickly, she will only run away again. Thankfully I have a sim in close contact with her and her crew, so she has a guardian angel in the streets, so to speak.

My job has been going well. I was called back by my former employer to handle a hostage situation at a store in the mall. I am ashamed to say that the results were mixed. Most of the hostages were rescued, but two sims died in the initial chaos. Young sims too, both were about as old as you would have been...if you were still here with us. One looked vaguely familiar, as if I had seen them before. Maybe they attended school with you. Now I guess you might have two new friends in heaven with you.

Your mom is still executive chef and thankfully she gets some time off during the day. Usually she's perfecting new recipes or doing research for her next cookbook.

Some days, if I am able to have the day off as well, we spend it at the house. Nothing exciting, simply going over our holiday plans, making sure we ordered enough presents for the nephews and nieces and have enough ingredients for her famous llama roast.

And being "lovely dovey" as you used to say.

One of those rare days, I received a phone call from your Tio Julio. Ana Rayne was back in the hospital. I don't know if you remember, but due to her premature birth, she's had various health issues over the years. I'm sure you remember that mentally, she wasn't like other sims, and had to have special therapies and treatments. Additionally, her heart and lungs would give her issues. Mostly around the time the seasons changed, she would find it hard to breathe. Apparently she has pneumonia and the doctors want to keep a close eye on her. 

As usual, I let your Tio Julio know that we would be there to drop off dinner and make sure their dog, Decade, was well cared for. I still remember that you used to take the meals over to their house for your cousins. You seemed to enjoy the chance for a walk alone.

I was quite surprised when I woke up early Christmas morning to the sound of the phone ringing. When a phone rings at 2am, it can only be bad news. Your Tio Julio was coming over and when he arrived, he was distraught, as any father should be in his situation.

I find it ironic, that five simyears after your left us, that my twin brother also lost his daughter.

There are many things that we have in common, being identical twins and all, but this was something that I wished we didn't have in common.

It seems like Christmas day will forever be etched in our families' history as being the day our daughters died.

Do your old papi a favor, will you? Take care of Ana Rayne up there. You know that she's a bit...different and she will need you. I have to look out for my hermano and I know that you guys are both looking down on us.

I miss you

ROS: Amyra-Signed a (modeling) deal, 600 agent fee, 6000 bonus, keep 3 outfits


  1. Oh no, poor Julio. I was hoping Ana Rayne's initial health issues would never lead to anything more than she could handle in the future but I guess that was too much. :(

    It's still so clear how much Jorge loves and misses both of his daughters. Grace Elise can't come back but I hope his contact in Kimikura can eventually help bring Ashlee back home.

    1. Jorge's heart is for his children. He's a very tough guy, but his archille's heel is his children and he turns to mush, or if you mess with them, to rage. Ana Rayne lived a lot longer than she was expected to live, so I think her family was being to take it for granted that her health issues were chronic and life altering. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh this was horribly sad. :( Was there an ROS that made Ana Rayne die? What a sad holiday season it is for this entire family, and a horrible tragedy to share as twins. Hanging the stockings, ah, so sad. I hope that Ashlee returns, it would help to ease some of the pain of all these losses.

    1. Ana Rayne was supposed to die at some point, I knew that much, but it wasn't clear when. She was extremely premature and probably shouldn't have made it past her first birthday, but her rough start eventually got too much for her body to handle. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. What a horrible coincidence. These families need a break. I can't believe that Julio lost Ana Rayne. Everyone desperately needs to come together and now would be as good a time as any for Ashlee to come home. Two daughters are dead among these brothers and another is not dead but gone for so long. I hope they have good news coming their way relatively soon.

    1. I hope they have some good news soon as well. They're a pretty strong family based on the fact that they are still standing after all these tragic events. I'm not sure Ashlee wants to come home yet, or if she wonders if she's able to come back home. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. My eyes watered up when I saw the title; I remembered that's what Jorge called Grace Elise. And now, another loss. So sad. I guess Ana Rayne shouldn't have lived so long, but she'd made it so long that I certainly had taken her health issues for granted. I just hope they can bring Ashlee back.

    1. Jorge calls all his daughters Mija, it means my daughter in Spanish and is a term of endearment. I think we all took Ana Rayne's health for granted at times. Thanks for reading and commenting


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