Friday, February 14, 2014

Woohoo Study, the Boys

I usually look at ACR tokens and see who my current top 10 couples are, but there has been little movement in that list. So this Valentine's Day I'm looking at something a little more heated. Laura of Lakeside Heights did a study on fictional woohoo, and I thought I would do the same...almost. But instead of making general categories, I would look at specific sims. I chose a few random ones of each category based on comments that I thought you guys might enjoy. Not sure if this is NSFW.

Today we look at the boys

Rashid Cunningham-Warwick - popularity
According to Laura's study, Rashid would be a BFF and perfer a close, trusting and lasting friendship with his woohoo. Rashid is very attractive to the ladies, but not at first glance. Instead, his demeanor, or "swag", is what draws women to him. He's a bit on the shy side, so he won't pursue unless he's truly invested in the woman. Even though many may think otherwise, he's only had two partners in his life: a one-time hook up in high school and his wife. In bed, Rashid is eager to please and a quick study. He monitors the situation and takes note of every change in breathing rate, skin flush intensity and vocalizations. Rashid is very smart, though the thought of med school bored him, he thrives in studying his lover. He tends to repeat what works unless asked otherwise.

Anthony Wren-knowledge
Anthony would be an innovator under Laura's methodology. He's the type of sim that is magnetic. Women flock to him in droves. He is quite discerning with his smoldering looks and reserves them for his lovers. Anthony is an outer-worldly sim with many powers that he is not ashamed of using them in the bedroom. His body defies physics (and modern medicine, hence why their attempts at surgery and other forms of birth control tend to fail). He pursues woohoo sessions with tantric-like qualities which leave his lovers breathless and weak. He seems the union of two bodies as spiritual and that they share souls during the time that they bond and meld together. Because of this, Anthony has had far fewer lovers than a man with his good looks and sexy faces could have.

Jorge Dawson-pleasure
According to Laura, Jorge would be a comfort lover. He prefers spooning with his wife and slowly covering her with kisses. Jorge prefers woohoo sessions that are not rushed and that do not take too much energy. Slow and steady is his motto in the bedroom. He is reluctant to try new things, but can come around if slowly introduced to them over the course of several sessions.

Benjamin Endeavor-romance
Benjamin is a %ucker according to Laura. He prefers the physicality of woohoo and the challenges he can put his body through during his sessions. If he's not covered in sweat or suffering from sore muscles at the end of it, it wasn't worth doing. He doesn't mind the variety that comes along with being a professional basketball player, but he enjoys Ming who can match him in the bedroom and often challenges him there as well.

Bradford McMillian-fortune
According to Laura, Bradford would be an achiever. He is proud of the faces and moans he can make his wife produce. His goal is to make sure that she has no reason to look elsewhere to satisfy her physical needs. He doesn't mind being on the receiving end of pleasure, but he enjoys pleasing much more. He is the sim that buys those books from the bookstore about how to please your wife in bed.

Alphonso Pentragnani-family
Alphonso is an idealist according to Laura. He seeks connection through his woohoo. Alphonso tends to grab his partner by the face and look into their eyes during woohoo to ensure that there is a connection. He loves deeply and falls hard. He is traditionally romantic due to his Italian roots and due to his...'connections' he has the means to make any of Krissy's dreams come true.


  1. I always found Laura's post really interesting and it's something I still think about with my own sims. I've never thought about it as in depth as you have here though. This was fascinating!

    1. It was something I thought about one day while playing with the sound on. I heard an opera singer and wondered, what was that? I didn't know that sims make different noises based on how much they enjoy the experience :) I've actually been thinking of a lot of simology posts, so you can be sure that there are many more to come, thanks for reading and commenting

  2. This was really interesting to read! A fun new way to see these guys, gotta love Anthony. <3

    1. Yea, Anthony ... Gotta love that man, mind blown :) thank for reading and commenting

  3. The achiever sounds funny when you read it, but if it causes him to be truly thoughtful of his partner, that is nice for her! The details, such as grabbing by the face and looking into the eyes, are so sharp in this. It sounds like my Sim Benjiman and Ming really are quite a match in intensity and in their style.

    1. Yes, your Benjamin and Ming are so great together, but it's so unexpected at the same time, I think because they value the same things, those things just happen to be unorthodox to most of society. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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