Monday, February 17, 2014

Woohoo Study, The Girls

I usually look at ACR tokens and see who my current top 10 couples are, but there has been little movement in that list. So this Valentine's Day I'm looking at something a little more heated. Laura of Lakeside Heights did a study on fictional woohoo, and I thought I would do the same...almost. But instead of making general categories, I would look at specific sims. I chose a few random ones of each category based on comments that I thought you guys might enjoy. Not sure if this is NSFW.

Today we look at the girls

Ming Wuu - popularity
According to Laura's study, Ming would be a rock star. She has a short attention span and prefers new people and experiences. She prefers having friends-with-benefits and is quite demanding in the bedroom. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't like. She will try anything and anyone once, but forms judgments quickly. Ming prefers to call herself a connoisseur of woohoo.

Lydia Wilsonoff-Sagacious-knowledge
Lydia would be an mastermind under Laura's methodology. When she wants something, she knows just what to do in order to get it. She uses woohoo as a tool when necessary. Lydia may, or may not have, used her "assets" to climb a few of the ranks in her careers. Her twins may or may not be her husband's children. She likes to get her way and will pout or deny privileges until she gets it. Many may view her as being slighted by Ray's affair, but it gives her leverage in their relationship whenever she needs to use it.

Amanda Wilsonoff-pleasure
According to Laura, Amanda would be a hedonist lover. She doesn't know any better at this point since she's still in school at University of Rockport (URock) in Laurel Crossing. She's experimenting and trying to find her way...or at least she would like to be.

Susie Wren-romance
Susis is a lover according to Laura. She wants emotion and connected woohoo sessions. Susie wants the textbook romance book style woohoo sessions and sometimes confuses a highly skilled lover as a sim in love with her.

Suzanna McMillian-fortune
According to Laura, Suzanna would be an spoiled one. She may not have had a lot of lovers, but since she started later in life with her love life, she had very strong opinions about things. She had limited time to waste on mediocre lovers especially when she had an assortment of battery operated toys at her disposal whenever she needed. 

Myra Wilsonoff-family
Myra is an traditionalist according to Laura. Myra doesn't care for mind blowing woohoo, but she does care if her lover is faithful and honest with her. It's very hard for her to participate fully in the bedroom if there's a hint of distrust, which means whenever Abel is planning a surprise their woohoo sessions are lackluster since he's such a bad liar and Myra spends most of the time in bed trying to figure out what he's lying about.


  1. I was a bit confused about Lydia being a mastermind at first but your explanation makes total sense! I can definitely see her using Ray's extramarital dalliances against him when it suits her purposes.

    I also feel like Susie found her perfect man in Anthony, after reading both their descriptions. And Myra's just made me love her and Abel even more!

    1. Lydia confused me at first as well since she appears more powerless sometimes, but it makes sense that she didn't take the scandalous affair sitting down. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. That totally makes sense about Suzanna and Susie, I can completely picture it. That was interesting about Lydia, and Myra is too funny with picking up on Abel's lies. This was super fun to see inside the psyche of these sims.

    1. Abel is just a really really bad liar so everyone knows when he's lying. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Just saw this post, and of course, was intrigued! It is really interesting, I remember reading Laura's post a few years ago. It is nice to see deeper into how have developed your sims characters. The one about Suzanna cracks me up, with her assortment of toys, and think you hit the nail on the head with lovers, like Susie Wren, that they can confuse skill with a sim being in love with them. They are all really perceptive.

    1. Yea, Suzanna May not have had a lot of lovers, but she's picky and thankfully Bradford aims to please. Thanks for reading and commenting, Shannon.


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