Thursday, April 10, 2014

Alone, 2017

Lovar, spring, 2017

Now I know why my father would sit for hours looking at the stars, talking to mom.

It's therapeutic in a way. Watching the little dim lights flicker, alone in your thoughts.

I got out, like everyone has been urging me to do, like you would have told me to do.

I went to eat, by myself, at a small cafe.

It's been bittersweet. Graduating with honors and getting accepted to medical school.

Alone. Without you, the victory isn't as fulfilling.

My sister is having a baby. I think you would be over the moon and insisting that we buy overpriced baby toys for her. I bet you would be there helping to monitor her diet and advising her on how to exercise during pregnancy. You would probably casually throw out a statement about us having kids. The way that you always did when you were trying to see my opinion on things.

Everywhere I go, I see sad faces looking back at me. Whispers about me and you. Sometimes they come over and wish me well, most times they just stare.

I tried going to the pool.

I looked at the water, imagining all the germs floating around and wondered why sims do this for fun.

I quickly backed away.

Then I swear I heard your voice saying "jump", so I did.

It was gross, absolutely gross. I could imagine you laughing at my discomfort and I missed the comforting hug and kiss that usually followed.

I miss you, Cassidy. How am I supposed to do this alone?


  1. Aww this is such a touching update. I feel so sad for him but I'm glad he's starting to go out and about. It's really sweet the way he talks to Cassidy.

    1. They were a sweet couple and it's sad to let that go, thanks Ashland for reading and commenting

  2. Poor Naraj. His post-graduation life is turning out completely differently from the way he was expecting. It's going to be very difficult doing it all without Cassidy. :(

    1. Very different, he really did want to propose to her. I hope that he can move on and find love again, but he's the awkward type so it might take a while, thanks Carla for reading and commenting

  3. Aww poor Naraj, and at the same time, I giggled at him backing away from the germs in the pool. Glad he took the dive, even if it was unpleasant. So sad that he's going through this loss of Cassidy, just shouldn't have happened, too sad.

    1. I think he will slowly find his way, but it will take a while. Thanks for reading and commenting

  4. I wanna hug poor Naraj. I'm so glad he's trying to to move on. Slowly he'll recover. Maybe even find love again. I just hope if he does, he takes it.

    1. Hug accepted. I think he knows that he will recover, unfortunately he's had a lot of losses to practice with such as his mothers death, so he knows that eventually you recover and heal. Thanks for reading and commenting


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