Monday, April 7, 2014

Hallowed Halls, Spring 2017

Pierce University
Naraj Shazad is a senior, Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are freshmen (Patrick Benson is a sophmore)

none currently enrolled

narrated by Laci

It's been a bit quiet around the dorm. Our RA's girlfriend died in an hostage situation near the end of last semester, so everyone's been avoiding him. He mostly spends his time studying. I think it's to keep his mind off of things. He's already on the Dean's List and has been accepted to medical school. The rumor is that he had planned on proposing to her after graduation, but we will never know.

I've been studying a bit more, finals are coming up and my grades last semester were not as high as I wanted them to be. 

Veronika doesn't really study that much, she's been painting and researching art schools. She wants to study aboard next year.

I sometimes wonder about her. I asked her if she likes boys or girls and she gave me a strange look. I'm her cousin, she can tell me! But she just looked at me and pointed to my elbow and said, "You're leaning on my final project for art class. I suggest you remove your limb or I'll remove it for you." Needless to say I pretty much ran from our room. Veronika is very particular about her art and I didn't want to experience her wrath over a smudged painting. I did see her chatting with Juliet another girl in our dorm. 

I tried to question Juliet to see if there might be anything there, but Juliet says that they're really good friends and that Veronika has been helping her with her sculpture on bugs. Sometimes I think art majors are really strange. 

Mom and daddy said that I need to get out more, since all I talk about are my studies. I guess they're right, but sometimes I like staying in and studying, especially with Dovett. He's cute. He loves to work out and sometimes trains some students at the gym for extra cash. It definitely shows. 

I did take their advice and visit a nightclub in the metro called Beatz.

To be honest, I'm not much of a dancer, but I did have a good time, until I fell off the electo sphere.

After that I decided to play it safe and stay on the dance floor.

I literally bumped into a guy. His name is Nick and he's cute.

Thankfully his dancing skills are as bad as mine, so he wasn't embarrassed to be on the floor with me

We danced a bit more before I left to catch my subway.

There's a guy in the dorm named Zhou who's been helping me with my coursework. He's really sweet and mild mannered and polite. Everything you would want in a guy.

We usually eat meals together if Veronika is busy spreading paint on canvases, 

I was surprised when he asked me outside to see the stars, but since he has a love of astrology I thought nothing of it. He had been talking about a meteor shower for weeks now. We watched the stars and the meteor shower that evening. 

Afterwards he helped me off the ground and held my hands a bit longer than necessary. I could see him leaning towards me to kiss me, but then my cell phone started ringing and he jumped back, mumbled goodnight and left.

Nick was on the phone and he wanted to know if I would join him for some midnight munchies.

We met for cake and spent most of the night talking.

It was early morning when we finished, so we stopped at a local coffee shop for drinks. Nick had an early morning appointment, so he left pretty early.

But before he left, he kissed me and said that he would call me later.

It was daylight by the time I crawled into bed and Veronika was still up painting. I never thought that I would have so many options at once! I'm really enjoying university now. 

Naraj Shazad graduated on the Dean's List. He will be attending Suzanna Carr School of Medicine.

He moved in with Erricson Frankson.


  1. Wow, zero to three in one semester! And they're all good looking and seem like nice catches. You go Laci. ;)

    1. Laci has her hands full, I'm just waiting to see what she decides since they are all pretty eager to be a part of her world. Thanks for reading and commenting

  2. I vote Nick! What a cutie!! Glad she's getting some choices, and getting out of the dorm room to experience college life, and a bit of the clubs. Poor Naraj. Glad he's graduated and got deans list.

    1. My students tend to stay on campus most of the time, but I wanted to visit some of the lots I built and Laci was free and not working on painting :) thanks Maisie for reading and commenting

  3. Wow, Laci kind of has her pick here, doesn't she? It seems like she's got a thing for all three too, though I didn't get the feeling that Dovett was as into her as the others. But regardless, I'll be watching this very closely!

    1. Dovett hasn't made a move on her like the others, but they're a high chemistry match so maybe with enough study dates something will happen. Thanks Carla for reading and commenting

  4. I'm still sad about Cassidy's death, but well done Naraj for graduating on the dean's list. As for Laci, it's great that she's enjoying college life and has plenty of options. :P I hope whoever she ends up with will be a better partner for her than her last boyfriend. (... though that might not be difficult.)

    1. Lol, Patrick wasn't that bad was he :) I think he got distracted by all the options in university and will soon regret his choices, but his loss :) thanks VT for reading and commenting

  5. Wow lots of options for Laci in the boy department! I wonder who she will end up with ;) Nick looks like a promising choice though.

    1. Things change so quickly in university that it's hard to tell. She is highly attracted to all of them, so I'm following her lead and wants. Thanks Ashland for reading and commenting


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