Monday, April 14, 2014

Bringing Home Baby, Lovar 2017

Lovar, spring, 2017

Now that everyone knew the news, Myra and Abel couldn't wait to meet their little one. The major renovation work on the rest of the house was complete...for now.

They had to take a hefty loan and Myra had to spend several nights at her father's house during the renovation, but now they could focus on the baby and getting baby gear.

 S'Ahmisa was still getting used to the horrible morning sickness that accompanied the positive test.

She didn't remember it being so bad with Sabazo, as she ran to the bathroom. She couldn't wait until Winter 2017 arrived and the newest baby would be here.

She was only a few days overdue but her back ached.

"Are you sure you want me to go in?"

"Yes, I'll be fine. I'll call you if I need you," she said as he sweetly rubbed her belly.

No sooner had she watched him disappear around the corner did the first "serious" contraction hit.

Hours later, Krissy and Alphonso came home with a double surprise, twins!

"Since we opted to do minimal monitoring during this pregnancy, it's quite easy to miss the sign of twins."

Alphonso nodded dumbstruck as he held his arms out for them.

When the couple arrived home they saw that Alphonso's brothers had taken it upon themselves to renovate the upper floor to make room for an additional bedroom for the twins.

"Welcome home, baby girl, Alessia. Welcome home, baby boy, Marcilino."
surprise! the scanner said a single baby throughout the entire thing, then when she goes into labor I get the whole TWO babies coming! Yikes, a surprise pregnancy and surprise twins. I think these two will be shutting the factory down especially since Krissy's IFS is 4 and Alphonso's is 12 (tough luck buddy).


  1. Yeah, the scanner doesn't play well with T&Q - it just tells you what you get if you choose the 'original' option. :) Sorry Krissy - although, I jinxed the pregnancy, but you jinxed the multiple birth, Starr. :) (do I need to duck the rotten fruit now?!)

    I'm still looking forward to Abel and Myra's baby arriving. Another baby for S'Ahmisa and Rashid, too - *VT is excited, but keeping her big mouth shut this time* *sorry Krissy*

    1. I can't wait to see Abel and Myra's baby either, it's a bit earlier than they would have liked since the house isn't ready but they're over the moon with the news. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Surprise twins! Man, can you even imagine?! Do Krissy and Alphonso have five kids now?

    Can't wait to see S'Ahmisa and Myra's babies!

    1. Yep, five kiddos. I was a bit bummed as I thought I'd have to move them but I managed to rearrange the bedrooms and bathrooms to make it work. They might have to move later, but Krissy really loves their home and neighborhood and neighbors since they live two houses away from her sister. Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. "tough luck alphonso" haha no doubt! Twelve is insane, their family would take over your neighborhood. Can't believe that Krissy had twins! And I can't wait for Myra to have hers, their home is looking lovely and prepared for the new addition. Such a baby boom in Apple Valley!

    1. Lol, yes their family would take over and I've had that issue before so I don't want to repeat it. There is a baby boom and I'm trying to manage it by spreading out the babies, cause if they all had babies when they wanted, it would be insane. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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