Thursday, April 17, 2014

Only Woman, 2017

Lovar, spring, 2017

Erricson thought that this time, he had finally found a good roommate. They signed the lease on a new apartment with views of the sea on the upper side of the metro.

Naraj was quiet and didn't bring an endless string of women through the apartment like Rojo. In fact the only woman Naraj brought around was his sister, Myra, who helped decorate the apartment.

 Erricson on the other hand, quickly became acquainted with their neighbor, Tracy.

Tracy was attractive and quirky and mysterious

He couldn't deny that he felt attracted to her

and apparently she couldn't either.

What neither of them expected was that their one night of passion

would link them for a lifetime.

Baby Frankson is due Winter 2017


  1. Oh wow, that was a surprise! I can't believe that Erricson is going to have a baby, and with a neighbor that he just hooked up with. This should be interesting. I wonder if him and Tracy will make a commitment to each other.

    1. I highly doubt that they would make a commitment to each other, if it wasn't for the heat of the moment I don't think they would have lasted beyond two dates. They'll probably coparent but not have a romantic involvement much longer. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Oh, wow, I'm very surprised too! Probably not as surprised as Ericcson and Tracy but still!

    1. Yep, blame it on the risky woohoo ROS. Everytime my sims woohoo I roll the ROS to see if they get pregnant, especially with townies and NPCs. So as they were doing their thing in the hot tub, I rolled and my jaw dropped. It happens sometimes, but still...thanks for reading and commenting

  3. Wow. Good luck with that Erricson. I highly doubt Naraj will be too happy about this once the baby arrives.

    1. Thankfully the baby won't be living with them so Naraj won't be too upset, but Erricson will have to make some big changes for fatherhood. Thanks for reading and commenting


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