Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Resar, fall, 2004
Tobi is 32; Ping, Aaron and Simora are 5; Matt is 1. Cameron Smith is 27.

They're discussing college funds of all things over breakfast when Tobi realizes just how quickly his life has changed. It was only a few weeks ago that he was visiting his ex-wife's bed, now he was discussing college tuition for children with his new girlfriend.

Cameron would agree that her life has changed dramatically as well. Her best friend and former roommate Brandi arrived to the townhouse to see who this guy was that had claimed her dear friend.

Perhaps Cameron should have thought twice about telling Brandi to be herself around Tobi. She forgot that sometimes Brandi would bring up inappropiate topics, but Tobi didn't seem to mind and even contributed to the illicit conversation. Thank goodness the children were spending time with Li that afternoon.

"You seem so happy," Brandi said just before leaving.

"I am very happy."

"Well, I guess you won't be coming home tonight, huh?"

Cameron smiled. "No, not tonight. The kids are with his ex, so we have the entire place to ourselves."
Maybe it was the conversation about college tuitions, or just both sims thinking about how happy they were with each other, but whatever it was took control of them in the bedroom.

"This would be the first time I would have done this intentionally." Cameron said.
"I know. If you don't want to, let me know. I don't want you to think that I'm trying to handcuff you down."
"Wouldn't you be the one who should worry that I'm trying to tie you down, lock you up, handcuff you, all that police jargon?"
Tobi smiled, "I would love to be tied down with you."
"Hmm, would you still say that when I'm as big as a sumo wrestler?"
Tobi laughed. "I don't know about that."

"Let's have a baby."
"A baby?"
"Yes, I love you. I want to have children with you."
"I would love to have children with you."
Cameron and Tobi didn't start out with family dinners and playdates in the park. They met when Cameron came into the station for information about an investigation she was covering for the local paper.
Tobi doesn't know if it was her blue eyes, curvy body or intelligent speech, but he quickly asked her out. He seemed almost surprised when she accepted and later that week they were flirting under the bright fall leaves.

They didn't see much of the Musuem of Simish History,
both were too distracted by thge sheer prescene of the other. It was as if a magnet was bewteen thier lips bringing them together time and time again.

Tobi wanted to go slow, he was fresh from a divorce, still torn over his feelings for his ex-wife and his ex-lover and now this...this goddess was before him. He couldn't explain it, but this was different. She was the one.

Maybe it was because his heart wasn't pulled in so many directions, maybe it was exactly this reason that he could feel the control over his heart being transferred to her.
Cameron couldn't help it as well. True she had lovers before and had been in love before, but this was different, like a bolt of electricity were striking the very core of existence, no, more like three bolts of electricity striking her.

She should have ran the other way. Four children and an ex-wife only spelled trouble for a young woman with a promising journalist career, but Cameron couldn't walk away.
Brandi would call her insane when she returned home that evening gushing about butterflies and magic, but Cameron didn't know how else to explain the sensations and the instant connection to him.
"Let's look around the stores," Tobi suggested after the casual dinner, not wanting to end this sensational date.

They browsed around furniture stores, both daydreaming about how they would decorate a place together, what pictures they would hang, the conversations they would have over coffee in the morning before the children woke up. Even the simplest gesture to another couple on thier first date held such significant impact to these two.
"Our first picture together," they sighed in unison.

It was getting late, both still wanted to ignore the time and continue to stare in each others' eyes but they had responsibilities and sims waiting for them.

"I had a wonderful time, a magical time. " Cameron gushed. It was her weakness according to Brandi, the fact that she easily spilled her heart. Cameron regarded it as her strength, it made sims around her comfortable and life was too short to simply sit on feelings and let good things pass by.
"I had a wonderful time as well...perhaps I could see you tomorrow? You could meet my children."
"I'd love to."

That was how Tobi and Cameron went from strangers to sharing family dinners, games of catch and nights spent huddled over writing exercises with the triplets.

The children adored Cameron, they were always telling her new riddles that they learned in school or begging her to swing them around or read them a story. Cameron happily obligied. She came from a large family and the sounds of children screaming and running was normal to her.

"Don't go," Tobi pleaded after the couple cleaned up the remains of dinner.
"I'll just call Brandi and tell her that I'm staying here tonight."
"That's not what I meant."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean stay here with me, with us, move in with us."
Cameron stumbled into the living room and sat down. She couldn't believe that he just asked her to move in with him. It wasn't that it wasn't wanted,
"It will be wonderful, magical." Tobi presented. "We're wonderful together, you know that."
"I know, I don't doubt it. I just, I never thought about our future together."
"We don't have to think beyond next week. Let's move in together and simply move from there."
"Tobi, you know that we can't take it one day at a time, especially now, especially with the baby."
Tobi nodded. "I am here. I promise you that I'm going to love you the rest of my life. I will love you as your boyfriend, husband, lover, whatever it is that you want me to be, I will be and I will love you."
Cameron nodded. "I know, I will love you forever as well." She smiled, "Has anysim told you that you move fast?"
Tobi laughed. "I don't believe in wasting time."
"Neither do I." Cameron agreed, "of course I'll move in with you."

That night as the couple laid in each other's embrace, thier thoughts in sync. Both thinking about the baby they made, the future plans that they crafted and the love woven between them.

"I love you," they whispered in unison.


They drove me crazy!!! They got together so hard and fast that it made my head spin. Yes, they're three bolters and yes they tried for a baby on thier own, not once, not twice, but five times! So needless to say they really wanted this baby-or babies. I thought my ACR was broken or something since they kept trying over and over for a baby and I never saw a couple try that many times for a baby. So needless to say, they're pregnant. Baby Sweeny/Smith is due Remar 2005.


  1. Wow, what a whirlwind romance! Still, some couples are like that, aren't they? I hope they're very happy together.

  2. That is crazy fast!! I can't believe they tried 5 times, crazy sims, must know what they want.

    I'd be interested in what the ex-wife will think about all this, new girl, baby, living together.

  3. -Carla, some couples are like that, but I haven't had any recently :P Now that I think about it, Tobi and Li did hook up pretty quickly, maybe Tobi should have the romance aspiration.

    -Maisie, you will see how Li reacts in time. Honestly, you might be surprised...or maybe not.

  4. Wow. They jump into trying to have a baby, but they aren't sure they want to live together or think too far into the future. Those crazy sims. I can't believe they tried for baby so many times on their own. I guess they really wanted one, huh? It will be interesting to see how things go for them.

  5. -Em, you don't know how much they frustrate me. They didn't roll any wants of marriage or anything. I decided that they should at least move in together since they're rearing a child and I didn't want another single sim household. Ugh, they don't even have the MAXIS want for a baby-just ACR, over and over and over again :p

  6. ACR is kind of wacky, isn't it? lol

  7. OMG! I'm in this whirlwind romance, vibing to the sweet melodic tones of such a wonderful romance, when all of a sudden I read..."They drove me crazy!!" The record in my head scratched. LOL! And I popped out of my reverie. Wow. Tobi does not waste time. He is a man on a mission! Cupid has struck a big fat bow in his and Cameron's heart! How sweet!! Can't wait to see the new baby. I am really happy the kids like her. What a huge blended family this is going to be. They'll probably have more kids together after this first one. Betcha. :P

  8. -SH, ugh, you're probably right about that. I bet Tobi wouldn't mind having a boatload of kids.


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