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Thankful, 2004

Resar, fall, 2004
Bradford is 40, Suzanna Carr is 39, Laci is 6, Lilly is 3 simlonic months old.

The McMillian house was full of noises this fall. The sound of Laci and Alan playing in the backyard blended in with Lilly's cries for more milk and the laughter of the two happily in love parents.

A new sound joined the family that fall, the sound of the previous meal leaving Suzanna's stomach. She knew that they were pregnant right away. They had been trying almost as soon as Lilly was born.

Laci took the news very well.

"Another baby? That's so cool! Will it be a boy this time? I don't mind a baby brother, but I like baby sisters the best."

"We'll have to see when the baby arrives," Bradford explained standing up to sit on the much more comfortable couch.

"Please, please can it be a baby sister? Maybe twin baby sisters like cousin Veronika?" Laci begged.

Suzanna lifted her weary body off the floor as well. The thought of twins hadn't crossed her mind until then.

"We'll see, Laci."

"Oh, thank you!" she said hugging the woman. "I have to tell Veronika!"

"Wait, Laci. You will be able to tell Veronika when they come over for Blessed Harvest Day."

"But I want to tell her now. She said that auntie Fiona and uncle Jesse brought her a new easel and that it cost a lot of money, but I don't care anymore since I'm going to get another baby sister-maybe even twin baby sisters and they cost more than a stupid easel, right daddy?"

"Eh, yes, babies do cost more than an easel."

"Please can I call her and tell her now?"

"Not now, tomorrow. Now, it's almost bedtime, so why don't you feed Alan and Mr. Wombat and Ms. Birdie?"


"Can you imagine twins?" Suzanna whispered.
"If they're anything like Laci and Lilly then we're going to need a lifetime supply of coffee."

The Blessed Harvest celebration was smaller than Suzanna had anticipated. At the last minute, Bill had called to say that he was celebrating with his friend, Krissy instead. Instead the Kent/McMillian clan crowded into the spacious townhouse and enjoyed each other company.
All the little girls were in a great mood, which for five girls ranging in ages from 3 simlonic months to 6 simyears old wasn't an easy feat.

Suzanna fought to hold down her breakfast while chatting with her brother. She didn't think vomit on his new shoes would be a great start to celebrating Blessed Harvest Day.
"Are you ok?"
"I'm great, a little tired, but alright. How were your trips to Simmington Hills? You just returned from the Mayor's Ball, right?"

"It was great! It's amazing how vastly different the hoods of the world are. Things have really improved since the hurricane and the hood looks better than ever. We were able to meet with a lot of sims from different communities as well."

"What about the wedding, how was that?"
"The wedding was packed! There were so many sims celebrating with Ray and Lydia."

"I love weddings, each sim is so happy and there's always good food." Suzaana teased.
"Yes, the food was good, but I'm sure dinner tonight will be great as well. What did you cook?"
"Well, Sugar Coated Turkey cooked a wonderful roast turkey meal complete with all the side dishes and a decadent dessert. We didn't have the energy to cook a meal."

They sent the girls upstairs to eat thier meal in Laci's room.
"I like your room. The colors are very pretty. Do you want me to paint a picture for your room on my new easel?"

"Yea, a pretty picture please."

"All my pictures are pretty."

"I know. Maybe a picture of a flower, like the one you did in art class."


"Guess what?"


"My daddy and mommy are having a baby."

"You mean Lilly?"

"No, another baby."

"Another baby. Are you happy?"

"Yea, Lilly is ok. She cries a lot and smells funny, but not as funny as Alan. Mommy said that when she gets older she will be more fun. She's fun now if you play with her in her swing. She giggles and sometimes Alan comes in and licks her toes and then she giggles so loud that Mr.Wombat runs around his cage in circles. Whay don't you have any pets?"

"I asked my parents for a puppy, they said that I have two little sisters and that's all the pets I need."

Downstairs the adults were enjoying thier meal and discussing recent events.

"We have some exciting news!" Bradford gushed ignoring his wife's glare.
"Honey, we can tell them later."
"Tell us what?"
"Suzanna, tell them."
"We're pregnant. We were going to tell you later this evening, but I guess Bradford decided that now is the best time."
If Suzanna wasn't trying to keep her food down she would have laughed at her brother and sister-in-law's matching shocked expressions.
"Pregnant? But Lilly isn't even one simyear old yet."
"Was it an accident?"
"No, it wasn't an accident, Jesse! We know, but when you get to be our age babies don't come as easily."
"Apparently they come easily for you two," Jesse teased. "This calls for a toast, with water of course. Congratulations to the new expansion."
"Or expansions," Fiona teased.
"So, what are you thankful for?" Suzanna asked later that evening once all the guests had left and children were asleep.
"No, lie to me. Of course honestly."
"Your kisses. Each day they remind me that all life requires is the the simplist of conversations to change the direction of your path. Your kisses remind me that if it wasn't for so many little conincidences that I wouldn't have you in my life, or Lilly, or the newest baby. What about you? What are you thankful for?"
Baby McMillian is due Patar 2005. I giggled aloud when I saw the matching expressions from Jesse and Fiona after they announced thier pregnancy. I adore the twins Jessica and Jennifer, I think the Carrs have some excellent genes since they are making some cute babies lately.


  1. Aww, what a sweet ending! They seem like a really happy family.

    Jessica and Jennifer, if they are the twins who are huggling, are freaking adorable! I may have actually squealed when I saw them!

  2. -Carla, yes that's Jessica and Jennifer. They are too cute and so very much identical at this moment, I have no clue which is which right now :O You will see more cuteness overload when we visit the Kents. I love the McMillians, to think that they almost never happened, but thanks to the SUN boards they are together :)

  3. I could just squeeze the twins up!! Oh my goodness they are beautiful! This is my first time seeing them closeup. Glad to see Jesse and Fiona made it back home safely. :P Their identical expressions are HILARIOUS.

    I really can't wait to see what Brad and Suzanna have next time around. Their family is growing so fast. They've got a beautiful home.

  4. Awww, another little one is on the way. I can't wait! I'm glad it's so easy for them to get pregnant!

  5. Aw, look at all of the cute little girls! They (the Kents and the McMillians) have grown into such a large beautiful extended family. I am just so happy for them! :D

    Fiona and Jesse's expressions are priceless! They seem so intuned! lol

  6. -SH, you bet that the Kents have scheduled a major photo shoot with the twins. Already they are the star of several photographs. They're perfect since all they want to do is huggle!

    -Riverdale, you think it was easy for them to get pregnant? Remember how Suzanna had her way with Bradford (see the behind the scenes post) and still didn't get pregnant. I think they actually tried for this baby.

    -Em, I love how this family has grown as well. They are too cute. I can't wait for Fredic-Fiona's brother-to visit once his wife delivers and see just how much they interact with each other. I couldn't help but laugh as well, it wasn't planned or anything. Suzanna announced the pregnancy and that was the exact expression they had.

  7. That will be neat to see the girls with their other cousins as well. That reminds me I need to get James settled in at New Eden. He's been waiting in the sim bin forever. I just haven't had much time for simming lately.

  8. -Em, I understand about lack of time simming, but RL happens and thankfully simming is a game meant to relax us instead of stress us out :)

  9. Jesse and Fiona's faces are priceless! The twins are absolutely darling. The picture of Laci with Alan is super cute too, Alan for a dog, love it!

    ""Eh, yes, babies do cost more than an easel.""

    So true! I lol'd at her question on that one.

    I agree this family has some nice genes, super cutie-pie kids.

  10. -Maisie, thanks. Jesse and Suzanna Carr (and Alan) are originally from Eden, so I can't claim credit to thier fabulous genes. I have to be careful since I want them to have more and more babies, but I think Fiona would give me a crazy look as well. She seems to be really enjoying her post-pregnancy body after the twins.


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