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Vacations Aren't Fun, 2004

Resar, fall, 2004

"Vacations aren't that fun," Myra explained to her friend. "Your parents tell you all sorts of horrible news like they're having a baby and you're going to the special ed class."

"Our vacations are fun," Amanda replies. "One time in Kimikura we went on this really neat hike and saw all the mountains and then we ran down this curvy hill."

"Well, all you can hope for is that your parents will bring you back a souvenir."

Rebecca and Julio had decided to take a short trip to warmer weather when the fall air turned unusually cold and dumped a few inches of snow in the hood. The twins were excited and rushed outside for snowman building and snowball fights while Rebecca stood guard chattering her teeth.

Julio made sure to spend a few moments with each child before leaving for the trip. This was a very busy simyear for the family as they had recently returned from Rebecca's brother, Ray's wedding in Simmington Hills and were now jetting off again.

The couple decided on Barco Bay with it's eclectic mix of traders' booths, abandoned pirate ships and the nearby sea.

Julio was thankful for the trip especially since Rebecca agreed to leave the birth control at home for the few simdays. Now, he was hoping the fertility gods were shining down on him and that there would be a baby growing by the end of the trip.

To his credit, Julio helped by creating numerous romantic opportunities whether it be slow dancing on the beach as the sun set over the horizon or

toasting to a delicious meal. Julio poured it one thick and Rebecca was putty in his hands. How could she resist, have you seen her husband! He was hot, the hottest sim around.

Julio must be the favorite sim of the fertility gods as in addition to the numerous tokens stuffed in her suitcase, Rebecca left Barco Bay with the newest Wilsonoff incubating.
Baby Wilsonoff is due Remar 2005 and is the third baby of the 2005 baby boom. Julio finally got his wish, even though the couple actually tried for a baby on their own during the vacation, it was from risky woohoo that Rebecca became pregnant. No idea yet if it's another set of twins or a singleton, but Julio is ecstatic about the news.


  1. Yay, the vacation did the trick! Can't wait to see the new Wilsonoff.

    Do you have an explanation somewhere of your calendar system? I'd love to read about it. I went through your BTS blog a few weeks back and either it's not there or I missed it!

  2. -Carla, Li did a report about the new calendar here (

  3. A new baby! That's always wonderful news. I'm glad that had a good vacation as well!

    So he and Ray are going to become daddys soon!

  4. Myra is too funny.

    Barco Bay look nice. Do you have any other shots of it?

    Congrats on the new baby!

  5. -Riverdale, Julio is overjoyed at the news and Ray is excited to become an uncle again and that the cousins will be close in age :)

    -Herendoncove, I actually don't have any other shots of it. I could take some shots and do a tour of the vacation lot. It's inspired by Parasimous and that cool story and object release they did.

  6. Congrats on the new baby! Sometimes all you need is a little time to relax and things just happen. ;)

  7. Yay, a new baby. Vacations seem to do the trick everytime! It's just a bit annoying if the expecting mother starts feeling very nauseous.

    Barco Bay looks really nice. I'd love to see more pics :)

  8. -Shana, yea-thank goodness Julio convinced Rebecca to leave the birth control. She really didn't want another child.

    -Cissie, I'll work on a tour of Barco Bay for you guys.

  9. How sweet! I love little baby souvenirs! That'd be great fun if it's another set of twins! Looks like they had a wonderful time away.

    I look forward to seeing the tour, from the photos above Barco Bay looks awesome!

  10. -Maisie, ugh, I doubt Rebecca would ever forgive Julio if they had another set of twins. The interesting part is that I was at the Dawson's house and Jolie was hanging family photos and I noticed that both sides of the family had twins (Jolie/Jorge (Julio's twin brother), Rebecca/Julio and Johan/Jadhira (Jolie's brother)) strange!

  11. All those twins in the family! Wow. I wish you would do a Sim Profile Index, so I can really check out who is related to who. Sometimes, I can't keep up with takes my old mind a minute. :P

    I'm thrilled about Rebecca and Julio's pregnancy! Roy couldn't be more happy so their children can grow up together and visit each other and stuff. LOL! Yayy!

  12. -SH, that's a good idea about the profile and the family tree. Right now the family tree is linked from the main site, but it's an excel file and there are no photos.


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