Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shifting Sands, 2004

Givar, winter, 2004
To say that the Warwicks traveled in style was an understatement. They didn't bother with a long ferry ride from the airport after thier comfortable trip in first class, instead they chartered an helicopter to transport them back to the island of Kimikuria.

Sandy was trying not to become emotional this school year. However, it was difficult considering that it was her oldest's senior year and then she would be in university. The mother made sure that they had plenty of good old fashioned pillow fights followed by long chats with green tea. Thankfully Sandy was able to keep it together since Sazo couldn't. He had taken to randomly hugging the teen and staring at her baby pictures.
"I guess I should be happy for her, she will meet lots of new sims, but...I feel so old."
"Speak for yourself." Sandy said smoothing her hair that still retained its glossy vibrance. "I was but a young girl when S'Ahmisa was born."
"Do you think about having anymore?"
"Sometimes...but the girls are both in thier teens now and like you said, our oldest is headed off to university. What would it look like if we had another baby?"
While her parents were lamenting her eventual departure, S'Ahmisa was busy trying to soak up the culture and the hidden jewels of the island. She had finally been able to spot the fabled Jaroki. All the students at school said that he was a real life ninja, but after talking to him for a few moments, S'Ahmisa wasn't sure that she agreed. She had to admit that his eyes were very mysterious and she felt something like electricity go through her body whenever she glanced into those steel eyes.

She tried not to think of them or the warmth of his hand as he touched her skin, a risky move in Kimikuria. Most of the sims bowed to each other, there was rarely any touches exchanged which made the sensation of his skin against her cheek chilling. She tried to push out his haunting words:
You are worthy, my sweet blossom, until our paths converge again accept this gift of ancient knowledge.


  1. Hmm, S'Ahmisa and the ninja? What will Verd think?

  2. Uh-oh...Think about Verde S'Ahmisa! Ninjas are mysterious and attractive, but just remember they can disappear whenever they want. ;)

  3. -Riverdale, we'll see where the ninja thing goes...but don't worry, Verde won't find out.

    -Shana, LOL! So true, well now so does S'Ahmisa.

  4. What an adventure! It's all so romantic! And S'Ahmisa can handle anything. I love her.

  5. -SH, I like S'Ahmisa too, she has a good head on her shoulders and some pretty grand plans. You think Fiona is a force to be reckoned with-S'Ahmisa already has the goal to be the next mayor.


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