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Vomiting Love, 2004

Resar, fall, 2004
Jesse is 38, Fiona is 35, Bill is 20, Veronika is 6, Jessica and Jennifer are 1

The twins are learning to pull themselves up and can reach the top of the activity table just fine. Big sister, Veronika, has been trying to teach them the basics of composition.

"You have to pay close attention to how the light reacts with the color and perspective of your composition."

The twins looked at her and chewed their crayons a little before scribbling over the paper.

"Jessica, you picked a really great color, but you should have gone a bit bolder."

Jesse giggled nearby as he stirred the pot of chili. Veronika had been learning all sorts of new vocabulary since her private lessons with Antonio. The man declared that not only was Veronika a natural talent, but that she was a prodigy.

She had now taken an interest in portrait paintings and was working on recreating her parents' wedding picture. Antonio was amazed.

"Her talent is almost as well as mine." He said before leaving from one of thier private lessons. "The way she sculpts the paint on the canvas, her compositions are surreal. You have to make sure to keep her involved in the arts."

"Just painting or perhaps we could introduce her to music." Fiona asked.

Fiona was musically inclined herself and spent many nights composing little tunes on the piano,

however she still hadn't mastered the art of tuning her piano and after one bruise too many perferred to call in the professionals.

"You could try music, but perhaps expose her to pottery, photography or even sewing."


"Sometimes great painters can translate thier ideas to fabric."

"We'll think about the sewing."

"Definately keep her involved though. Once she's a little bit older we could hire her as an intern in the art gallery and perhaps even sell some of her work."

Internships were still a long time away for the six simyear old, but her parents kept it in their mind. Besides thier art prodigy, thier hands were full with the twins. They were able to crawl around now and get into more trouble, but for the most part they would sit still during a story.

They would also sit still, or at least ride happily, on the tot park nearby
which is where big brother, Bill, found them. It was his junior year and things were going great according to him.

"It's weird, it's almost like that movie with the three wishes. My grades are great, my girl...well girls are great and I'm having a blast."

"I'm glad your social life is going well, but remember to focus on the reason why you're enrolled there."
"You mean it's not for the keg parties?"
Jesse gave him a look.
"I'm just kidding. I know that I'm there to get an education, it costs too much to play around."
The money that Jesse slipped him made Bill more than agreeable to the proposition of taking his younger sisters to the standard kids establishment with cheesy games, coin operated rides and greasy food.
This gave Jesse and Fiona some much needed time alone together.
Yes, they had just arrived from Ray's wedding in Simmington Hills, but Fiona had been more than busy during the trip. She was constantly on her laptop with the hood council and her trusted advisors from the SUN community. He knew that she was planning some sort of emergency meeting and as a result large packages of papers and reports arrived daily in addition to the numerous cryptic phone calls. Jesse hoped that a few moments alone would ease her mind and allow her to let her hair down.

And down did come her hair!

The girls returned from the trip excited and eagered to share about their experiences while Bill dragged himself upstairs to crash and recover from chasing three children around a gaggle of other children.
"I don't know if I'm cut out for this kid thing."
"Well, just don't go making any and you won't have anything to worry about." Jesse remarked to his retreating son.

Fiona thought that spending a few moments with the girls was a beautiful ending to the night. The love in the room was so obvious from the father daughter cuddle on the couch to the twins cooing for attention.

It was perfect...until that love was vomited on Fiona.
Yes, Veronika painted that painting of the couple hanging on the wall, not bad for a six simyear old, huh? She really is a prodigy, I have no idea how she did it, but she has nine skill points in creativity and she really wants to max it out.
I wouldn't mind if they had another baby, but so far no desires or wants so maybe four is enough for them. It's strange that they have a 20 simyear old, but Jesse did adopt Bill while he was a young sim of 18 simyears.


  1. "that love was vomited on Fiona"

    Sounds just like real life! They have a beautiful family, I can see why you wouldn't be opposed to adding another one. Fiona seems so glamorous.

    How did you do the father/daughter cuddle on the sofa? It's darling!

  2. -Maisie, I love the Kents as well. I might have to intervene a bit later to get some more Kents. If a child and adult sit on the couch, the option for cuddle is available just like for adult/adult.

  3. I love the Kents. They make the family and careers work! I look forward to their updates.

  4. -Riverdale, they really do. I guess it's thier popularity/fortune and family/knowledge combos that keep them balanced in thier wants.

  5. What a gorgeous family! I loved the vomiting...too funny! When I read the title, I assumed somebody might be pregnant.

  6. -Carla, I guess that's another way to look at it :P

  7. I think the Kents are my favorite out of your bunch. They are just too cute

  8. -Heredoncove, I wonder how many readers have favorites...hmm, sounds like a poll to me!

  9. I love this family! I giggled too when I read about Veronica teaching the toddlers the basics of composition. I can totally understand why you would want them to have another child.

  10. Aww, this family warms my heart and I love to read about them! To see Fiona like a wild-child on the floor with Jesse, just cracked me up!! I have an ideal of Fiona and she's smashing it to pieces, in a good way! She is definitely coming out of her shell now that she's moved out of her mother's shadow. I totally agree with you on that.

  11. -Cissie, Veronika has been soaking up all sorts of knowledge. Maybe they'll roll a want soon for another baby, they can definately afford another one.

    -SH, LOL! I'm sure Fiona still would want her precious image intact for her networking around the SUN :P


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