Monday, July 11, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Patar 2009

Patar, summer, 2009

It was the middle of the night when Krissy's back started to cramp. Soon afterwards pain gripped her belly and she cried out.

After thirteen hours of labor, Krissy and Alphonso welcomed their first child. A baby boy named Claudio.

As they sat staring at their new addition, both parents were overcome with delight and wanted to do it all over again.

However, Alphonso wanted to do something very special first.

He had been saving the ring for the right moment and the right moment came over dinner as Claudio took one of his rare naps.

"To us and to our future and our son," they clicked the glasses and sipped the nice sparkling nectar that was a gift, one of the many, from S'Ahmisa.

"I do have a question for you..." Alphonso teased, watching Krissy's eyes light up in anticipation and curiosity.

"I might have an answer for you...depends on the question."

"It's a very simple question,"

"Hmmm...sometimes the simple questions are the hardest to answer," she teased. She couldn't help it, he looked so nervous and she knew what was coming and was sure that he knew what her answer would be, after all, they had been ring shopping. However, it was still sweet that he was so nervous.

He took the ring box from his pocket and slid it across the table. "Will you marry me?"

Krissy opened the box and was in awe at the size of the ring, it was the ring that she had silently admired but passed over in favor of a more responsible, sensible ring. She knew that an artist couldn't afford such a large diamond nor the emeralds that surrounded it. She knew that his brothers and his family had to help out, but at that moment she didn't care about whatever rumors or illicit activities that may or may not have occurred. Instead she couldn't help but feel a rush of undeniable love.



Susie couldn't help but groan as the familiar but unwanted pain ripped through her body. Robin watched in terror as her mommy made all sorts of strange noises.

"Let's go, now!" Susie demanded as Anthony grabbed Robin and pushed them out the door of the apartment.

Since it was Susie's second pregnancy, things moved a little more quickly and soon the Wren family expanded by one more. A little girl named Starling to match the bird theme.

"Our little family is complete," Susie whispered while Anthony rocked Starling and Robin sat bewteen them.

Honestly, she thought her family was complete one pregnancy ago, while Anthony wouldn't mind having a few more little Wrens crawling about.
Welcome Claudio Thorn and Starling Wren!

Krissy and Alphonso's wedding is planned for Havar 2009


  1. Very cute! I always love seeing the new babies. A boy and a girl, way to keep things balanced! Can't wait to see what they look like when they grow up.

  2. Riverdale Thanks, I can't wait until the Thorn/Pentragnani wedding.

    Mandid So far pretty balanced, here's hoping for any future pregnancies to be balanced as well. Thanks for reading.

  3. Awww, what a happy update! I especially love Susie and Anthony's family portrait, with Robin looking up at her new baby sister. Too cute!

  4. Carla, thanks, I was testing out the new pose box, Susie's pose is not that natural, but hey, it's a family pic and Robin looks great which is rare for toddlers :)

  5. Welcome little Claudio and Starling!

    And congratulations to Krissy and Alphonso with their engagement!

  6. Tanja thanks for reading, I'm looking forward to Krissy and Alphonso's wedding.


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