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Supportive Underwear, 2009

Havar, fall, 2009
S'Ahmisa Warwick is 22, Ming Wuu is 23, Rashid Cunningham is 23, Krissy Thorn is 25, Alphonso Pentragnani is 27

Today was the big day for Krissy and Alphonso.
Krissy had asked her former roommates and best friends, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Ming Wuu to be her bridesmaids. Of course they said yes and they happily submitted to a brutal week of wedding planning.
"That one looks nice," Krissy said peering in the window.
"I like the detailing on the bodice," S'Ahmisa whispered pressing her face to the glass.
"Do you think it'll make me look fat?" Krissy asked.
Ming rolled her eyes, "You just had a baby, that's what supportive underwear is for. Come on, let's go inside and try some of them on. Everything looks good on a plastic statue."
"That one is nice," S'Ahmisa offered as Krissy came from the dressing room.
"What do you think, Ming?"
"Looks wonderful! You look amazing."
"I'm not sure...I don't like the sash."
"You're right, the sash is horrible."
Krissy nodded and turned towards the dressing room. "I have another option."
Once she disappeared into the room, Ming let out a loud yawn.
"Quiet down, you sound like a passing train."
"Whatever," Ming retorted, refilling her glass with sparkling nectar. "Now I know why the nectar is free, to keep you giddy as your bride spends hours trying on dresses in various shades of white and cream and some strange color called diamond white that isn't even white, but more of a taupe. Then you're expected to remember which one had a blue sash or white piping and what the hell is mother of pearl etching!!!"
"How about this one?" Krissy said stepping out the room in a short white dress.
"Looks wonderful," Ming said with a wide grin. "Your legs look amazing in it."
"You sure it doesn't make me look old?"
"Not at all." S'Ahmisa added.
"Ok, this one is a maybe," Krissy said returning to the dressing room.
"I do not want to see another white, cream or mother of pearl dress for the next two simyears." Ming hissed finishing her glass and reaching for another. "How long have we been here?"
"It's only been..." S'Ahmisa reached for her cellphone,"um, not that long."
"How long?"
"Three hours."
"Three hours!!!" Ming yelled, earning a look from the clerk. "We haven't even started looking for bridesmaids dresses. I need more nectar...and a pizza."

Dress shopping went by fairly quickly, as did five more bottles of sparkling nectar.

Krissy easily found the bridesmaid dresses and after a quick lunch, the crew settled in for more shopping.
"I don't like their flower selection," Krissy moaned looking over the cheap plastic imitations sitting on the shelf.
"You could order custom flowers," Ming offered.
"We could look at the catalog while we taste cake."
"Cake? We're tasting cake today?" Ming asked.
Krissy nodded, "We need to leave now to get to the bakery on time."
"Why didn't anyone tell me that we were tasting cake today. I love cake!"
"And pie, and cobbler and anything with sugar," Krissy added.
"Hey, I have a sweet tooth, so what." Ming defended herself as they entered the bakery. "This is what heaven smells like." She declared as she drooled over the options.
"Hello ladies," Sazo called from the kitchen.
"Hi, daddy. Krissy needs to order a cake and Ming has sugar cravings."
"Ming," Ray yelled from his post stirring a thick batter. "I have a fresh llamaberry pie in the oven that's about to come out. Are you interested?"
"Are there double moons once a month? Can sims fit cars in their pockets? Are plumbbobs the greatest gift to the nation?"
"I take it as a yes."
"" Ming said stuffing her face with pie as Krissy finished her order. "You should have pie at your wedding."
"How about you have pie at your wedding?"
"First, if I ever get married, which I highly doubt," Ming began. "You can bet that there will be pie. Second, there will be cake and cotton candy and lollipops and candy and jellybeans as well."
"What about food?"
"Who needs food when you have sugar."
Krissy finished saying goodbye to Alphonso and his brothers Jamal and Jared until the afternoon wedding. She was meeting her bridesmaids in the metro for hair, makeup and spa services and his brothers were there to entertain him.
After two full days of shopping, the wedding details were finalized quickly with their help. The wedding would play on the autumn theme with golds and browns and deep reds everywhere. The flowers were ordered, the custom cake chosen, and the venue was aware of the large event.
All Krissy and Alphonso had to do was wait a few simhours until the wedding.

"Are you ready to become a wife?" S'Ahmisa asked her friend as the steam surrounded them.
"Yes," Krissy grinned. "I didn't think it would be so soon, but I am ready."
"Good for you, I'm ready to leave this sauna." Ming complained.
It was only a few more minutes until she would walk down the aisle. The chilly autumn day wrapped around her and Krissy couldn't help but take a peek at the venue as the wedding planner put the final touches on everything.
She tried not to think about the costs, or how Alphonso's brothers who were paying for the entire wedding and the couple's honeymoon, could afford such lavish items.

Everything was the best of the best and custom made for the event.

Soon guests filled the rows,

including her brother and his fiance,

as well as her wedding party.

all too soon, it was time to walk down the aisle

and be united for eternity with Alphonso as their guests happily cheered.

Everything was just perfect and Krissy and Alphonso couldn't ask for a better wedding.

"They look so happy," S'Ahmisa whispered as she swayed with Rashid to the music.
"Love does that," he whispered back.
"Do you think those two are next?" Alphonso whispered to his new wife.
Krissy looked over the couple as he dipped her. "I don't know. Time will only tell."

After the delicious custom made cake was cut, the guests and couple went their separate ways.
"It was amazing," Krissy sighed, looking up at her new husband.
"It was pretty nice," he grinned. "You did a great job."
"Thank you."
"Are you tired?"
"Depends, what do you have in mind?"
Congratulations Krissy and Alphonso (Pentragnani) Thorn!

I did far too much for this wedding considering Krissy is a non-playable :P

I made her cake, which can be downloaded in my downloads blog and recolored so many wedding items and altered the bridesmaid dresses-also available in the downloads blog. Oh, but it was too much fun!

If you recognize the wedding dress it's because Rebecca Wilsonoff wore it for her wedding as well. It's called the Alvaro and it's also available from the A.Pentragnani download site in the sidebar.

Also just noticed how much Jasmine Frankson and Krissy Thorn look alike. Makes me wonder if I should make them sisters.

Same green eyes, red hair and facial features (maybe their faces come from the same face template). They are both teachers at Apple Valley Academy, so that could be something that they share in their backstory as well. So I'll let you decide, vote in the sidebar if you think they should become sisters or not.


  1. Oh what a lovely wedding! And I really like the dress she ended up wearing. I was maid of honor in a friend's wedding last April and I am with Ming, it was torture! I was like they all look great, pick one! I'm all for giving non playables background stories so I'll be sure to vote!

  2. LOL, I'm so with Ming! Wedding dress shopping was not nearly as fun as I thought it would be, especially when you're not the one getting married. I laughed at Ming's suggestion of wedding pie as well!

    And yay, Krissy and Alphonso are finally blog-married! LOL. It was a beautiful, beautiful wedding! Did Alphonso change his name to Krissy's? I didn't realise you'd done it that way.

    And I voted yes on making Jasmine and Krissy sisters. Jasmine is married, right? So that could explain the surname, if you still wanted to make them full sisters, rather than half sisters.

  3. Mizzgin, thanks. That's one of my favorite dresses that I designed for my simmies, I need to stop using it so much :P

    Carla, Ming is a sugar addict and allergic to clothes :P If she every got married, there will be a dessert reception at her wedding. Yep, Alphonso is now a Thorn, my simmies can take any surname depending on the circumstances. I think my last generation of marriages, saw most of the men taking the women's surnames. Jasmine is married as well, she took her husband's surname

  4. Beautiful wedding! I love the autumn colors. Ha, I agree with Ming, wedding dress shopping isn't really as much fun as you'd think it would be. I love her plans for all the pies and candy she'll have at her own wedding. ;) I love the dresses Krissy picked out for herself and her bridesmaids!

  5. This was such a lovely wedding! I really love Krissy's dress!
    I have to stop myself from doing too much for a playable NPC's wedding sometimes too :)

    Those 2 girls really look much alike, so I voted yes on making them sisters as well :)

  6. What a beautiful wedding! And I can't help but wonder f S'Amisha and Rashid are next as well.

  7. Shana, those are some of Krissy's favorite colors, so a fall wedding seemed perfect for her :) thanks for reading!

    Tanja, thank you. ^_^ It should still be available at my A.Pentragnani site, I'm working on converting it to a maxis mesh

    Riverdale, keep wondering cause my lips are sealed :P If they do get married, you can count on a BIG wedding. Maybe even bigger than TS1 Alisa Crawston. Thanks for reading!


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