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Coloring Within the Lines, 2009

Havar, fall, 2009

Principal: Johan Shazad; Primary Teacher K-3: Jasmine Frankson; Primary Teacher 4-6: Ilila Peterson

Primary Students: Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in 6th grade; Aaron Sweeny, and Simora Sweeny are in 5th grade; Breckin Grey and Esther Dawson are in 2nd grade; Chase Dawson, Amyra Dawson, Jennifer Kent, Jessica Kent, Lara Grey and Matt Sweeny are in 1st grade; Lilly Ana McMillian, Alia Shae Wilsonoff, and Udar Shazad are in kindergarten

Johan knew that he would have to do something about school enrollment soon. Jasmine Frankson's class was still bursting at the seams. Not only that, but Jasmine was growing larger with the impending birth of her third child.

The start of the new school year had brought three additional students into her class and now she had twelve students to manage...alone. Most days, Johan had to lend a hand to help out.
Thankfully, for the most part, her students were well behaved, but they were active and curious.
The combination which lead to what Johan could only describe as swarms of hyperactive students rushing about the room and a noise level that would soon require ear plugs and soundproof walls.
He needed to present the hood council with a proposal to hire a teacher's assistant as the student enrollment was only expected to increase.
They couldn't afford another teacher at the moment, but an assistant would make things a lot easier for his employees.
Thankfully, Ilila Peterson was back from maternity leave and her class was very easy to manage. She only had four students and two of them would be leaving next simyear for secondary school.
It made her days easier and she was often able to sneak in a little nap when her class was attending their electives.
She couldn't wait, next simyear she would be in the enviable position of having only two students for one year and one of them was perhaps her "most favoritiest" student (as Simora often said). She didn't know why she felt such a kinship with Simora, but the little girl had wiggled her way into her heart.
However, she knew that the peaceful year of two students was the calm before the storm. Especially every time she opened her classroom door and heard the screams of joy from across the hall. In less than two simyears, she would begin receiving the never ending supply of sugar charged children.


  1. So many students! A teaching assistant sounds like a really great idea. With all these babies that my sims are producing, it won't be long before I'm having this same problem! Simora is adorable, I would have a special place in my heart for her too :)

  2. Poor Jasmine, dealing with a full, energetic class while pregnant can't be easy. And poor Ilila, imagining what's coming her way soon, lol! ;) An assistant would definitely help out a lot in keeping the kids under control.

  3. A teacher's assistant (we call them aides here) would definitely come in handy for Jasmine. Especially seeing she's pregnant. A big class of little ones is hard to handle even when you're 100%.

    Ilila is a lucky Sim! When my Sim teachers have small classes like that, I rearrange the grades so that it's more equal! So sometimes Pamela teaches just pre-school but she might teach pre-school and kindergarten if the K-2 class is getting too big. ;)

  4. Mizzgin, Simora is special. I've already aged her to teen, and she's so cute! I want to breed her :P

    Shana, I've identified two sims to come and work with the school since my population problem only gets worse, plus Ilila will have to step down from teaching soon to fully do her duties as the educational director.

    Carla, I thought about rearranging the grades, but then I get all realistic about how the younger students won't be able to learn along with the older students :P I could do that since that's how it was done in the one room schoolhouses of the small rural communities.

  5. Wow 12 students for only 1 teacher! I can see she needs help!
    I hope Ilila enjoys her smalls classes while she can, she will soon have overfull classes as well!

    I really love all the pictures in this update! They seem so much like schoolpictures :)

  6. Tanja I think Ilila may try to get out of such a large class anyway she can :P thanks for reading.

  7. Wow, that's a lot of little kids running around! Maybe just the 3rd grade could be bumped up with the older kids at least, then Ilia would have 4 instead of 2 next year. Good luck to the teachers! And I can't believe Laci and Veronica are almost teens. Wow! :)

  8. Em Great idea, I plan on doing that, but poor Jasmine will still have a large class :(

  9. Wow! That is certainly ALOT of kids! I feel for Jasmine of course, but Illia will be much worse off in a couple of years. 12 whiny Tweens running around will probably be VERY stressful.

  10. Coolkat, I didn't think about that, that's a lot of hormonal students! Thanks for reading.


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