Friday, July 15, 2011

Archives/Technology Note: 2009-2012

Cameron Smith
My plans for 2009-2012 term

Assist in the management of family tree information
-The family tree is updated online with each new birth.

-Will work to establish birth/death years by the end of simyear 2012 for the prior 10 generations.

Collect community & residents registry
-Will continue to maintain basic residents information online for current (active) residents only. Updates will be once a simyear during the winter. Family photos will be updated every other simyear.

-By 2012 information will include: design preferences, badges, and former relationships.

-Must upload an updated map of the hood by 2009. Will upload a new map every other simyear.

-Started looking for TS1 photos to make a collection for families to have their historical photographs. A large portion of photos were lost when geocities closed.

-Look for another venue to host historical photos.

Test and implement 3rd party technology
-Continue culling CC folders of little use items, especially clothing imports.
-Also looking to compile and combine items and use more MAXIS meshes. By the end of 2012 convert all custom rug textures to maxis rugs.
-Starting compressing items every simyear in the winter

-Cull imports each simyear

Perform back-ups of resident information:

-Backups are currently after each season
-Backups are currently stored on an external drive, will start uploading important information online such as residents' DNA, and important building plans. Residents' DNA will be added after their toddler birthday, while building plans will be added after significant changes. We will make building plans available to other hoods at their own risk.

Serve as local reporter:
No changes here
Manage the Historical Society:
-Have all 1/4 of current residents' family history complied by 2012


  1. That's quite an agenda! I love the "imports" part of the note. Heehee, makes me giggle when sims talk about our human stuff. I love it!

    Also, this totally just reminded me to go make a backup of my hood! Thanks!

  2. Oh um, forgot I was logged into my blogger account. Trying to figure out why it got deleted! Sorry about that!

  3. It would be so cool to see some of your TS1 pics! Did you use that grow up hack for your TS1 Sims or did they just stay static and then you continued their lives with your TS2 Sims?

  4. Mandie, yep, my simmies are worried about "imports" as well, especially since a lot of them are not being used.

    Carla, a few of the TS1 photos are on the Welcome Center page. I aged some of the kids up in TS1, most of them moved to other neighborhoods since it didn't seem right to have the kids and parents the same age and there not be a difference in ages :\


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