Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hood Council Meeting: 2009

Hood Council Meeting 2009
Present: S'Ahmisa Warwick, Bradford McMillian, Ginger Grey, Ilila Peterson, Brandon Peterson, Cameron Smith
Absent:Suzanna McMillian

Tax Collection Changes
Honor's Program
Council Member Reports

The hood council meeting is called to order and Bradford announced his proposal for changing the tax structure.

"We have seen an increase in revenue thanks to the old system of collecting taxes and I propose that we switch to collecting taxes every other simyear instead of every simyear to provide families some relief."

"What about the hood expenses? Will we be able to function with the decreased revenue?"

"Yes," Bradford nodded. "We have saved a significant amount of simoleans and our hood is becoming more stable and thus the number of new projects are expected to decrease. However, even though we will be collecting less in tax revenues, I passed on some information to Ginger that will change how our revenue will look in the future."

"Thank you, Bradford. Some of you may be aware that Apple Valley was one of the finalists selected for A.Pentragnani's new site. We received news that we were selected not only to house a new boutique for the fashion house, but also a fashion workshop."

"How will that increase revenue? Won't we have to give them all sorts of tax breaks to persuade them to stay here?"

"I see your point, but the prescene of A.Pentragnani will benefit the hood in several ways. First, they're providing jobs from the very beginning. They have hired Li Yoo to design the boutique and workshop and are providing a grant so that an architectural intern can work alongside her and learn from the trade. The building and renovation will take several workers and once the boutique and workshop are complete, they will require workers as well. A.Pentragnani has already committed to supplying a few scholarships to local students that are interested in fashion design."

"Thank you for the information. Ilila, any new information on your part?"

"Yes, based on the number of new students enrolling each simyear, I expect that we will need to hire a new primary school teacher to split the lower levels into thirds and in a few simyears we will need to add another secondary school teacher as well as replace our part-time physical education teacher. In addition to hiring new teachers, we will need to start expanding into the third floor. I am waiting for a response from Li Yoo concerning the design."

"Great news. Cameron?"

"Nothing much to add. I am working on reducing the imports as well as slowly going through the old website."

"Sounds great, if there is nothing else to add, then we can dismiss."


  1. Oh, I think everyone's going to like paying taxes only every other year! That works out really well for my hood - Kirstin's bank account is actually maxed out (at 3.2 million), so I definitely haven't had any issues raising enough cash! Smart move, Bradford. ;)

  2. Carla my old system was in place mostly to keep simmies from getting too rich, but it worked a little too well :)

  3. How nice for the hood to have so much in savings and then pass it on to the tax payers. I think maybe real life governments can take some notes on your system! Lol. Gosh, I love Ilila. She is so pretty and very teacher-esque. I love her hair!

  4. Mandie, I wish real life governments had surplus money :) Ilia's hair is from TSR's Xandher (or Marko), it uses the same base as Ginger's hair.


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