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Eventual Earthquake, 2011

Peacar, winter, 2011

Sazo is 52, Sandy is 49 (S'Ahmisa is 25, Si’Enya is 19, Trevor Yates is 29)

They had planned on a very simple and quiet new year's celebration at home.

The original plans of watching the results of the mayoral race with S'Ahmisa's supporters was quickly canceled.

"I'm dropping out of the race," she had said quietly on the phone.

Sazo had nearly dropped the phone and Sandy had covered her mouth to muffle her gasp.

When they pressed her for an explanation she only said that somethings were more important than politics and the campaign had forced her to realize that.

"I don't understand, this has been her dream since she was a little girl. She has always wanted to be mayor and she was so close. It was pretty much a given that she would win the race, why would she drop out?" Sandy asked as they ran around the house getting ready.

"I don't know either," Sazo responded. "It is very odd considering all the work she has put into getting to this point. Simyears of preparation and training and then to quit. That's unlike S'Ahmisa, she's not a quitter."

"I know," Sandy moaned. "What's going on with our baby?"

They stood in the audience along with Si'Enya later that simweek as S'Ahmisa held a press conference. They watched as she held back tears and annouced that she was withdrawing her name from the mayoral race and that she would be backing another candidate.

Sandy's eyes were on her daughter and supporting her baby girl, that she didn't see anything or anyone else in the room, however Si'Enya didn't miss the fact that Rashid was there, standing near the back. She didn't miss his look of shock at the annoucement and she knew that S'Ahmisa had saw him as well by the way her eyebrows shot up. She knew by how S'Ahmisa hugged them afterwards and urgently whispered that she needed to get out of there. Si'Enya didn't miss that S'Ahmisa practically dragged them out the back exit as Rashid fought his way to the front, nor how S'Ahmisa turned off her phone in the quietness of her office. She knew her sister was hurting and that she was being stubborn. Something she didn't fail to hiss in her ear.

"It's my life, Si'Enya," she hissed back.

"And you're being an idiot. You guys love each other, you make each other happy. What's so wrong with that?"

"I wasn't doing it right."

"What the hell does that mean?"

After the press conference, Sandy and Sazo went about erasing all evidence of the elaborate party. The large catering order was canceled for the party and the invitations recalled. The congratulations gift was sent back and travel arrangements canceled. The large lavish event was replaced with a potluck style gathering with their daughters and guests.

Trevor was there as well, but not as Si'Enya's friend, but as her date. Sandy and Sazo knew that eventually the couple would get together, but like the eventual earthquake, they just didn't know when.

S'Ahmisa was alone. S'Ahmisa didn't bring Ming nor Krissy, she insisted that she just wanted to be surrounded by her family during this time. She and Rashid had broken up and Sandy hated that they were not together anymore since they seemed like such a perfect pair. They were ying and yang and they balanced each other. She felt that Rashid helped S'Ahmisa not be as serious all the time and to enjoy life instead of constantly planning for the future.

"Stay out of it," Sazo warned after she confessed her sadness over not having the young man in her daughter's life anymore.

"I know that, I never get involved unless they ask for advice." Sandy hissed back at him.

Sandy couldn't help but wonder if Rashid was the reason for her dropping out of the race.

"It was a combination of factors," S'Ahmisa had insisted. "They all helped me to see that I was being stupid and blinded by the campaign. I'm not proud of some of the things I asked sims to do on my behalf. I don't want to be mayor if it costs those types of sacrifices for my loved ones."

"Let her be," Sazo scolded. "When she wants to share, she will. You know that."
She nodded, but she couldn't help but want to wrap her daughter in her arms and tell her it would be alright.


  1. Laurel Crossing, I wasn't either at first, but it made so much sense. S'Ahmisa loves her family deeply and if forced to chose bewteen her career and family, she would always chose family and friends, thanks for reading.

  2. I wasn't expecting S'Ahmisa to drop out either! I wonder who will be Mayor now.

    Despite my surprise though, maybe this will be a good thing for her. She had quite the revelation and she probably wouldn't be able to take the time to assess that if she was busy being the mayor. And she can always run again when she's older, if she still wants to.

  3. Carla, glad to know that I can still surprise you guys every now and again, thanks for reading.

  4. I was surprised that she did both: she dropped out of the race _and_ broke up with Rashid. So what is going to happen in her life now? She'll have to start over with almost everything.

  5. Nonikk63, S'Ahmisa still has her family and her job as the president of the hood council. Though things will probably be rough for her for a while with all the recent changes. Thanks for reading.

  6. I was surprised as she was so to obtaining her childhood dream, but it makes sense for her. I hope she can make peace with her past actions and make things right where she wants to. She has a good family and supportive friends I'm sure she will come out of this stronger.

  7. Maisie, I think you're right, S'Ahmisa needs to make peace with herself and her past actions and her friends and family are there and ready and willing to help her like you said, thanks for reading.

  8. I was surprised too, although it makes sense that S'Ahmisa would do that, after what has happened. She's young; maybe she will try again when she's more mature and able to keep perspective better and balance her life. For now, she will have a rough time but hopefully she's know she's made the right decision.

  9. As everyone else said I am surprised but S'Ahmisa has always been family and friend orientated so it shouldn't be much of a shock.

    I honestly think she needs to slow down and live a little. Hopefully, now that she doesn't have so much on her shoulders she will.

  10. Blackcat, who knows, maybe sh will try again for mayor, you're right, when she's older things might be easier for her in terms of balance. Thanks for reading.

    Oasis Valley, I don't think S'Ahmisa knows how to slow down, she's always been the one to work hard and play hard, thanks for reading.


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