Sunday, January 15, 2012

Government Career

I wanted a mishmash bewteen the TS2 and the TS3 political career, so I created a Government career

Here are the levels: and descriptions which are taken directly from the games-with minor tweaks here and there, same thing with the salary, I used a combination of the TS2 and TS3 salaries.

1 Campaign Worker
The salary is minuscule, but you get your feet wet in the political puddle by helping a favorite local candidate into office. The job requires long hours managing telephone teams and volunteer groups canvassing neighborhoods for votes.
2 Intern
Start out running errands for the SimCity Controller and try to work your way up to getting lunch for the mayor. Low pay, long hours. You'll need lots of charisma to advance in politics. Your diligence has been noticed and you'll work the remainder of the campaign as an intern. Copies, copies, copies! Post flyers, call potential donors, fetch coffee, keep the staplers in prime condition, and most importantly, be charismatic about it. This campaign, or at least the copy machine, cannot succeed without you!

3 Campaign Manager
Salary jumps, but overtime work increases. You must still maintain neighborhood relationships and domestic tranquility. You need to cultivate your "image". Practice charisma and develop that all-important spin control. Without it, your political career is sunk. But friends in the right places can sometimes be very useful.

4 City Council Member
Politician at last! As the newest City Council Member, you have the unique position of affecting change on the welfare of the city. Change takes time though, and re-elections cost money. You'll need to start working your neighbors, acquaintances, and random individuals for their campaign donations. Bring your walking shoes, (Councilwoman or Councilman). Your first elected post, you've finally been admitted to SimCity's inner power circle. A well-paid job to be sure. The more persuasive and creative you are in pushing your own agenda through the council, the faster you will advance in the political machine.

5 Local Representative
Not satisfied to see you with your hands solely on the city, your constituents want to see you at the next level. More territory means more favor and votes needed to get anything done, and that means more campaign donations. Keep the cookie jar full, and you get to keep your job.

6 Mayor
As Mayor of SimCity, you're entitled to big bucks—you can finally afford that "house on the hill" where the town's elite citizens cluster. As the Mayor, you can now dictate terms to the city council you used to serve, and in the process, enact changes as you see fit. Rule with a firm fist or gentle touch, but never forget to keep your constituents happy.

7 Congressperson
The people have spoken once again, and elected you to Congress. You'll spend your time covering your district from your local office. Networking with neighbors and making new friends to keep political support must be balanced with maintaining a contented house and family.

8 Senator
You're authoring bills and chairing important subcommittees. You appear regularly on political talk shows and your influence is being felt around the Capitol. With a little more speaking experience and a few more friends, you may enter into the big political game.

9 Vice-President
Second in command may not be the end goal, but riding the ticket long enough just might earn you the coveted top spot. Mere local matters are beneath you now that economic concerns pile onto your desk. Evil organizations aren't making matters any better, as the safety and protection of the citizenry is a prime directive of your boss. The public watches silently to see if you truly have what it takes

10 Leader of the Free World
$1950Without peer, [sim name] is in charge. The world has voted you in as their sworn leader. Defender of the truth, justice, and basic Sim rights, you—the Leader of the Free World—must work for the people more than ever. Beware of agents of evil, corruption within your government, and those not willing to serve the people above all else. This is your chance to leave your mark on the world, and it’d be a fair shame to squander it with scandals and shoddy decisions

Each level has a chance card. The version for download has the basic base game suits instead of the custom clothing, which makes it friendly to all simmers regardless of the expansion packs they have or don't have.

The career doesn't overwrite the other careers and I included base game outfits only

*note* the helicopter won't show on a 1xN lot, but I figure by the time a sim reaches that level, they won't be living on a 1xN lot anymore.

Let me know if you download it and how it works for your game.



  1. Looks great! I always liked some of the levels of the ts3 career


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