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Hallowed Halls, 2012

Lovar, spring, 2012
Tyisha Masters is a junior, Si'Enya Warwick is a sophomore (Elphy Mendenhall is a freshman, Ericcson Frankson is a junior)

Pierce University was undergoing renovations and as a result the students were able to move into a brand new dorm.

Si'Enya and Elphy were now roommates, which was nice since Elphy didn't make a lot of noise

and both women were serious about their studies and would spend hours working on assignments.

Considering their majors, it made perfect sense. Elphy had plans on becoming a nurse. She loved anatomy and the wonders of the human body, but with four kids, her parents were clear that they would not be paying for medical school. Besides, nurses knew just as much, or even more than the doctors and there was a huge need for them. Even now, Elphy was offered a job as an Orderly, or Nurse's Assistant, to learn the ropes so that her transition would be easier once she graduated.

Si'Enya had dreams of getting her doctorate after she finished her undergraduate studies. She was blessed enough that money wasn't a concern and she could easily afford graduate school, however she needed to have stellar grades. Just because she was a Warwick didn't mean doors were magically opened for her all the time. No matter how much it appeared as such.

Even though both girls were serious about school, at least Elphy had a release for all the stress from exams and papers. She and Ericcson were still going strong and he was going to accompany her to her brother, Henry's wedding that winter. Erricson knew Elphy's older siblings, Henry and Harriet, from when they attended Pierce University, but this would be the first time he spent with them outside of classes. He wasn't nervous, but he was curious about Elphy's large family and even larger extended family. She said that her uncle Johan Shazad, aunt Jolie Dawson, uncle Grex Grey and their families would be coming for the wedding. Erricson knew that there would be plenty of talk about he and Elphy and their next steps, especially since Harriet and her fiance, who happened to be Ericcson's uncle Ricky Thorn, had broken up. He knew that he wanted a future with Elphy, but wasn't sure if now was the right time to pursue that.

He didn't have a job and everyday his career plans would change from being a world class chocolatier, to being a juggler or round table knight. He knew that he needed steady employment and plans before making a lifelong committment, that's what his dad had always taught him. But Erricson knew that his dad and mom were barely adults when he came along, much less adults with firm career plans.

Si'Enya spent a lot of time reading the latest research

or napping. There wasn't a lot for her to do, she was ahead in her assignments and Trevor was out on tour. The only good news is that he would be returning to Apple Valley this summer for the Apple Festival and he promised to let her meet all the other bands that were coming in as well. She loved listening to him talk about the plans that Aerial Bionic was making. They hoped to spend a few days in the studio while in Apple Valley to record a duet with Mellow Metal and then Trevor and Jimmie Page were working on a duet as well.

Tyisha was also hard at work, in fact she never worked so hard in her life before. She hated that the local bars and clubs were lacking her prescence, but truth be told, she barely left her dorm room. She went to class, to the fabric store and back to her room. Even Rashid would joke that she needed to get out and have a date before he started to wonder if she were in love with her sewing machine.

It wasn't her sewing machine she was in love with. She was assigned to a senior student and was the assistant seamstress for his senior fashion show. It frustrated her that he changed his mind each simweek and she would have to resew garments to get the perfect look, but when he was happy, wow, his face made the entire room glow. You could call it a crush, but she would argue that she was simply admiring his physical attributes, nothing more...unless he was open for some casual purple hearts.

But until he was happy, or until the design show was over, she often had to spend nights sewing until her fingers were raw or binging at the latest party to have a bit of fun.

Hallowed Halls will be the title for all university updates from now on.

Nothing much, the students are a bit boring at the moment, which is surprising :\

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  1. Hmmm, curious about Tyisha and this senior student! Someone to distract her from Rashid, perhaps?

    I'm glad Si'Enya is keeping herself occupied while Trevor is away, though I'm anxious to see their reunion. I guess she'll have to get used to him being on the road a lot, if they're in this for the long term.

    1. LOL, Tyisha has been over Rashid for some time now, she hates S'Ahmisa, but she doesn't want Rashid either. I don't think the senior student can hold Tyisha's attention for long though. Thanks for reading.

  2. I'm curious about the senior student as well! And I'm so excited to see Mellow Metal in Apple Valley! I love the idea for a duet with the two bands :). Now that you've said they're boring, next update all hell is going to break loose lol

    1. Yes, I can't wait for you to see their performance! The Apple Festival will be uploaded soon, the guys are so much fun, thanks again for letting them come. Thanks for reading!

  3. Senior student? I wonder who that is and if he can handle Tyisha.

    1. LOL! You're right, the question really is can he handle Tyisha! Thanks for reading!

  4. A senior student?! Now? After Rashid is available, she drops her crush and falls for a new guy! That girl.

    1. Lol, Tyisha's crush on Rashid was long over before she left Simmington Hills. Thanks for reading and commenting


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