Monday, January 2, 2012

New Poll: Demoting a Playable Family

It's time for a new poll!

Which playable  family would you be interested in seeing made a non-playable NPC family?

The Thorn family was recently promoted from non-playable NPC status to fully playable, now the question is, which playable family should be demoted?

The difference bewteen a non-playable NPC family and a playable family is that a playable family will get regular updates in the blog and a slot in the rotation schedule. So instead of focused updates on that family, you would have learn about their lives via other updates about the other simmies in the hood.

At the moment, this offer is for families so no singles or couples for now.

The "winning" family will be demoted and removed from the rotation schedule, but you will still learn about them in other updates.

Sweeny Family

Tobi Sweeny appears to be unlucky in love. He married Li Yoo right after the Great Flood and they had triplets, Ping (deceased), Aaron and Simora, and later Matt joined the family. Li and Tobi divorced and it was rumored that Tobi and Ginger Grey had an affair, however those rumors were never confirmed. Tobi later had a brief relationship with Cameron Smith and they have two sons, Christopher and Craig, together. Now newly single father, Tobi works as a dectective with SCPD and due to current promotion restrictions, he is destined to stay at that level.

Humphrey Family

Faith doesn't remember when she met Walt, but their fling produced two children, Vivenne and Olivia. The young couple is struggling to adjust to thier new status as parents while holding onto their old habits of being the life of the party. Walt is a stand-up comedian and Faith is a DJ.


Remember to vote in the sidebar for your choice.


  1. Wow I like both of these families. I had to vote for Tobi though, I really like Faith and her family and their struggles with providing. I'm hoping in time they will get on their feet and I want to witness that.

  2. Maisie, that's an interesting reason to chose the family, thanks for reading and sharing your motivation behind your vote.

  3. That's a diffcult decision to make I think I am going to pick the Humphrey family. They are a lovely family and all but the Tobi Sweeny in the past had so much going on and I would hate to see him and the children get demoted.

  4. Oasis Valley, I can see why you would want the Sweeny family to stick around, thanks for sharing your reason behind your vote.

  5. I agree with Maisie, I'm voting for Tobi. I enjoy both families, but I would rather follow Faith and her struggles with family life and still being herself.

    1. Interesting point about Faith. Thanks for reading and commenting about your voting motives


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! :)

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