Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still in Shock, 2012

Hapar, spring, 2012
S'Ahmisa Warwick is 25, Ming Wuu is 26, Krissy Thorn is 28
Optional Soundtrack: Never Had a Dream Come True-S Club 7

"So you leave in how many simdays again?"

"Three," S'Ahmisa answered.

"Wow..." Krissy said in awe.

"Now you see how I felt!" Ming complained. "I gotta find a roommate for the next two simyears and I only have three simdays to do it."

"I said that I can pay my portion of the rent until I return, I want to ensure that my room is still there."

Krissy laughed, "Ming might be married with kids in two simyears. You can't expect her to stay in the same apartment."

The girls laughed as Ming pouted, "That is not funny in the slightest bit."

"I still can't believe that you're leaving and so quickly."

S'Ahmisa nodded. It still seemed unreal to her. After she had dropped out of the race and put her support behind another candidate, she got a phone call shortly after the results were official.

"We think you have what it takes to be Congresswoman. What do you say?"

She said yes to the new position and the two simyear stint in Kimikura that came along with it. It all happened so quickly that she was still in shock.


S'Ahmisa carefully placed the pot on the table. It was the last thing she unpacked in the small house.

She fingered the delicate pot and inhaled the familiar scents of Kimikura. It had been simyears since she was last here, but she quickly fell back into the culture and the language.

She did miss Apple Valley and her family and friends. If she were honest, she missed Rashid perhaps the most. She rubbed her wrist, searching for the pressure point that helped her in moments like this. I will not cry she said even as the tears pooled up in her eyes.

She knew that every sim alive had at least one regret from the past, one thing that they had to leave behind. There wasn't any use of looking back or wondering what might have been. She thought of him each day, she knew that no matter where her life took her, a part of her would always be with Rashid, that he would always be hers and she would always be his.

Since they broke up, they had only spoken sparingly. Mostly emails and chatting, but occasionally on the phone. He had called the day after it was announced that she had dropped out the race. Even Sabien and Tomika, or Mama C, as she called her, had called once the news went across SimNation.

"Baby, what's going on?" Mama C had asked in her warm voice.


"Don't tell me that. I know better. You've been talking about becoming mayor for simyears and now you dropped out of the race. Tell it to me straight, none of that political mumbo jumbo you and Sabien try to pull on me."

S'Ahmisa spilled her heart to the woman, just like she had shared with her own mother simweeks earlier. She explained how the mayoral race had caused all sorts of issues with her family and loved ones. How it forced Si'Enya had to keep Trevor a secret from her and how Rashid was forced to change who he was. She couldn't do that to the sims she loved. In the end, it basically came down to which was more important to her: her family and loved ones or her ambition.

Tomika held the phone in awe as S'Ahmisa explained everything to her. She felt her inner floodgates about to open and ruin her make-up. She already loved S'Ahmisa, but seeing that she did this for her baby, for that moment it seemed like S'Ahmisa was an angel sent down from above.  Tomika knew that dropping out of the race was a big sacrifice, well, for S'Ahmisa it was the biggest sacrifice. And yet S'Ahmisa was reminding Tomika how selfless love is. S'Ahmisa chose family first which is something that she can relate to and wants for her son. She now needed to figure out how to get those two together again and knew that a phone call to Sandy was in order as well as some serious praying.

S'Ahmisa looked down at her hands again. The pressure point wasn't working, so she poured herself some tea. The warm liquid filled the cup, but it didn't take her thoughts away from a certain tall tan man with bright brown eyes. She missed Rashid so much. Every hour of every simday she wanted to board a plane and run back into his arms. She wanted to cry out, "give me another chance, take another chance on me! I need you!"

Her body ached with withdrawal pains as it suffered from lacking his touch. Her heart seemed to beat a little slower, almost as if it had given up its fight for life, since life without Rashid...well, she wasn't sure if it was worth much. She was scared and couldn't risk hurting him again. She had already hurt him so much by asking him to change for her and not truly appreciating his quirks and authentic self. Besides, there wasn't a guarantee that he would simply just take her back. This wasn't a fairy tale or romantic movie where everything worked out perfectly. Unfortunately, it was her messy life that she had no idea how to make better and was learning that perhaps...perhaps she was destined for chaotic loneliness.

She knew that she had to be strong. Her parents thought that she should reconsider her relationship with Rashid and give it another try, Si'Enya thought that she wasn't being true to herself and urged her big sister to follow heart, Krissy said that love isn't easy, but it's worth it, while Ming said that she was being an idiot as usual when it came to Rashid.

She didn't know what to do, she never understood following your heart. Emotions only got you burned and hurt, it was almost better to guard your heart and not feel anymore. So for now, she would at least pretend that she moved on, even though Rashid was like a dream come true and it was with him that she really wanted to be with. It was hard to wake up each day, thinking his arms would be around her, but needing to find ways to let him go. Yet, each day she knew that he would be the one that she would never forget, that she could never really say goodbye.

So instead she threw herself into her work, pretending to be over him, pretending that she didn't think of him each and every day, pretending that she doesn't relive yesterday trying to find a way to make it right.

S'Ahmisa was startled from her thoughts by a knock at the door. It wasn't that late, but it was odd for her to have visitors already. She wasn't officially going to start her post as congresswoman until next simweek, so the residents shouldn't be pestering her yet.

"Who is it?"

"Hello, I am looking for Congresswoman Warwick," a familiar voice called out.

S'Ahmisa smiled and wiped away her tears. It couldn't be who she thought it was.

"Welcome, to my home," she said bowing.

"It is a pleasure," Hiro said in response returning the bow.

He smiled at the young woman, she was perhaps more beautiful than she was when she left. He had missed her tremendously and was overjoyed when he found out that she was coming back to Kimikura.

"You look great,"

"Thank you, Hiro. What are you doing here?"

"I am your new congressional aide. Whatever you need, I am here to do."

"Really? So anything I need to do this job, I call you and you'll get it done."

Hiro smiled and touched her hand, hoping that she would understand, "Anything you need or want, I'll get it done for you, my sweet blossom."


  1. Wow, that was a huge decision for S'Ahmisa to make so quickly! She's doing that a lot lately. ;)

    I'm curious about who will be Ming's new roommate while S'Ahmisa is away. And also about Hiro. Somehow I don't think his intentions with S'Ahmisa are purely professional!

  2. Carla, you're right, she's not really thinking things through now like she used to, almost like she's trying to find another path to get on in order to find balance again. I doubt Hiro is professional towards her at all :P thanks for reading.

  3. S'Ahmisa really is making some massive changes lately. I was not expecting her to react this way at all.

    It's kind of sad in a way, since it's obvious she misses Rashid a lot and she has a lot of regrets. But it is true that everyone has them. I just hope she can work this out, although I know what happens when she does is likely to be another big surprise; :)

    - VT

  4. VT, it is obvious that she misses Rashid, but she has set up in her mind that rationally and logically they can not be together. This isn't the first time she has pushed him away due to rationality, so it would be interesting to see what happens when she has the time to think over the past few simlonic months, thanks for reading.

  5. Was not expecting that from her. I know you hinted at it during the last post but it didn't click in my mind that the position would be so far away. In a way I think it is good. It will allow her time to think and sort out what she really wants.

    1. Monique, time away from family and friends will allow S'Ahmisa to really think about what she wants and hopefully forgive herself for the fiasco with the mayoral campaign. Thanks for reading!


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