Monday, August 8, 2011

Bit Cozier, 2009

Givar, winter, 2009
Grex and Ginger are 37, Bryant and Annie are 14, Breckin is 7, Lara is 6, Indira is 4, and Richmond is 3

Ginger aimlessly cleared the dishes from breakfast, her mind lost in thought. She couldn't help but giggle at the turn of events.

It started one evening while watching the stars with Breckin and Lara.

"Look, mama! I see a falling star!"

Soon that falling star was followed by many others. "Quick, make a wish," she had whispered to her children as they cuddled in her arms.

The very next morning, she received a phone call from the fashion house, A.Pentragnani.

"Ms. Grey," the voice on the phone oozed. "We have been looking at your past portfolio and we were wondering if you are interested in doing a small photo shoot."

Ginger couldn't believe it at first,

but when she arrived to the studio and was transformed into a glowing bride,

she started to believe it.

The $12,000 check also helped her to believe it as well.

The money was quickly funneled into the market,

the family spruced up the place

and made it a bit cozier.

She was spending more time at the market now that most of her children were in school during the day.

She mostly packed fish and cooked roast llama

and occasionally she assisted Grex with sales, though she wasn't as good as he was nor as good as Annie.

Grex was doing his part to arrange for more time at home

by increasing the hours of the other workers

and looking into hiring additional staff.

The couple would often find themselves sneaking away during the lunch hour

for a quick game of whoopie, hiding the bone, sink the solider, or whatever else the youth were calling it these days.

If Ginger were truthful, it wasn't quite enough, but it was better than nothing at all.
ROS: Modeling contract

I was prepared to have this couple seperate, however ACR kicked in and jumpstarted thier wants as well. Whenever they were not rolling the want to woohoo with each other, ACR was directing them to the bedroom.


  1. Awwww it seems that they've rekindled their romance :). I'm glad they did that instead of getting a divorce or separating. I like that ROS, I may have to borrow it :). And that's a nice lump sum of money to get for it!

  2. Ginger is like a superwoman - mother (of 6, no less!), wife, working at the market and now modelling! I like that ROS too and will also be borrowing it. ;)

    I'm glad she and Grex seemed to have worked things out - I have a soft spot for them as a couple.

  3. Mizzgin, I'm glad they are working things out with their marriage as well, also glad that there can only be 8 sims at a time on a lot, otherwise they would be pregnant again by now.

    Carla, borrow away-the ROS dictates if the deal (modeling, music, etc) is a good deal or a shady deal.

  4. Ooooh, I really like that ROS, mind of I borrow it?! Ginger looked amazing in all those photos, and the Market's makeover is really nice. It looks very cosy now.

    I'm glad Ginger and Grex have started rolling wants for eachother again, six kids would be impossible on their own!

    Great update! :)

  5. What a great opportunity for Ginger! And a nice sum of money to go along with it. :)

    I'm glad that they're rekindling things between them and I hope it works out for them!

  6. Coolkat, of course you can! The actual ROS is: Signed a (music/modeling/acting) deal; If (X) is even-good deal. (Signed a deal with a major entertainment company. Spend (X)*100 for agent fee. Signed a deal with a major entertainment company. Get (X)*1000 in initial bonus and: --modeling-try on (X)*10 outfits. Keep 3 of the outfits. --acting-visit vacation lot and complete 6 mementos. --music-play on community lots for (X) days and visit vacation lot for concert. Receive double your tips.)
    If (X) is odd-bad deal, lose agent fee of X*100 and scammed out of X*50

    Shana, she was lucky and it played nicely with her past modeling for the AV Newspaper and Website.

  7. I really liked the first picture in this post, I might have to do green walls myself. I have one girl who's favourite colour is teal and I'm already planning on painting the kitchen with that colour. But I might use the green for the living-room or the master bedroom.

  8. I love Ginger's modeling pictures! She makes a very pretty blushing bride, and those dresses are gorgeous! I like that ROS scenario, I might have to grab it from you! Also, the market is so cute! Great job on the renovation.

  9. Ani, I'm glad you liked the colors in the dining room, it's an interesting mix, thanks for reading.

    Mandie, thank you, Ginger has a very pleasing face. I wish her brothers were still alive, they were some handsome men.

  10. Great ROS, off to add it to mine too, lol. I really like what you did with it, and am so glad that they aren't separating. It's nice that they were able to rekindle their relationship on their own. I love that it all started with the falling star, what a sweet beginning for these better things that happened to them.

  11. Maisie, thanks, I have seen a lot of new ROS in the community, so I need to update my file as well. Thanks for reading.


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