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When the Bell Rings, Part 1, 2010

Hapar, spring, 2010

Principal: Johan Shazad; Secondary Teacher: Simlish & History: Jesse Kent; Secondary Teacher: Math & Science: Krissy Thorn

Secondary Students: Wendy Keller, Si'Enya Warwick and Rojo Herendez are in 12th grade; Elphy Mendenhall is in the 11th grade; Myra Shazad, Naraj Shazad, Grace Elise Dawson, Bryant Grey, and Annie Grey are in 9th grade; Rex Mendenhall, Abel Wilsonoff, Amanda Wilsonoff and Serendipity Herendez are in 8th grade; Ashlee Dawson, Veronika Kent and Laci McMillian are in the 7th grade

Optional soundtrack: How Will I Know-Keke Palmer

Jesse was finding it harder to keep Rojo interested in class, it was a major case of senioritis.

Thankfully the rest of his students were paying attention

...most of the time

"Why are you scratching like that?" Naraj whispered to Annie

"I got poison ivy during a hike,"


Krissy was glad that the new students were interested in science, especially Laci. It was a shame that the young girl's grades didn't match her enthusiam for the subject. It just seemed like Laci wasn't getting it. She would answer questions during class discussions and help classmates on homeworks, but her exam grades were always low...or worse, very high one week and very low the next.

"This one is so cool, Veronika." She said hunched over the microscope, "You have to see it."

Veronika looked over eagerly to her cousin's microscope. Even though Laci was much better in science than Veronika, she still enjoyed the subject...maybe not as much as art, but enough that she wanted to apply for a science scholarship.

Laci tried not to be jealous of her cousin, it seemed like everything Veronika attempted she succeeded at. There were even talks about letting Veronika attend university early since she was passing most of her skill exams. Laci didn't want Veronika to go to university, they were supposed to be roommates and then eventually share an apartment in the metro. They had it all planned out and had even found the perfect place. It had enough room for both of them, a rooftop area for Veronika to paint and an office downstairs for Laci's animal clinic. If Veronika went to university early, it would ruin everything!

"So, you think it's a bacteria?" Serendipity asked her lab partner and cousin.

"Definitely, look at the cell walls," Amanda answered glancing at the clock and counting down the minutes until she could practice on the basketball court. Class wasn't her thing, she hated having to sit still and would often find herself wiggling her fingers and toes, or praticing layups in the air while waiting.

"I don't know, Abel." Myra leaned closer to the young man, "I think it's a virus."

"You smell like roses..." he sighed.

"Wha-? Are you even listening to me?"

"Huh? Yes...of course," he lied, thinking instead of the beautiful babies they would have.


Ashlee continued to examine her nails wondering if Popping Pink or Electric Green would look better.

"Ms. Dawson!"

"Oh, sorry. Yes, Mrs. Thorn."

"Is there any reason why you're not doing your assignment?"

"Does "it's boring" count?"

It didn't and the response earned Ashlee yet another day of detention.

Krissy was glad when it was time for electives so that she could have a little break.

The teens were excited as well, Myra was desperate to try out the electronics workstation,

while Grace Elise opted to try her hand at arranging flowers.

"Really, a pot holder?" Bryant asked as Naraj put the pattern and fabric underneath the machine.

"Yea, how hard can it be?"

"For starters, you're not supposed to be sewing the paper pattern to the fabric."

In the next room, Laci tried to concentrate on counting her reps, but it was hard not to sneak peeks at Abel working out next to her. She was well aware of the reason behind the flutters in her tummy, but she was sad considering that Abel and Myra were basically the perfect couple. She vowed not to worry about it and focus on building her strength, she would need it if she was interested in working with animals. Those dogs can be heavy.

By the end of the day, both students and teachers were happy to see the end of the school day. There was no school the next day as it was the graduation ceremony for the seniors and the teachers needed time to prepare as well.


Part 2 and the graduation ceremony will be up in a few days.


  1. Aw, I really smiled at Veronika and Laci making such specific plans for their future! I hope it all pans out for them the way they want it to, though these things rarely do.

    Abel and Myra are adorable, so I'm hoping Laci doesn't turn into Sarah from Riverdale, lol!

    I think I once tried a similar answer to Ashlee on my maths teacher. It didn't go over too well with her either! I also had similar mishaps in sewing (which we called Design and Technology) that Naraj was having!

  2. I hope Laci and Veronika can live the lives they planned, but if Veronika has a chance to go to university early, I don't think she should pass out on it.

  3. Aw, they're all growing up! I really like the way you show all of their different personalities by how they act in class.

    I wonder if there will be a triangle between Laci, Abel and Myra or if Abel and Myra really are the perfect couple and decide to stay together forever and ever.

    Laci and Veronika remind me of two of my cousins. We're all within a year of age of each other. When they were about that age, they planned in detail how they were going to run a vet clinic/animal shelter together when they grew up.

    LOL at Annie and Naraj. His expressions were hilarious.

  4. These kids are so funny! Lol at Annie and Narag, Ashlee, Abel and Myra! :)

    I used to plan my future out with my friends when I was younger too. Of course, with me moving all the time, it never worked out.

  5. Carla, I doubt Laci will be a Sarah, she's much too considerate and nice. I was surprised that you gave a similar answer as Ashlee while in school :P

    Tanja, I don't know what Veronika will do. I had the same opportunity and turned it down, but since the university is a few blocks from home, she might pursue it. She's much too smart for her classes now, thanks for reading.

    Em, thanks I was trying out some new pose boxes with Naraj and Annie. Laci and Veronika are BFFs and they are so different. I personally would like to see them as roommates, so we'll see what happens for them.

    Coolkat, I moved around a bunch as well, so we never made plans :P let's see if these two have better luck, thanks for reading.

  6. I hope Laci finds a guy for herself, cause Abel and Myra are super adorable, love that comment about roses. I hope that things work out for Laci and Veronika, I'd really like to see their place, and how it plays out if they get to go to college at the same time. lol on the poison ivy, I'd have the same response!

  7. Maisie, I think Laci has just reached that stage where she is noticing guys. I don't know if she wants to start dating, but guys have definately caught her attention, much to her father's dismay :P I am rooting for them to get an apartment together as well, they would be fun to play together. Thanks for reading.


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