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Issue 25: 2009

Issue 25: 2009
Taxes Restructured
Local Becomes Model
A.Pentragnani Coming to the Hood
School Expecting Renovations
Culinary Corner

Taxes Restructured

Cameron Smith

The new hood council has announced that taxes are to be restructured. Residents can expect to pay taxes every other simyear as opposed to every simyear.

"That's great news!" one local resident replied when they heard the news. "That means more simoleans in my pocket!"

The move is just the beginning of Financial Director, Bradford McMillian, fulfilling his campaign promises.

"I knew that the current tax structure was bringing a lot of pain to families and I wanted to bring relief in restructuring taxes to allow families to keep more of their hard earned dollars. I'm glad that this move was readily accepted by the council and continue to be conscious of what is best for our residents."

Local Becomes Model
Cameron Smith

Local resident, Ginger Grey, was selected to model A.Pentragnani's line of bridal wear. Speaking with a company representative, the fashion house confirmed that they were revamping their image and planned on re releasing some of their gowns to confirm to maxis meshes, as well as releasing some new items.

Apple Valley residents can expect to see more of Ms.Grey's image around town and on local posters as A.Pentragnani has confirmed that they are planning to open a boutique store in the metro in addition to their online boutique.

Hood Welcomes A.Pentragnani

Cameron Smith

A.Pentragnani has confirmed that not only will they be opening a new boutique in the metro, but that they are also moving one of their design facilities to the hood. The relocation of the design studio will increase the number of jobs available for Apple Valley residents.
"A.Pentragnani is a small company," Financial Director, Bradford McMillian explained. "However, they will provide lots of new jobs for our young sims."
The jobs will vary from executive level jobs requiring advanced degrees to jobs requiring vocational degrees and creativity. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the administration center to submit an application.

School Expecting Remodels

Cameron Smith

Apple Valley students can expect to see a lot more dust in their future. In an attempt to accommodate the growing population, the hood council recently approved a renovation proposal for Apple Valley Academy.

"Most of the work will be done on the 3rd level and students will be unaware of the changes going on around them." Educational Director, Ilila Peterson said.

The renovation proposal includes the addition of two new classrooms, new cafeteria equipment and updated furnishings. Future plans include hiring two additional full-time teachers, two part-time teachers and a cafeteria worker.

Culinary Corner

Jolie Dawson

Welcome to Culinary Corner! This simday's topic is all about cooking fresh fish. Fresh fish can be found in most major ponds or lakes, if you're lucky and know how to use the right bait. Otherwise, you can visit the local farmer's market for fresh organic fish. Such fish is great for your body and is healthier for you. Happy Eating!


•Brooklyn and Jude Peterson, to Brandon and Ilila Peterson
•Claudio Thorn, to Krissy Thorn and Alphonso Pentragnani
•Starling Wren, to Anthony and Susie Wren




•Ari and Ava Wilsonoff, celebrated their 1st birthday
•Lilly Ana McMillian, celebrated her 5th birthday
•Alia Shae Wilsonoff-Sagacious, celebrated her 5th birthday
•Verde Herendez, celebrated his 22nd birthday
•S'Ahmisa Warwick, celebrated her 22nd birthday
•Lainey Lorde, celebrated her 22nd birthday

•Verde Herendez, graduated (2.7) with a degree in simmish history. Mr.Herendez will be joining the armed forces as a junior officer.
•Lainey Lorde graduated Cum Laude (3.7) with a degree in simmish history and Al Simhara studies. She will be joining the armed forces as a junior officer.
•S'Ahmisa Warwick, graduated Magna cum Laude (3.9) with a degree in economics, political science and international studies. Ms.Warwick will continue her post as hood council, as well as representing Apple Valley as a Assemblysim and starting a master's program in political science and international studies this fall.

•Krissy Thorn and Alphonso Pentragnani
•Lainey Lorde and Verde Herendez

•Krissy Thorn and Alphonso Pentragnani, Havar 2009


•Tyisha Masters from Simmington Hills

•Benjamin Endeavor joined SimCity's minor league basketball team, The Llamas
The new Aerial Bionic CD coming Summer 2010!

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  1. Oooh, really looking forward to the refurbishment of the school, in particular!

  2. Carla, thanks. I'm almost done with the rooms, now I need to hire the teachers :)

  3. I can't wait to see the school remodeling. Also looking forward to seeing A.Pentragnani at play in your hood, with the boutique and the fashion making end of it too! Lots of fun things happening.

  4. Maisie I'm excited about finally having a bridal shop and bringing more jobs to the hood. I have big plans for the new shop.


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