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So Blessed, 2009

Resar, fall, 2009

Brandon is 31, Ilila is 30, Jude and Brooklyn are 5 simlonic months

Even though Ilila's maternity leave was over, she still managed to spend as much time as she could with the twins before leaving for school each morning.

Brandon would get up first to feed the twins and allow her a few more moments of rest and some quiet moments to get dressed. Then she would get up afterwards to take over.

By the time Brandon had finished getting dressed, she had successfully changed both children and was prepping their clothes.

He would help with dressing the twins in the morning

and then the couple would spend a few moments of bliss before the hectic day started.

They were looking for a bigger place, they loved the location of their unit, but needed something a bit bigger, especially with twins. Their landlord, S'Ahmisa Warwick, promised that renovations would be started on the units to provide additional bedrooms, but it wasn't slated to start until 2010 or 2011.

"Your neighbor is moving out, his unit is bigger." She had mentioned in the email, "I told him that you guys would want to look at it. Let me know if you want to make the move after seeing the unit and I'll see what we can work out in terms of rent."

S'Ahmisa was right, the unit was bigger. It was still two bedrooms, but the second bedroom was a lot more spacious and would hold the twins' supplies without any trouble.

Ilila told Brandon about the larger backyard space for the twins and the unrestricted views that avoided the snack stand at the new outdoor pool behind them.

"Why not just buy a house?" Brandon offered. "There are homes near the school, so you could come home during your lunch break if you want."

Ilila shook her head. "I love this side of town, I love the metro and I think the twins would enjoy growing up here. Besides, S'Ahmisa said that we could have the bigger unit for the same amount of rent and then once renovation is finished in the other unit, we could move there. It is going to be three bedrooms, that's just the right amount of space."

Brandon nodded. "I have some good news for you."


"Remember the burst pipe from the freeze?"

Ilila nodded remembering the sprays of water she left Brandon struggling with this morning.

"Well, while prepping the hole for the construction crew, I found something very interesting."


Brandon got up from the table and pulled a heavy trunk into the room.

"A big trunk?"

"Open it."

Ilila gasped when she opened it and saw all the glittery coins and jewelry. "Wha-"

"I got everything appraised already, some of the coins go back to the beginning of the transformation from the old flat world."


"It's worth about $5000."

That night the couple laid and bed and dreamed up ways to spend the simoleans.

The couple made good use of the unexpected find. They decorated their new backyard and replaced a few pieces of furniture in the new apartment unit.

"We are so blessed," Brandon whispered over dinner as the twins laid sleeping nearby. They really were. Finally they had the children they longed for and they were healthy and happy and things were going well for them.

"I agree,"

I always found it odd that such a large trunk with so many gold coins and jewels would only be worth $5000, especially considering that a t-shirt costs about $100!


  1. Ah, good ol' EA logic. Their rate of inflation is ridiculous! I'm glad that things are working out so well for them though! They are really one of my favorite couples in AP. And man, S'Amisha has her foot in everything. Which is a good thing! ;)

  2. I've never understood any of the reasoning behind prices in the sims lol. How wonderful that things are going well for them. Although I'm with Brandon, I would want to invest in a house I could one day own instead of renting forever. And I agree with RD, S'Amisha is a very busy woman!

  3. Riverdale S'Ahmisa has owned this unit for a long time, I think she was a senior in high school when she invested in the units. I didn't know that they were one of your favorites. Thanks for reading.

    Mizzgin, it's interesting the whole rent vs buy and if a house is really an investment or not. These two are military sims, hence they could always (or have been used to) leave for another post, so buying isn't the best deal for them. Even if it was, there are no residential houses in the Metro, in fact I think I have only 5 or so residential lots, most of my simmies live in townhome communities or apartments. Fits the small terrain better. Thanks for reading!

  4. It sounds like life is pretty good for these two. They have been blessed with two beautiful twins and have now come into some money.

    I love the shots in this update, they show family life very well.

  5. Ha, EA's financial decisions are very strange. But what a lucky find for Brandon! I'm glad they're doing well and were able to get into the larger unit.

  6. It's nice to see things turn around for these two. It's about time for a little happy to bless this family.

    I agree with everyone's comments about EA's financial decisions. Inflation rates, lol.

    S'Ahmisa might be the smartest person I've ever come across, digital or otherwise. I'm way to far behind at my age. Yikes!

  7. EA have got some seriously weird ideas about finances! And it carries on in TS3 as well. $100 a week to run a child care centre in your home? No one would do that job if it was that way in real life!

    Anyway, how awesome for Brandon and Ilila that they've come into this unexpected cash. $5000 can go pretty far, if you spend it sensibly. And it looks like they're adapting to parenthood nicely as well - Ilila looks like a natural already!

  8. Driftwood Valley, thank you. They're a simple couple with simple dreams so it's nice to be able to play them to give me a break from the other drama in the hood.

    Shana, I finished the larger unit for them, now I just need to move all the simmies around. Thanks for reading.

    Choco, LOL! S'Ahmisa has a lot going on, but she's not handling it in the best way at the moment.

    Carla, they've been waiting a long time to become parents, so I think that they're cherishing each and every moment they get. Thanks for reading.

  9. It's great that Brandon and Ilila found that money, even if it's woth much less than it would be in real life, but at least they were able to make their lifes a little bit easier!

  10. Tanja, those two did put the money to good use, thanks for reading.

  11. Sim finances are as messed up as some of the career levels, heh. But yay, treasure that found its way to the right family. :)

    1. I agree, the amount they make for some of the jobs is ridiculous, I sometimes supplement their income with extra opportunities if I think that they would be making more, especially the celebrities.

  12. (Darn it, my blogspot comments always disappear into the great wide cyberspace)

    Glad the treasure chest found its way to a deserving family. And yeah, the finances in the game are truly weird.:)

    1. Lol, nope it was just in holding :) I wished I found a treasure chest in my backyard, all we found while digging was a bag of beer cans :/ thanks for reading and commenting


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