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Strictly Roommates, 2010

Hapar, spring, 2010
Johan is 49, Jadhira is 48, Myra and Naraj are 15, Udar is 6 (Abel Wilsonoff is 14)

It was a crisp spring day when Myra realized that her parents were getting older and that she was getting older as well.

It wasn't as if she expected her family to remain ageless and young, but she could barely believe that she was fifteen simyears old, approaching on sixteen simyears soon and then soon...she would be an official adult.

Unlike Naraj who had grand plans of attending university and becoming a doctor, Myra knew that university wasn't the next step for her. Not only was she not interested in the majors there, but she wasn't a fan of lectures and classroom learning.

Naraj was so bent on becoming a doctor that he found a job working in the medical centre as an orderly.

Mostly cleaning bed pans, but occasionally he would get the doctors to talk to him about medical careers.

Naraj was enamored with Dr.Wilsonoff and he wanted to be a surgeon in the future, so he made sure to pay attention to what Dr.Wilsonoff shared with him.

Sometimes he even got to help Jadhira in the lab.

Myra was different, she had gotten a job at the medical centre as well, but as a dishwasher.

She preferred being behind the scenes, keeping things clean and orderly.

Abel would visit her sometimes during her break, he was still too young to get a job, but for now he would come and sit with her and listen to her complain about her dry hands.

Myra preferred getting her hands dirty, even if it meant making mistakes like burning the hamburgers or flooding the bathroom. She liked to learn as she went and use her body to repair items and make things tick.

Her parents were understanding, she often wondered what they thought about her. How two nerds could produce a child that didn't excel in school, that needed extra help and special classes. She wondered if they were ashamed of her at times.

If you asked them, they would say no. Each child is different and they loved Myra. They knew that their little girl would hate university, but they believed that she should get a higher education nevertheless.

Myra was surprised when they mentioned the new vocational school, WilTech. She knew about the hands-on classes and the vast number of majors available.

She had been spending weeks reading and re-reading the brochure and their details about the robotry program. She had even made a secret visit to the classroom and explored the equipment.

She had been trying to work up the courage to tell her parents about the school, so she was surprised when they slid a brochure her way

and they were pleasantly surprised when she produced her own tattered brochure.

Of course, Abel was pleased as well. He also knew that university wasn't in his future, but he was still weighing his options. Perhaps a career in the military like his cousin, or maybe attending WilTech or starting his own business. All were great options, but they were still young and had the world ahead of them.

One thing they knew for sure was that they planned on getting an apartment together very soon after graduation. They would be strictly roommates since Myra had made it clear that there would be no woohoo until she was gifted with a golden ring. Abel was relieved that she had made her wishes clear, after all, it wasn't the coolest thing to be a guy that wanted to wait until he was married, but it was ok to be waiting along with your girlfriend. Myra knew the truth of course, but no one else did.

What Myra didn't know is that Abel wanted to marry her, but of course, he couldn't say anything, after all he was only fourteen simyears old and such a step was simyears away. But he honestly loved Myra, maybe since they were ten, but of course ten simyear olds don't know anything about love.


  1. Aw, Myra and Abel are such a cute couple... but all this marriage business is a little early, isn't it? Even my Nuidya would be unlikely to be seriously considering it at that age, and their standards of adulthood are... not SimNation's, I'll tell you that. :)
    At least they're thinking about the future, even if they are getting a little ahead of themselves.

  2. Awww, Myra and Abel! I love them! And wow, he knows already that he's ready to marry her? I think that's sweet. I do hope they get married. And I'm glad that they both have their futures mapped out already. Hopefully things will go according to plan.

  3. Well, if these two aren't the cutest little couple ever, I don't know who is! It's very sweet how Abel already wants to marry her - I hope it works out that way for them.

    And I'm glad Myra's parents are supportive of her wanting to go to vocational school. University's not for everybody but vocational school will give Myra a lot more options for future careers. And she seems so excited about it.

  4. Awww, seriously how cute are they!?! I love that he wants to marry her, what a sweetheart. I'm glad that she is finding her footing on the next step she wants to take, and knows her own self well enough to head to a college that she isn't interested in. I hope that Myra and Abel can make it, they are seriously adorable, and the world can always use more childhood sweetheart success stories.

  5. University is definitely not for everyone, so I'm glad Myra has found the perfect substitute. Do you have any particular plans for her?

    Her and Abel are so cute! I can definitely see them getting married one day. :)

    Great update!

  6. VT, Abel is quite smitten with Myra, he's much more serious about their relationship than she is. It's been like that since they were ten.

    Riverdale, I hope they get married as well, I have big plans for them, but of course they determine the journey though. Thanks for reading!

    Carla, not only are they so sweet, but they have such an high ACR score that is a lot higher than most of the adult couples and that's without a romance bonus. Myra is not suited for university, at least not Pierce University. Both Myra and Abel are in the learning disability classes at school and she's been embarrassed about that a lot, especially since her parents and brother are super smart.

    Maisie, Abel is such a sweetie, I think he gets it from his father-Julio is quite the romancer (in a good way). I still can't believe that she's 15! In three more simyears she will be out of high school and on her own, yikes! I also hope they last, they only have eyes for each other, but there are other sims that have eyes for them. Thanks for reading!

    Coolkat, Myra loves tinkering, so perhaps having her open her own robotry shop, or work at a robotry shop or even become the hood's repair sim via a custom career. Something where she can use her hands at work all day.


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